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Yawn. Another stereotypical black top. How boring.Where's Jack Simmons or Flex Gamble? two versatile and hot black men who are better looking and more man than this creep will ever be.Posted by Equalnox at December 30, 2006 07:00 AM

Eh. I dunno why... but I ain't feeling him.
Chocolate Cream has the best looking brothas in the business anyway. Not only are they actually good-looking (Sorry bruh), but the sex is electric.
I know, I know... he appeals to white guys... because he's dominant and bald and has a big dick and muscles... but he ain't got no lips, his chest looks funny, his dick doesn't always look hard or as big as his claims... but eh... that's what sells to the white guys...Posted by Quentin Ergane at January 15, 2007 12:06 PM

Biggest misconception people have about you?People don’t believe that I can be articulate, witty and sensitive. -gay porn blogYour blog is really showing that.Couple of tips... spell check and a dictionary.I honestly don't hate, but would appreciate less rant.
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Okay Okay, FUCK U!!!! U see Francois Sagat's finger sit on that shit!!! I thought I would start off the blog with the hate mail I get(some harsh others just pointing my writing) I have sat down and really thought out this blogging to the best of my ability, and since its a new year I will talk about everything and I mean everything that happened in Las Vegas. To clear up, some thoughts that people have of me. Again fellas I love the hate. Spell checking!!??LOL, thanks for the comment and wishing me well. But I write this thing on the fly. Im sorry that I dont have time to spell check and check my english at the same time. Im really just writing the blog for dirt and gossip anyway so read the words that I write. If they are alittle off and doesnt sound correct(Oh well fuck it!!! U know what I mean anyway so give me a break!!!) A HEAD OF TIME Im writing about GAYVN EXPO, CHANNEL 1'S PARTY, HUSTLABALL, NOMINATION FOR BEST NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR(Oh Yes I was!!) PERFORMANCE IN NYC. Although Today(Sadly) I will only be writing about Expo. Im going to be real with ya writing this blog and remembering all the names is hard(esp when ur 420friendly) so bear with me I will try my best. Im serious, I really met some great People(and some dickheads)and I will tell all right here!! Back to Las Vegas:
I left New York at 5am to head to Newark by 7am that was my flight. People, I hate the morning.Running and catching a plane, is fun and sometimes a pain in the ass. It was okay I got on the plane. Thank God!! I had alittle leg space. Sometimes I get lucky and get the big seats(even luckier If a Fan knows me and is a Flight Attendant I get a First Class Seat) But the ride was cool. I was on the Flight with Damion Crosse
(we didnt have a seat together) and we talked on the plane. We landed and I was alittle tired and we took a cab to the Hotel. As u know Damien and I are really cool friends. I had a chance to hangout with Damien and Evan at their place and Im really happy for him and they make a very hot couple. I talked about him in a another post, and as far as Im concerned this guy is cool as shit, we roomed together and kept the room like a rock star(clothes all over the floor and room service carts all over the place) Just madness, we was hanging out in the room partying and having some drinks(by the way, Congrats Damien, on Best Newcomer Nod we laughed when we found out that we was both nominated for Best Newcomer). We then decided to head over to GAYVN EXPO:
We had to walk on the street to get to the Sands Expo thats where they held the Expo. It was freezing cold that day(all the days we were down there it was record cold for Vegas!!) Now the Gayvn is part of the AVN Expo and we had our little Gay Section in the back of this HUGE HUGE HUGE center. Now fellas(and my chicks) this blog is going to be really long cause there was so many things going on that I couldnt pay attention to everything. So basically, This piece on the Gayvn will be about my entire time at the Expo all three days crammed into one blog.

