Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Okay, I can finally write tonight. Its been a crazy two weeks and I havent had any time to just chill. Okay where did I leave off at??? Okay there was the contest that I had last week, we will talk about that. Also more news on San Fran Trip(Gayvn Award Show), will I be going??. And more Titan News for ya Right off the press. Appearance at Splash(NYC)possible? Going on Tour, city near ya. I have a feeling my fingers are going to be hurting tonight writing all this shit. Well we might as well get started. The Winner of the Contest will be announced later this week. Here are the Top Five Winners that Responded. Oh did I forget?, The answer is "Open Ur Mouth Suck My Dick":
5. Male81260@aol.com
4.Adam Huck

Later in Week I will reveal the Winner. So some of u guys have been asking what do I get for being in the Top 5. Umm nothing really!!!! But..... I have named ya on my blog and that should be good enough for now. I will come up with something. Im officially off retirement, so Im entertaining myself by "Using the Hell Outtta These Boys". It has been a long time, If ur reading this for the first time. Im Off Retirement!!!. So If u think u can handle me let me know and we can work something out LOL.
Gayvns Award Show It has been decided that its a good idea to go to the show. Fuck that people, I damn sure want to go!!!. This is it, get to mingle with Industry heads and just show off. Will I win?? Fuck No!!!! My hopes are not up for winning. Really this sounds shitty but its the truth. Im happy with being nominated!! BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT I WANT TO WIN!!!! Im real with u kids, and this is no different. I WANT TO WIN. But I have to be ready, for when I dont win. I know, I will play the race card there has been no Black Performers as Best Newcomer or Best Performer in the history of the GayVns. Although Randy Cochran was inducted into the Hall of Fame............... Naw!!! I hate using the race card!!! Its too easy. Put it this way, if I dont win Best Newcomer. I will bust my ass for Performer of the Year(using the Loss as gasoline for next year) So my chances are slim to none. Although its cool that Damien Crosse was nominated as well. Thats my boy(I Still want to Beat him!!)would be cool if he wins as well. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT!!! I want to win, I want all the attention on me LOL. But that is another 3weeks from now.
It slipped my mind, the Fashion Show. I want to put up the pictures, Bear with me Im dealing with Kooan(my stylist)and he takes forever. The Asian Mafia(Tight network of Friends), has to make sure that all the pics are checked and photoshopped(whatever that means). I saw most of the pics, and maybe I should skip putting up the pics(but since I opened my mouth about it)because Im not in many of the pictures. Most of the models, were divas doing it up big time. I just added that street flavor for the stage. So when I get the pics I will post them, so U can check out my model style when Im hitting the stage.
Titan news, Well finally.......... My third movie will be released sometime soon. Cop Shack 2. All u guys/girls that are into uniforms U will get a chance to check me out in Uniform. Crossing the Line Cop Shack 2 that is the title. Im really happy that this movie is coming out. I worked hard on this movie. I work hard on all my movies really LET THAT BE KNOWN. Not to give away details, Im in a very hot scene with a speaking part. Yes Kids, I have a speaking part in this one. Filming this movie was alittle different for me. Brian Mills has his own style of filming and I was getting spoiled by him(so easy to work with) This time I was paired with Joe Gage(another Great Director)having watched his work and his previous movies. The Joe Gage style of filming, more importance is put into the B roll(speaking parts, closeups, more story ridden). It was an eye opening experience, that I will explain. I come into the studio knowing I have a Big Dick and Hot Body thats a given and that turns on most men/women. With Joe Gage, I had to work more on facial expressions, being able to Flirt with my eyes, rather then my cock. It made sense, a real superstar can make people hard with just a stare or glance. I naturally have a very Intense look on my face so I had to work on softening the features. Have that sexy, inviting glance rather than I will kick ur ass look. Sexually I will never change, I come in FUCK HARD and wear out any ass given to me. But... Its cool to be sexy for a change, and play up the sexy Diesel. Rough and Tough Diesel will always be there. But I want to be able to show another side of the Diesel character. And guess what?? Diesel is on the Box cover Front and Centered!! Now Im boring myself with this shit. I have to Kill the Gym harder than ever now!!!
More News check out the Titan Site www.Titanmen.com who is that Sexy Black Man on the Front page of Titanmedia??? OOOOOh thats only me LOL!!!! Titan blessed me again, by putting me on the title page. Thanks Titan, u guys have supported me so much. Heres to working with ya for a long time. Cheers fellas.
The Tour, man Im still finding out the details, its not easy. I want to hit cities that want to see me. I dont want to spend money traveling to cities where Im not wanted(FUCK U GUYS) I will find out the best route soon. More News Im working with Talent now. Meaning?????? I have found new talent, that im developing and grooming for pornstardom. U guys just think Im sitting around and just doing Porn Movies???? Have faith in me, I wont be able to do this forever. So Im always on the look for New Talent!!! Bottoms, Tops, Vers, Bi Bottoms Bi Tops(whatever)the more people I can bring into the business(the more I make)the more I set up my own future. Im developing a New Website, different concept, pics, blogs, streaming vid, just some ideas Im working on. Its a Great Time to Be Diesel Washington. My hands hurt now So fuck off now!!!!

Some of U guys would give better head if..., u had ur ears removed and had handle bars put in, gives me something more to grab onto when im forcing to the back of ur throat.


Anonymous said...

i just saw the preview for copshack. it looks awesome. can't wait to see more. thanks for all your great work. tom, houston

filmfanatikk said...

I know how it feels to wanna win. Apparently I didn't repsond to your blog fast enough to be that person. Better luck to you at the Gayvn's. I must say though that for only having 2 released movies, you made quite an impression just to be nominated. By showing up will demonstrate respect for them and maybe better chances next year. Am still crossing my fingers for you this year though. And will make damn sure to approach you there as a loyal follower of your blog. :)

filmfanatikk said...
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