Friday, June 09, 2006


For all those guys who have been dieing for info, here it is. It was released today in the Press, that i have signed a Exclusive Deal With: Titan Media. Its about to start people, I feel the fire burning inside me now. It was long overdue(but good things come to those who wait) but u can check out the press release here Its going to be a funny summer and we will see what is going down cause I have the feeling its going to be a good long hot summer I will drop more news for ya later. I have to hit the gym now its LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!! SUCK ON IT BITCH


Steven said...

Very good article, I cant wait to see the film. Let me know if you would be up for a PinkMafiaRadio interview about your new work. Best wishes.
Steven said...

Very Cool !!!
Looking forward to seeing them when they come out.
Good luck Big Guy

jeffrey said...

Hi Diesel. I love your comments they are really down to earth and i can't wait to see your new movie when it comes out. I read you are in a leather fetish scene, how did you like performing like that?

I was also curious if you still escort? if you want to email me back my address is


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