Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Its offical the Movie 'HITCH' is released online viewing at www.TitanMen.com
Yeah I know I like self promoting. If people are going to take ya seriously in this business u need to put urself out there and give the people what they want(to a degree!!) Now where to start??? I guess lets talk about the movie:
HITCH is like a short film about the travels of rail riders(dirt sounding huh?). Difters and travelers. Just image ur hitching ur way through Europe or up to Cali. U have stories and wild goings on at each port of entry(Ihave tons of them jokes I mean lol). I watched it like 20times and Titan put together a tight movie. The movie is starring Damien Cross, Jake Deckard,Brett Mathews, Tomas Eszterhazy, Sergio Anthony, Nick Horn, Jessie Balboa, Dean Tucker and myself. The real stars are Damien Cross and Jake Deckard. I think they had great scenes, the shower scenes, one on ones, and a hot three way and a equally hot SUV Fuck really stands out. Now im a perfectionist when it comes to my performance. And watchin myself for the first time, I was good but not great. My costars were great to work with. I myself was not impressed by my performance. Who do I blame it on???? I take my performances serious. I need to Focus more on my face expressions etc etc. Well all I can say this was my First movie, First time on a set, First location shoot, First time meeting my costars, My First time ever in San Fran. Did give I good performance??? Damn Right!!! Could I have been better??? Most Def!!! Double edged sword. My body was tight and ripped and the chemistry on the set was fun. And I enjoyed my costars Nick Horn, Jessie Balboa we had fun. Just mad, that I was still feeling out the camera angles and body language. Love to hear what u guys think about the movie hit me up at T_engram@hotmail.com NOTE: I HAVE TO PUT THIS DISCLAMIER!!!! HITCH IS A GOOD MOVIE, My character owns a farm and comes out to seeing his co worker getting a blowjob from a handsome stranger which leads to three way(u can image the rest or buy the dvd or view online at Titan) This is not a Leather Fetish scene. Speaking of Leather, I will be in San Fran for Folsom Fair 2006 www.Folsomstreetfair.org debuting my Leather Movie Folsom Filth.

FOLSOM FILTH will hands down be the Best Leather Movie of the Year. Possible of all time. I worked very hard on this project. This Movie is DIESELWASHINGTON unleashed to my fans as I really am. HARD CORE !! Im my scenes Im aggressive nasty foul talking and a Beast. Thanks again for the guys at Titan for letting me work with them. Thanks to for Titan putting me on their TitanMen page, all the advertising and the opportunity to shine.
Now back to u bitches, I have been having fun lately and going out. Some of u guys have sent me emails seeiing me out and about thanks for the love. And fuck u to some of the guys that have nothing better to do but stare and stare and have nothing to say. And to the assholes that follow, stalk me, next time I see ya. Im going to kick ur ass!!! I blog and blog about this all the time. The proper way to approach me as a fan. 1. Know my Stage Name(dont tell me u saw me online)2. Introduce urself 3. Do not touch cock or grab at it 4. Do not punch or grab at my arms 5. Im glad u like my work but I do not need to hear in detail(how u wished that instead of the model i was working with, it was you instead blah blah blah)6. Im 420 friendly only!!!!All u partiers thats tweaking, carrying on, slurring ur words, drunk I will greet ya and keep it moving rather quickly(cause i cant understand a word ur saying). Follow these rules and its cool, I wont bite off ur head, but I wont welcome ya with open arms esp when I dont know ya. Now Im Tired of this shit. U know the phrase: Suck on that!!! Get Fucked by that!! And Take that Shit!!

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and have never commented, but i have to say this---

Please stop bitching and complaining. It seems the crux of most of your blogs. You hate this that and the other. You are tired of this that and the other. We get it. Beautiful people have problems and feelings too.

It is my understand from reading your blog that you are trying to get people to understand your point of view. And we do, for the most part. However, you should try to understand the point of view of guys who may not have everything you possess. You seem to so easily dismiss guys that appreciate your work. Sometimes when a guy is face to face with a fantasy, like you are to MANY (very much including myself), they trip, stumble, and fall flat on their faces. It's not that they are stupid terrible awful people. Most are cool intelligent people, like you, as I gather from reading your posts. So stop hating and appreciate. You have the gift of beauty and intense sexuality!

Oh yeah: tired of this phrase...suck on that! ???? You mean just like came out of your mouth in your blog of June 9th. LOL
C'mon, you know you like saying it! And submissive bottom servers definitely love hearing it from an agressive top like yourself.

Don't get me wrong either, I would probably drop to my knees at your command, cause you've got it like that.

So now that you are probably pissed at me, LOL, good luck in EVERYTHING! I doubt you will need much, though i know everything is just not handed to you on a platter (except your fans.) I hope to see you out at my first trip to Folsom Street Fair.