Friday, April 27, 2007

Well Sorry to use old pics but this is the Best Pic I have at the moment, well really its the Pic from Boiler(out now!!!!) Well the big Question Lately is "What Projects U have Coming Out????" And I tell people the same thing Over and Over, Crossing the Line Cop Shack 2 is out on the market, And my newest relase Boiler is out now on stands. As far as other work, forecoming ummmmm....... Shooting starts somewhere In June(maybe) and the details I was given its a Fetish Movie(OH Goodie!!).
To be Honest, Im dieing to work I have been hitting the gym and have some great ideas to put into play. The Diesel character has been working on some nasty nasty nasty ideas of how to interact in a scene. GET ME IN THERE TITAN!!!! WE GOT SOME FILMS TO SHOOT!!!! Other than that I have been promoting myself and getting my face out there alittle more. Now more than ever Im getting more requests to do nude modeling. Alas I cant, Im under contract with Titan which doesnt include nude modeling for other companies(Sorry Boys) So I hope that will stop all the emails. Seems that I get at least 10 requests daily to do either nude modeling or Porn. Im not a Free agent so stop asking Geez. Im a TitanMan and in Full Effect( Sounds Ghetto LOL). I will tell ya this though, its hard turning down PlayGirl, Black Inches, and other Photographers who want to do either coffee table books, or displays with ur nude image. But.......... I do because I want to focus more on Titan when filming starts. I really believe I have my best work ahead of me, and Im always learning and trying to be more creative. Bah Bah Bah
I know all u guys are more considered with the sexy stories more than anything. So lets go with some stories recently: I was online and ran into a "Jock Type" Simple enough, he had a hot ass and great mouth(what is what he told me!!!) So I made arrangements to meet him at his place, I get to his place and he was a goodlooking boy. So I came into the living room and he started to suck my dick while I was fingering his hole. Now this went on for about 5mins, I then rolled him onto his stomach and started smacking his ass with my bare hand(Just for Effect) I grinded my cock against his butt cheeks, Bang!! Thats it!!!! Thats It??? I mean thats it!!! He came on the bed without touching his dick. He tried to fake it, by covering up the mess on the bed. But when I rolled him over to throw his legs in the air, there it was, a big cum stain on the bed. I was like"Damn U Came already???" He was like"Yeah Sorry" I started laughing cause it was only like 5mins of playing and he came already. But he went in bathroom and washed up, I stayed on the bed butt naked waiting for him to come back and finish the Job. On his arrival he was in bath robe and slippers walking into the room, yawning like he was tired. I look at him and said"U aint getting tired motherfucker U better finish what u started, I dont give a shit that u came already U better finish me off!!! He looked at me all surprised and said" Dude Im alittle tired and I have to ask ya to leave cause I have work in the morning" "Okay" I said got my clothes ready and shit and walked to the door. He walked me to the door and I turned around and Bitch slapped him against the face and then headed home.
Now ur reading this and saying U Smacked him??? Cause he didnt want to get ya off???? And Yes!!!! I smacked him for not getting me off!!! Why u may ask??? I will tell ya why. Our online convos were about him, being used hard, choked, spit on and treated like a pussy boy. He wanted to be fucked hard over and over. His exact words were "U can use anyway U want to, even if I cum, keep fucking me until I cant take it anymore!!!" And after walking into his place for 5mins !!!I rub my cock on his ass cheek and he cums!!!! Then pulls the "I have to wake up early in the morning crap" I also paid 10 bucks on cab up there, and then turned down another hungry bitch boy cause this one had fewer "Limits". If that still doesnt make sense to ya!!!! Then ur a dumb motherfucker, I hate teasers and time wasters and I would have left nicely if he didnt use the "Have to get up early in the morning crap" A good Bitch boy would have cleaned themselves up and kept getting fucked regardless, or at the very least, swallow ur whole dick until U bust a load in his face. Maybe Im too demanding Oh well fuck it.!!! More to come Soon.


Paige said...

All I gotta say is you got like the mega body... and um... your fucking HOT.... umm... yea... I passed you at the GayVN Awards and well... I wish I was a boy!

dogboyNYC said...

it sounds like that bitch got off easy