Walking through the Expo was amazing, so many stars and hot women and men and boys that ur eyes were just all over the place. Right off the bat, I like to thank Titan for letting me be apart of this whole event(Sucking up yes it is). The Powerhouses Bruce Cam and Keith Webb for giving me the time to shine(once again)and making my stay in Las Veags so amazing. Thanks to Brian Mills(amazing director)for seeing something in me to make me a star. Like to Thank Ed Vincent and Ninja Master (crazy nuts), all the guys at the booth that wasnt infront of the camera for helping me to remain positive when it got alittle crazy at the booth. As I said I forget names but to the Teddy bear that gave me a good shoulder massage(thanks bro u was really nice and u give great shoulder massages) And to my "little young Deer lookalike"(with glasses who took most of the pictures for the fans)u also made my stay at the booth very comfortable thanks again. ON TO THE DIRT, SEX, TV CAMERAS, INTERVIEWS AND ALL THE DIRT!! AND NOW!! THE STORIES THAT UR DIEING TO HEAR !!! :
Now I have to give another Huge Shout Out to the guys at Flestbot, U Fucking Guys Rock!! Again Im bad with names(I know u gave me ur card, and I had it in my pants, but I dont have it at the time Im writing this blog. I havent unpacked yet!!LOL) To be serious, U guys at Fleshbot showed me much love at the event took some really great pics of me and U was really nice. If I could describe Mr. Fleshbot, it would be a Cute Cuddly Baby Bear with goatee, shaved head, bubble butt, and those sexy innocent eyes(like if u were to fuck him, he would look directly in ur eyes while u pushed ur cock way deep inside and he wouldnt break his stare once !!) Oh and from reading ur site no wonder everytime I gave ya a Hug, ur nose always wind up in my armpits(u dirty boy!!!LOL) So majority of the pics that I link to, are from his site more pics of Gayvn are here is hot!!!) Okay so let me talk trash now, Mr Fleshbot ur 1. Crush is Cole Ryan Let me tell ya something about Cole Ryan(Congrats on the Best Actor Nod for the Gayvn awards), the boy is fucking cute as hell, smart, down to earth and I dont know, there is alot more to Cole Ryan than just his looks(he works the innocent role to the Tee, and I fell for it too) Fleshbot, I also had Cole Ryan On my List of Performers that I wanted to work with(on or off camera). Thank god, I had the chance to lick, grab, fondle that hot little ass

(so much that I was rubbing my hardon between his butt cheeks I felt like I as going to bust a load in my pants!!!), I sat him on my lap, trying to remain calm sitting at the booth signing autographs at the same time. Some pics above, of me having some fun with him. Geez I sound like Im star struck, but like I said in many postings IM A FAN OF PORN IM A FAN OF PORN so its like seeing the person in the flesh(pardon the play on words lol)and being so fuckin turned on that I couldnt focus. I had a chance to talk to him, even sit with him after the Expo at Mcdonalds. UR ONE FUCKING HOT KID much success to ya in the business(even though u wont need any help ur a Star!!) U also have Francois Sagat and his blog www.FSAGAT.BLOGSPOT.COM on ur list as number 5 crush object.
Francois Sagat, is by far the sexist man I have met in a long time. Not only is this man physically attractive, but Im attracted to his mental, his presence and just him overall. I put so many pics of Damien and Francois in this blog cause I spent the most time with these guys at the Expo and at the Hotel and at all the Events so basically thats why I have so many pics of my "Boys". Boys meaning that I had so many conversations, and just relaxing with them sitting back and watching TV(sorry guys no sex or threesomes or orgies with my "boys") Francois and I had so many convos about the business, hes super smart, laided back and a bit of a Prankster. I really enjoy his company and look forward to hanging out with him more. Bit of gossip, Francois is thinking about coming to NYC for a "Visit" I will keep ya posted.
