Wednesday, January 18, 2006

thought i was gone nope!!!

Happy New Year, Happy Fucking New York!! Okay i havent wrote crap for awhile on this blog. But i have tons and tons of news, experiences and travels where did i leave off???? I remember if u have been living under a rock. I was asked to work the Hustlaball which is big circuit party held in Las Vegas
Through my eyes going to a type of event like this was a totally new experience for me. A bunch of Porno stars, escorts, and gogo boys all in one house? Sounds like a set up for disaster (I thought). This is my first time at Hustlaball, first time in Las Vegas and my first time exposure to the porn industry on the largest scale possible. Geez What am i doing? Fuck it, Im tired of sitting back and watching other people make money, talk the talk, and walk the walk. Im a big fan of Str8 and Gay Porn. Str8 porn is about the chicks getting nasty, getting fucked and acting out with a revolving door of cock. Gay Porn allows the model to show off his face, body, and sexual prowness. There are alot of str8 models that do gay porn. When ur body or cock is on showcase it always opens the door to more opportunties if u market urself well.
We landed in Las Vegas and what a town this place is!!! The lights, hotels, and water displays it was really great to watch. We checked into the Hustlaball Manison, a big house with swimming pool, hot tub, wireless services for computers(a sweet deal)Pics above.

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