Monday, May 28, 2007


Well I'm back little people, and after a very very long weekend I'm here and back home safe and sound. Whew!!!! I don't know where to start... but I will try.
Bear with me for a second.... I have to write 4 separate posts. Leather Market, Grabbys/Afterparty, House of Blues Performance. So many people, so many things to talk about, it was nuts the whole weekend. So lets get started!!!

Now I have never been to Chicago a day in my life. So this was a great opportunity for me(sounds corny as shit)and the timing couldn't have been better for going. I made a rule to carry my camera with me every where I went so I could really show ya the experience of being a Porn Star and going to "These" Big Events. I'm one year into the game(Porn)and really feel that I'm part of that "New Breed of Porn stars" that seem to pop up into the game. What I mean is that I have watched Porn for years and told myself that I would have fucked the model(If I was on the screen) this way or that way, with more power, or more skill etc etc.. In any case, what I mean that is when I go to these events I really have alot of fun, and I really love meeting other models in the business(think what u want!!LOL)

Leather Market is more of a Trade show then a meet and greet. All the vendors are there to sell their ware and gear and have some fun at the same time. From what I'm told this is the first appearance for Titan in the last 5 years. So I guess the big guys wanted to make a showing at this event. Now I have been to other vending shows and the type of crowd for this event was different. It was leather weekend all night and day long and the hotel was a dirty play ground for all the Pigs to play in.
We shared the space with Leather Post guys(great bunch of guys) Check them out at They sell some hot gear and was very nice to us. To get an idea of what the "Market" was like, its mostly people walking around in Fetish clothing and acting out in front of people. I was there to Promote Titan and Leatherpost and I think I did a decent job. The Difference between this event and others is that people tend to be alittle more sexual than being a customer that this type of function. I know its important to make a good showing at this type of event and I think were successful.
I will be honest with ya. I'm still getting used to appearing in person and sometimes it takes me a min to get into the energy mode. The Plan was to sell our DVDs and push the product. Titan was promoting our new movie Folsom Leather. I had a chance to see some clips of the movie and it looks hot. Now not sounding cocky or anything. But Folsom Filth started the cycle and I'm glad I was apart of such a hot movie and project. Folsom Leather has a break out role by Rick Van Sant(Rookie)newest Titan Exclusive. I have some great shots of him on the next blog that I'm writing about the Grabbys. So at the booth its Diesel Washington, Rick Van Sant, Alex Baresi, Dean Flynn, Tobert Brandt and Rocky Torres. Can u say beef factory?? Geez I'm glad I worked my ass off to be in shape for this event. I shined the whole time at the booth, but I have to be honest. Its alittle hard for me to say"Hey You Boy!!! Get over here and buy my video or I will Kick Ur Ass!!! I relied more on the screen to do all my talking. At the booth they had a Tv screen displaying Our talents. Most people would think we were just models handing out flyers. Mixed crowd of Fans and just People who wanted their picture taken with their favorite of the Titan Family. I felt alittle strange at the booth, people would just stare and walk past. I sometimes forget I'm alittle intimidating in person, so people would just stare and nod their head as they went by. At certain times I had to break the Ice and welcomed people to take a picture with me.

U have to remember events like this are Leather events and customers who are into leather will buy DVDs and gear but u have to have the right approach. Being an Aggressive Dominate Top and selling Ur product is alittle tricky. Most boys are staring at ya in respect waiting to be called to serve rather then open a wallet and buy a DVD. So my day job during the weekend was selling DVDs(alot of them), at least I had a chance to talk to fans and represent for Titan. Now maybe I read into things some times. But Its funny to see the effect that starring in Folsom Filth would become at this point. I see people wearing the Leather and gear that we had on, down to Dogboy mask. Damien Cross's shoulder harness. The metal harness that I was wearing in my scene. I'm still confused when I meet people, I would say "Hey its nice to meet ya. I'm Diesel" And I would get the usual " I know who U are" I don't know if that is a bad thing or good thing??? I think we made a good showing cause LeatherPost was making a kililng off selling their products. Gear was falling off the shelves and I was glad to see that we could help out.

The only downside at being at the booth is that there wasnt any more movies starring me. I had to heavily promote Folsom Filth(which by the way won 2007 Gayvn Best Fetish Dvd and 2007 Grabby Award winner for Best Fetish Dvd)its still funny to me that I'm on the DVD Disc(so u see my face and cock every time U load up Folsom Filth). It would have been "interesting" to see myself pushing Crossing the Line:Cop Shack 2 or Bolier to the fans but I had a good time watching the other guys who just started into the business experience their first public showing. Bottom line I think Folsom Leather will do well it was flying off the shelves and Folsom Filth also had a good selling as well. Makes me proud that my work is so respected and award winning.

So the "Leather Market" its a trade show where the Leather community can gather show Improvements to style, attitude, skills and where u get to see some of Ur favorite porn stars.
On a dirty note, the Leather Market was at the Hilton so basically u can walk around the hotel and see some madness going on and people running in and out of hotel rooms and sounds down the hall. Basically all I heard is Bear types talk about how many hands they can get up their ass. Stories of taking some guys arms to the elbow, without a problem. Boys getting spit on, pissed on. Parties in every room and portable slings, whips and chains and flogging. Just another vacation at the Hilton!!

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wisottertail said...

Diesel, thanks for coming to IML. i think that i was the first boy to greet YOU when YOU arrived from NYC and found YOUR way to the Titan table display. i know YOU probably would have enjoyed a break right then, but YOU took the time to talk with me for few minutes. Thanks! YOU'RE the best!