Sunday, March 11, 2007


Anonymous said...
Diesel.. Im throwing no shade, but what do you expect. You can't be serious about a relationship. I mean when I read your blog its sounds like you are the perfect partner and then I had to snap out of it.. your a porn star. you can't be faithful to one person. you are the epitome of filth. Sure you look good on the outside, but you are a disgrace to the African American Race. You are a disgrace to your entire family. Going to PORN AWARD SHOWS and you thinks thats cute..Out of all the opportunities life has to offer you chose to be a porn star. So answer this you think its cool to lick and slop on dicks and think its OK to go home to a partner and think everything is ok.. thats crazy. you will never amount to nothing.. next you will be so desperate you will start doing RAW PORN and then you will be another dead brother.. cause those white people feeding you a few coins here and there don't give a shit about you..

Okay I thought I would start this blog with the daily Hate Mail I get. Thanks for spending the time to write this Hate piece, thanks for watching my movies, to know that I "SLOP" on cocks(LOL). Im a disgrace to the African American Race(So funny Hes even PC about it, African American LOL Here all this time I thought I was Black LOL). Disgrace to my family even.!!(Considering Im the Second person on Fathers Side of the Family to go to college and get my degree)how could I disgrace them so badly the nerve of me lol. I will never do Raw Porn period.
Now mind ya the person who wrote this message was "Anonymous" so they didnt even have balls to leave their name so basically more hate thrown my way for whatever reason.
The support that People have shown me was a real nice change. From the usual, Ur hot and I want to suck ur dick thing. In any case, I needed to go out and have some fun, so I called up Damien Crosse and Angelo and met with them just to unwind and have some fun for a change. Roxy was closing their doors for the Last time, so It was a Must to go and have one last dance there. We all met up at Roxy and it was great!!! Also on hand was Darius Falke just landed from Germany. I missed this guy, we all had a great Blast at Roxy. Fans were very nice and I was being recognized the whole night and people were wishing me well in the industry. How cool is that? I had the best time, and it was great to hangout with People who u like, get along with, and enjoy their company. Big shoutout to the boys at I saw u guys there and we danced all night. Thanks for the support and much success to ya guys in the Leather Bedding ur a bunch of nasty pigs and love the fact that u guys Love a Dirty Pit shoved in ur Face. Bye Roxy u will be missed u was the only club that I went to to have some fun and dance the night away.
Moving on .....the reviwes are in, and Boiler is another hit to add to the growing List. Check out the review of Boiler at So there u have it people, timing is strange for me right now so lets see what happens in the future. Things can only go up from here(shit Im at the bottom)so hopefully in the next couple of days I will be back on track


filmfanatikk said...

Wow. Unbelievable. The stuff people will write. Why do they even bother checking you out or car about porn if they have such negative feelings about porn and pornstars. I'm glad you didn't respond. It doesn't deserve a reaction. The sick perv is probably a miserable old lecherous fuck who has nothing better to do than try and stir up trouble.All is can say to the jerk-off is "whatever"

And good for you. Go hang with the peeps and keep it fun and forward. All one can do is go from point A to point B and have as much as fun as possible doing it. Love your honesty and your work. Keep it up and Stay Strong!

Robguy said...

I think "epitome of filth" better describes the disturbed person that sends mean-spirited comments anonymously.