Monday, March 19, 2007


Okay the Black party is coming up and Im going. YES YES YES Im going!!! I have been getting alot of emails asking if Im going to the Black Party this year so for all boys going I will be there. Now there is another party that is going on and I might have to go to that one cause I will be performing there with some other stars but Im not saying anything but details or any of that shit cause its not final yet. Other than that I have been just hanging out and working hard at the gym and doing my Thing. There are some other postings for me on A very nice piece by my friend at Flesbot glad that we can connect and stuff(thats always a plus). But I guess I came online to talk about my week which was very interesting.

I started the week normally, gotta get up and go to work and stuff, I checked my email before leaving the house and talked to a new friend. Now what I mean about new friend, He was a pornstar himself and we "Connected"(or whatever that means). Good Kid, now I name names but in this case I cant!!! To be real, hes a cool kid but he let himself go alittle(we all have Our moments and stuff)and hes a cool cat, so Im a Personal Train I thought I could whip him back into shape. Now all u guys have dirty minds, yeah u probably think I fucked him, wore him out, and had him passed out on the bed from being beat up...... And U would be correct, but I also took him to the gym, showed him the ropes. And it was a good experience for him to know that he fell off alittle, packed on some bad wieght, but it can be easily corrected. I shouldnt really give a fuck about another Pornstar who let himself(GOT WORRY ABOUT UR OWN).!!! But He has a promising job, and really only does it for fun and extra cash. So besides the Ass why did I do it?? Cause....... Im a Nice guy really, If A Hottie falls from Grace, Shouldnt we be there to help him out??????. Shit people!!! U think being a Pornstar comes with a 401K????and we have Health and Dental plans??????UMMMM NO!!! We are Performers and we have to do Our own Upkeep. If I break my leg, I cant work(how the Hell will I be able to Fuck someone????Well I could figure that one out LOL)and if U cant work u cant perform meaning U dont get paided.

I watched his work, and was impressed(looking from stand point as a Performer)he worked hard in his scene and his body language and mannerisms were good for the scene. So what he put some pounds on, it wasnt that bad, but being Pornstars we have to look Extra Sharp, Extra Ripped, If u want to Stand out in this Business that is. And sometimes u get depressed when U see urself in a movie when u was Ripped with a Smoking Hot body and then U relaxed abit.. It hits twice as hard cause the Fans Will Tell ya when u have gained wieght or falling from Grace I call it. In any case, he was cool and worked out hard and did his thing. But always with the Good comes the Bad. Bad business, When Ur not handling Ur business.!!! and he had his own issues. Not drugs, not the time, or energy and had the desire and drive. He had a Hater on his side he was Living with his Hater, His Bf he hated that he was in the business. Just made things hard, thats why he got fat cause his Bf was pumping him up so he would lose his looks.. That is a Big Time Hater, u was doing the business before u met him, and now he wants ya to quit. But the Lazy Mother is not bringing any money to the table. I hate Haters and it was Bad to see what A Hater did to a Rising Star!!! I will continue Later!!!!!

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