Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Okay this is the blog about Chi Chi LaRue's Party at Piranha. The Titan Family(Francois,Damien,Alex, Myself,Ed,Ninja) all headed together to the party. We wind up getting there super early(sucked)and headed up to Vip. We got the drinks flowing, and things were great. Thanks to Vin Nolan for sending me the pics. Cool guy, he starred with me in Folsom Filth and had a hot scene, check out his myspace page. I also met Vin at Gay Expo in NYC he is cool laided back guy(like myself). We chatted online before that and met for the first time at the Expo. He got those sexy bedroom eyes that seem to look through ya. Okay Back to party, I had a good time I stayed put at the Vip Section cause the place was packed(not that I think Im a star)I was tired from the Flight, being at the GAYVN Expo, and having some drinks earlier. I had the pleasure of running into Tommy Blade(ConGrats on Best Newcomer Nod) I met Tommy in Fort Laud and the guy is sexy as hell and cool as shit. We talked and laughed that we both were nominated for Best Newcomer of the Year. Now a party is a party. But I was so tired and annoyed, I kinda of left early. But.... was able to hangout for a bit. Nice Club, there was a dance floor, in the front of the club was another dance floor, where the dancers were on their gogo boxes. Josh Vaughn really sweet boy. At one point, I was alittle drunk and grabbed at him upstairs in VIP section. As I grabbed him, I put my hands up his shirt to cop a feel. He kinda of pushed my hand away(at that moment he was going on the Cunt List)seeing the reaction on my face that I gave him. He said"I didnt mean it like, Dont Touch Me!!! Like I have on bodypaint(gold and black)and I dont want to get any paint on ya" Being Diesel, I was like "Yeah Right" . Quick thinking to myself, I did have on a Light Blue Vest and Tshirt. So what he said was correct and he was so nice and polite saying it that way(made sense) I let him Live(LOL). Yes Diesel is a "Grabby Type" when I see someone who is hot, I make my presense know lets say. I saw this Hot little guy walking around found out it was Eddie Diaz cute kid. Was nice enough to say hello while getting ready for his set. Mr Pam was there, running around nuts as usual(she is full of so much energy) While at the Club, the Gayvn nods were giving out. So cool to see alot of the people that were nominated were running around in the club that night. Alas I didnt stay too long, cause I had to wake up early to make it to the booth the next day by 11am.
So not many pics of this event cause really I was tired. But I had to go to a "Chi Chi LaRue Party". When I find out more dirt I will Update to the Blog and explain more. This is all I got so far but so many many many stories of other shit to tell ya about.


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