Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Okay lets go more in depth now. The verdict is in!!! And so far it looks promising everybody says it was hot!!. Saying its a good debut, and look forward to seeing some more from me. Let me put up the link to Box Cover http://www.titanmen.com/images/products/tm_hihc_flat_sm.jpg
Now the buzz is going around about the film and saying that Titan did a good job on the movie. Breaking the news is www.ManNet.com and they give a blow by blow account of the movie.

Fan email has been postive and thank u guys for all ur support. Now as u guys all know I write this blog as a tool, so u guys can see somethings through my eyes. But pricks!!!! This is my blog I can write about anything I want Geez, U guys send me some amazing emails, studying my blogs and came up with character traits U guys think I have. Thats the mystery fellas,!! there is so much to learn about me which I will share soon enough. But let me get this off my chest first of all!!! Cumsuckers I dont bitch!!! I use this Blog to vent. Vent everything that Im feeling(certain things I cant reveal) I just put it on my little space online(thats very public). Now I could just sit here and go on and on about this project and that project(which I will)but I like to put in some humor every once and a while. Well business is business.
I dig around online all the time and u find out some interesting stuff. Surfing around I see my costars profile online http://www.myspace.com/12160358 this is Damien's myspace profile. And I see the box cover for Folsom Filth, http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a275/kevinbennett/folsomfilth1.jpg
Well well Folks looks like I got on the Box cover of that movie as well(I SWEAR THIS WAS NEWS TO ME!!) I guess the pics were leaked out to Damien cause he just got back from Czech Republic he was filming another Titan movie filmed by Bruce Cam called Breathless. The Cover looks amazing and Im glad that Im a part of that Movie. Leather themed movies seems very fitting on me(although I hope I dont get typecasted for only those type roles). Cop Shack was another movie that I did(wearing a cop uniform I know my fans will enjoy that)that showcases my skills as well. Things are moving faster nowadays, but again my hunger is getting the best of me. I have filmed three movies and all the energy is bulding. Maybe Im selfish but I have so many ideas that I want to try for the next movie and the next movie.
DieselWashington is a 6'6 245lbs 10in cut Dominate Aggressive Top into Fisting, Kink, Hard plowing. But where do I fit in this industry????. At first I thought alot of people are open to seeing a Man of Color, standing tall, fucking ass and taking no prisoners. And they are!!!! But.....the wheels are moving slow in Porn. I see the change happening and maybe Im pushing the issue and will be the first to put in a Shock wave to the industry. Titan took a chance on me, they only saw pics of me online. They didnt know how I performed, what I would look like in person etc etc etc. And I went from a unknown prospect to a Exclusive Model for a great company. They have been pushing me in advertising, and even put me on their site. All this started in April working with Titan and its happening so fast(yeah I have said this process is long in the past but it seems to be moving faster nowadays). Whats my next challenge???HINT HINT to the Big Bosses at Titan......Lets see if Diesel Washington can Get His Hands even Dirtier for the future.
Folsom Street Fair!! This is my coming out party and I will see first hand the amount of coverage and fanfair that happens. This is all so new to me but strangely enough it feels just right. Now all u Bitches, Cum Sluts, SubPigs, and all the rest of ya. 1.......2.........3 Drop Down on ur knees!! Open Wide!! Close ur Eyes Wet Ur Lips ......................
................And Suck on it u Dirty Whore.

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