So Mr Flestbot, not only do I agree that these Guys are hot, but having the chance to hangout with them without the Press, Fans, Company heads and the big lights and cameras. I talked to them directly as people and really had a comfortable sit down with them., It was more than a pleasure to be around such cool guys. These guys are so damn hot overall...... I have even more of an attraction for them now. I love the benefits of being a porn star, are ya jealous Mr Fleshbot???LOL Also at the booth, Alex Baresi one of the sweetest guys, was my scene partner for Folsom Filth. One big ole sexy muscle bear, who is so soft spoken and such a hot guy to work with I was always grabbing him up. Also at booth Zachary Pierce believe it or not this man has the biggest bubble butt I have ever seen. I couldnt take my eyes off of it, it was so round and firm I could eat his ass for days or even months. Big Roger also spent time at our booth even though I didnt have much time to talk to him, he took the time to introduce himself(U will see more of him in the future Im sure) JayArmstrong was also at the booth(I partied with him in Fort Laud). Tober Brandt was at the booth as well, This Guy is huge, I mean huge. At first glance, he looks scary as shit(to other people) cause of his size and tats but hes really a sweet heart(I hope he doesnt cut off my face for saying that LOL). Jeremy Hall(Congrats on Best Newcomer Nod) was at the booth supporting Titan, another cool guy.
Now lets get to the dirt:
I didnt care for Omer !! Now maybe he had an off day or was alittle tired, but he seemed like a Cunt to me. The Reason why I say this, I met him at the Hustlaball. He walked passed me and I said"Hey Omer, I love ur work"(I didnt say it like a Big Perv or Sexual. It was coming from the Stand point of being a Performer I thought) I had my T shirt and Jacket on. But the Response I got back, was a half ass thanks, no eye contact and rolling eyes(like another fan bugging me attitude)when he walked by with some of his friends. I hate that bullshit. U should have seen his face. The next day he showed up at the Titan booth. Howard from brought him to the booth to meet Titan and hangout at the booth. I went right up to him again and said to him "Remember me from last night???" He had this look on his face and said Hello(all funny like)Now the blog Money Hungry Dogs(that I wrote).I told ya about a Shitty "Audition"Tape" well dont ya know HE is in the same tape. But whatever whats done is done. If ur reading this Omer: If u didnt see it this way, Then write ur own blog, and talk all the trash that u want about me(I could give a shit) Another Cunt for the record Mario Cruz met him at Channel 1's party. I saw him at party and was like hey Mario whats up I havent seen ya since New York. He played the "Didnt know me routine" rolled his eyes and walked away from me heading to the Vip section of the club(the same place where I was heading to, To his surprise).Again I had a baggy Tshirt on and the club was dark. Now, I have a bad memory for names but I remember faces very well. Now u may think, "Well Diesel dont expect people to recognize ya cause u "think"ur a star". But Im 6'6 245lbs and stand out like a sore thumb". In this case, I met Mario at a "HotBrooklyn" party, he came up to me and said"Are ya Diesel Washington?". I said yes shook his hand and gave him a big bear hug. He said"I thought so cause I just finished watching Folsom Filth with a Friend" So I guess either he didnt recognize me cause I had clothes on at Channel 1's party or he was with his Lover or something(he was with some pretty hot girl). In any case, Mario writes a blog as well so if he has any words disputing this, go ahead write ur blog and trash me(Again I could give a shit) If I talk about the amazing people I met, I always have to talk about the Cunts as well. There are good Cunts that like to tease, Cunt boys who U use hard and Make Them Serve Daddy, and just Cunts!!!! Out of all the people, I met during this crazy weekend these were the only Bad Cunts in the Lot.
Back to Gayvn, Geez so many people came, asked for autographs and pics that I had to take breaks in between signings just to catch some air. Beyond the shadow of doubt Titan had the hottest men of the whole Gayvn. Crowds would draw around us, and most of the people asking for pictures or autograhps were talent from other booths(guys/girls) I was shocked at all the attention we were getting. Some of the guys wishing thier support:
Francesco D'Macho(Congrats on Best NewComer Nod) Man, this guy is fucking hot hes everywhere on the net. No bullshit this guy looks better in person than his pics. Stiff competition for the Best Newcomer award.(I have to admit it)
Mr Pam shes full of energy, and gave us a great interview for their site.
