Sunday, December 25, 2005


Well its been a long time since i last left a post, so here it comes. Where to start hmmm i left off at the Show at Splash(a gay club in NYC). I arrived at the club kinda of early so i had a quick drink and loosened up a bit. There i had a chance to meet Eric Rhodes(Falcon Porn Star), nice guy finally i had a chance to meet the Big Boy from Falcon. I was left alittle confused as to what the show was about and what part i had in the show. But Tom was cool and he let me know that we was going to accompany Gioai Bruno (Expose Former Front girl)on stage for her performance of her hits. It was fun i got out on that stage in a pair of tight Black mesh tighties danced around a bit and had some fun with the show.
This pic was taken before the show i wish i had brought my camera to take more pics but i didnt have time to grab my camera i was rushing around cause i had a client before the show. There is a great pic of me and Eric Rhodes in HX magazine issue 747 in the as seen in section. I also showed my support at the Gay&Lesbian Comunity Center, they had a performance of A Queer
Carol(the gay verison of Christmas Carol). Took a pic with one of the actors in the show
So that is my time i had in a nut shell it was a long week and i had christmas shopping to do. And it didnt help that there was a subway strike in nyc(still had clients though). It was a crazy weekend and week that i wont forget. So still on the plate is the Hustlaball in Las vegas which im performing in and hitting the gym up like mad so i will post another blog before the event. So i will keep u guys posted on the show coming up and this time i will have my camera to take some good pics. Peace


Steven said...

I hope you will write about your experience at HustlaBall in Vegas. You were great up there on stage man. It would be cool to hear aobut it from your perspective. I was there covering the show for and got some nice photos of you check them out at my site.

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!