Thursday, November 09, 2006


These pics are from Private Halloween Party in South Beach. The party was set in this huge estate in South Beach(We talking this house was huge) Famous people running around everywhere thanks to Howard Gio For being so nice and inviting me to this party. I had so much fun and met so many people there. My costume was a jester hat securing the manhood (LOL). To the left, Jai Rodriguez and me. Below Jay Armstrong , Myself, Manuel Torres.(Great bunch of guys)

This is me onstage at Cupids performing(alot of nasty stuff happened there thank god they locked the door). I had such a great time, funny the more naked I get the more fun I have interesting......... . The pics below are pics at Steel (a hot night club in Fort Lauderdale) Thanks to Misty(dragqueen) pictured below for inviting me to the club I was treated so nice everybody was so very cool to me.

These pics are from Boardwalk(GO GO BAR) for the release party of HITCH I jumped on stage with Damien Crosse(we buddies)and had to represent Titan in the Flesh. Thanks also to Jim(club owner) for putting us in VIP he kept the drinks coming and was so nice to us I almost didnt want to leave!!!!

I really need to give a shoutout to Gio, Howard(and his Team) for all the things they helped me with when I was down there. I had to extend my trip cause these guys were just showing me such a great time I had to stay longer. Shout out to Damien Crosse Tuesday night he had me laughing so hard. Also had to thank him for Sunday night at JackHammers where he bartends, he kept the drinks coming and kept my wallet closed. Oh I forgot Big shoutout to Eric we hung out at the Voodo Lounge thanks for putting up with me and letting me hangout with ya. So to put it all together I had a blast in Fort Lauderdale and so many people showed me love out there. Big shoutout to Boardwalk, Steel, Voodo Lounge, Elements, Jackhammer, and Cupids(much Love to ya A.J Cross for letting me be a star on ur stage and dance my clothes off). Big shout to A.G for putting up with me(People Im a pain in the ass sometimes) He was so very nice in letting me crash at his place for my trip. A.G if ur reading this, u better use everything I taught ya in the gym(u better look like the Hulk in 6 months after the training I put ya through LOL) Shout out to Tommy Blade much success in this business. Oh another shout out to CJ Knight(my costar of Boiler)for coming out for Boardwalk and also hanging out with me at the after party. Shoutout to Mark for being a sweetheart(noone's hands were as warm as ur hands were trying to get inside of my jesters hat for the South Beach party LOL). I know im leaving out people but I cant remember everybody's name(my bad if I did, fucking just email me if I did) Last bit of pics are from Folsom Filth these pics were recently made available to me so enjoy!!! This is part 1 I will write more tommorrow but for now enjoy this. Suck on that!!! And what is that???? My dick


Anonymous said...

I must say that I have been reading your blog for a few months now and with me living in Jamaica you help to remind me of what I left in America. Also it is really enlightening to see the world through your eyes. I only got into BDSM and the leather community about 2 years ago but I would love to hear you speak about why you are involved in the community and what drives you to do the things you do. Finally I will say I enjoy your blog and think you very much smarting that people give you credit for!
P.S if you want you can read my blog if you like

Warren said...

Really enjoy the site and your witty sexy self.