Tony Mecelli hot muscle guy. Had a chance to speak to him at Expo, Quiet guy was nice enough to take a pic with me.
Jake Deckard he was nice enough to take a pic with me.
Buck Angel first time meeting "him" I was so surprised in how down to earth he was and real. He wasnt cocky or strange or some freak. Its all about business with Buck and I have to respect him for it.
Okay Pierre Fitch, Ralph Woods........ Pierre Fitch, Ralph Woods Ummmmm..... I dont want to get in trouble for being a Kiddie fucker. But when I saw these two running around the Gayvn Expo my eyes were glued to these boys. Come on, I dont know how to say it.... But I have always wanted to fuck these Two after watching "Through the Woods" and the "Big Dick Club" I mean badly!!!! They are the hottest "little boys"(I have all types that Im Into) I have met in a way long time. There is no shame in my game, they do porn folks. They may look like little kids but way way way mature for their age. The first time I met them, MyDick almost hit my Jaw(My Dick Got Rock Hard). Its even more a shock when I introduced myself to them. They were like"OOh ur the Diesel Washington with the blog" I was flattered that they knew about my blog. The highlight of meeting these boys was at the booth. I wanted to take a pic with the two, and they were more than happy to do so. After Hugging them for days, we were standing around the Titan booth talking. At the booth(in the back )Bruce Cam, Keith Webb, Brian Mills, Howard from Fabscout, Myself. Ralph Woods asked me a Question "Hey Diesel do ya fuck rough???" Immediately Bruce, Keith, Brian and Howard started laughing outloud. I looked Ralph and Pierre square in the face not showing any emotion. I didnt have to answer that question at all, The President, Vice President, Top Director(in the business)of Titan simply said he fucks like a Beast(with backing like that what more do ya have to say) Pierre and Ralph looked at each other and shook their heads. That moment was Priceless.
All the interviews that I was apart of: Howard Stern's show did a piece on us. Opie and Anthony show did a piece, Mary Jane she was so nice enough to film us, but I was honored to let her autograph my cock(yes she signed her name on my cock" MaryJane" think about that LOL)NOW!!! I like the fans in Las Vegas, so of course I took hundreds of pics carrying women(big women)Lifting guys and girls for pics(come on its for the fans and I was really happy to do it!! Again Im A FAN OF PORN)so u get alittle tired and have to sit down sometimes and play with all the hot guys that are around ya(whatta job LOL)just to relax a bit.
Before I forget hes probably reading this saying I hope he doesnt forget about me. To the boy, who I fucked the hell outta ya Good JOB!!!(U KNOW WHO U ARE!!)and Lastly.......
Steven From yo I have to give ya props man. U came at me wanting to know the real story. U was the First person, who ever gave me press before I came into this business. Let me use ur pics, link me to ur site bah bah bah. I like ur interview style and u was hard hitting but there were so many things going on at the same time!! Ur a curious boy arent ya????Well I know I gave a shitty interview(at least in my eyes my fault not urs)U got "Some Dirt" on me which is plenty!! Basically I wanted to talk to ya more but....if he is writing his blog right now he will explain himself(attack of blogs LOL).No but really Ur the one that showed that I can shine from the start!!Much Much Love to Ya!!
Okay Fuck, I have so much to write about!! To wrap up this fucking blog(to write another one)whats left? CHANNEL 1'S PARTY, HUSTLABALL, NOMINATION FOR BEST NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR(Oh Yes I was!!) PERFORMANCE IN NYC. Performance in Nyc, Shit its tommorrow!!!(or maybe today by the time I write) So stay tuned:

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Thanks for the terrific post from the trade show.
Glad to read that Gayvn was well represented. You had quite a time, stud.
Great pix and a fact filled post.
Those Titan studs are just like I thought they would be, sweet and hunky.
Big hairy muscle hugs of thanks.