Thursday, September 21, 2006


What up?
This is the last time that I will be able to write something for a while. I will be in San Fran, acting a crazy fool, and just soaking up the attention at the Events. THIS IS FOR MY FIRST TIME VIEWERS IN SAN !!! Im coming to ur town to kick ur ass!! All the other times I have been in San I went out for a drink and then had work the next morning. This time around, I have scheduled appointments for Titan that I will be appearing at. and then I will be at
For all my homies that read my blog weekly I will finally release some Pics of Hitch. I thought this Banner was hot
I really like some of the pics that they took of me(thanks to Teddy Bear) this one is hot Okay so I gave ya a sneak peak at stuff. Hitch wont be released until Late Oct so check out for that, And I guess thats it. Short and sweet. Now I have a plan to catch, Maybe I will grab some bitch throw them in the little stall on the plane to cali. And yeah U guessed it IM GOING TO MAKE THEM SUCK ON IT!!!


Jessica said...

Hi Kitten
It was good talking to you at the fair yesterday! You looked very gigantic and scary and SWEET! A very fabulous combo! I like your blog..hope to see ya when I'm out in New York....have a look at my site!

NFLJockGuy said...

Hey D! Folsom Filth is available for viewing online now at TitanMen...dat is some fuckin hot shit, bruh! You lookin tight as hell....congrats and keep up da good (fuckin hot) work, my man!