Thursday, December 21, 2006


Okay guys, Yeah I know I didnt tell ya about the Gay Erotic Expo last weekend. It slipped my mind, and sorry to the nyc fans of mine that I didnt tell ya about the personal appearance. I guess I have my reasons, nyc is my home town, I hate to make appearances in Nyc for safety, mental issues etc etc. At the event alone, people come up to ya and ask ya the strangest questions. Starting convos with "I jerk off to ur pics everyday" gets alittle old, and the perverts can take it to a new level, in those types of events. I was there to represent wear their clothing and just have some fun. Next time I will keep ya guys posted, I need to get over the performance thing in NYC(my own personal demons). But I was nice enough to provide u guys with some pics of the event and I can give a blow by blow of the action that went on.
Gay Erotic Expo Dec 16-17(past weekend) I was invited by mindfetish and modeled some gear. As u can see in the pics its more of a fetish type of clothing(I kept many pieces LOL). I did some modeling and talking to people and performers. Big Shout out to Tiger Tyson, Camron(Pitbull Productions), Rusty(, Manny Torres(Ragging Stallions), Zeb Atlas(Men Magazine who didnt want to take a pic with me I wanted to go pose for pose guess he was scared, I was ripped as hell that day and seeing him in person hes more beefy than ripped), Foxx(, Ray Starr(Lucas Entertainment) Jason Curious(, Q and his Partner(,Fredrick Ford(pornstar and musicman). Its not name dropping going on here, these are guys that I met there and was nice enough to either chat with me or hangout with me. To be honest, I didnt really care for Ben Andrews(Lucasentertainment)I was introduced to him by mutual friend. I gave him a handshake, and then he turned his back on me. After seeing that, I could have been the asshole and said some really foul shit(cameras were around, and playing the Angry Black man would have worked against me)But its okay, I dont normally trash other Pornstars in my blog. But put it this way, way too much of that gay attitude. So I guess working for Lucas makes ya think ur a star, in Nyc maybe, pull that star attitude outside of Nyc not happening. Enough about the cunt, back to Expo.
I met some really nice people(alot of weirdos too)and had a great time. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BLURRED PIC THAT I PUT ON SITE. I did a performance on stage, where I pissed into a water bottle, and then threw it into the crowd. I had my camera with me and also took pics of the people that rushed the stage. I blurred the pic cause I really dont want to put naked pics of me on this site, but i did have a camera man there to catch it on film. So I gave u guys alittle tease of me acting all nasty on stage. I even gave ya pic of me "doing double time" with Manny Torres(its Manuel I know but I call him Manny). This Blog will get alittle more personal cause Im thinking of ending it soon. After next year, I made a complete 180 from where this blog started. I just been added to Hustlaball line up as performer. To people who read this and are fans, u realize that I went to HUSTLABALL as a bodyguard and go go dancer. This Jan Im going as a Titan Exclusive, with two big budget movies under my belt and a newly created fan base. As any other Entertainment business, by close to end of year. I will create MY OWN BEST AND WORST OF 2006(should be funny, recapping this year of highest highs and lowest lows) On that note, I have another blog posting to give ya later about my NEW INK AND JUST SOME PICS RUNNING AROUND NYC.
SUCK.............aaaaah u know what im about to say. Just wet ur lips before u start

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Hey dude finally saw Hitch. Beautifully shot, and you were da shit! You fit right in with the rest of the titans. Definatley need you to create your own work, so that you can do what you wat to do. Vert hot man. Keep it coming. Congrats on a great year.