Tuesday, January 23, 2007


AGAIN PEOPLES THIS WAS REAL NOT MOCK, OR FAKE!!!. Geez I wouldnt fake this shit for the fans or anyboby that was there that night. And yet people still go on and on....
"Raven O returned to perform with the Sisters, then Weise hit the stage again to thank the fans and acts. The encores brought studio models to the stages in sets, with the Hot House boys — Francesco D’Macho, Vinnie D’Angelo, Tony Mecelli, Marco Paris, and Marc Williams — up first and getting very close with each other. Titan was up next, as Tober Brandt and Diesel Washington engaged in some domination fun before engaging in some (mock) watersports before other studs — including Falcon and Channel 1 stars — concluded the show "- www.gayvn.com/index.php?Primary_Navigation=News&Action=View_Article&Content_ID=281795
Even the Promoters of the show couldnt believe the Act(We have Big Balls) check it out:

Titan Video did a faux pissing scene that saturated the stage with scandal that passed the censors by the skin of it's teeth. *whew*
posted by Brandon Baker at http://partywithbrandon.blogspot.com/2007/01/hustlaball-photos.html#links

Above image ^ provided by Gio www.belowthebeltwithgio.com

I dont have much to say, Picutures are worth a thousand words. More to come soon Thanks again to Steven at www.Pinkmafiaradio.com
Dude U really, fucking rock the house. As I said before, U were the first person to ever take me seriously. It was great meeting ya again and look forward to meeting ya again(very soon LOL) Take Care Kids

If u dont like the taste of it, wash it down with some of my spit. Cumdump


filmfanatikk said...

Just wanna make double sure you saw my response, cause yes I do. "open your mouth, suck my dick" With pleasure :) And I totally believe you. I wouldn't doubt you really for a second. Lick it up baby, lick it up! is all I can imagine you saying!

filmfanatikk said...

Ug!!!! Fuck Me, I thought.I was was first. Congrats to whomever. Any runner-up prize????

wisottertail said...

Are YOU coming to IML in Chicago in May? i hope to see YOU.

brindisi said...

i hope to see you too but please use some lotion on those knuckles and elbows please otherwise youre perfect!