Monday, May 14, 2007


Okay people, I don't have much time to write this but I will be hosting Porno Bingo with Will Clark this wednes. So come out and its for a good cause. Now other things in the news is that there is a great new poster for the releasing of Folsom Leather(its looks like its going to be extra hot). Hmm that gets me to thinking about Chi-Town. I will also be performing at the IML(International Mister Leather)so def bring a camera for that. I have to really update this shit but I been holding out on pics cause I'm really tearing up the gym and I don't want to show the finished Product just yet.......... Call it what u want I don't give a shit. So the only way u will be able to correct out the "Goods" is coming to Porno Bingo. I love to do it "Big" when I'm performing so I will bring my A game.

Since I really haven't talked much about the business, I hope to tour this summer(I always say that) but traveling is fun to me just going to a different city everyday is alittle tiring sometimes. I will make the effort to really hit the road and just head out and have a great time. Now one thing I'm happy about is going to the Grabbys Single this year. I have my eyes on a few Models that I have been wanting to work with(U Know Who u Are!!) Big Fat Parties and everybody is hanging out and having a great time nothing better. I without sounding cocky(which I always am) I look the best I have in my Life right now. I'm running and lifting and getting stronger everyday and just enjoying the weather and its a good time for me. Aside from stalkers here and there I'm having a good time.
On to something completely different.......... SEX (yeah like I would talk about something else LOL) In my encounters there are those who liked to get pissed on, those who like to get pissed on( in the shower), and those who don't like piss at all!! I recently had the pleasure, to piss on this guy who is not is into piss at all. It was a great experience, I had to sneak the piss on him, while he was sucking my dick, I had him stand up and grabbed him by his neck and ran him into the bathroom, sat him on the toilet and let him suck my dick there. He was already naked so having him just sitting there on the toilet was kinda of hot. He was more getting into the mirrors and looking at himself sucking my dick and getting off on it. At the same time I was letting my dick go semi enough so that I will be able to have a nice piss shoot for his face. To pull this off I would have to time the sucking, when I will be able to piss, him looking at himself in the mirror, and also be able to get some in his mouth before he pulled off. Whew that is a mouthful. Background of the Guy?? Who gives a shit He was my "Type" but..........was only into Vanilla(for those who don't know He is not into the Dirty shit!!) Now u can force some fetish onto people if u want to be all Tough and Rough and take his ass and piss in his face. Its totally different when the one your playing with, seen ur movies and came to ya as a man and said "I think Your a Great Guy, but I'm not into being Humiliated and Degraded like U do to those People in Your Movie" now I'm thinking "JackPot" Cause Now not only will I get to piss on ya but I will get ya to like it as well(Love Challenges) back to the story.......
He was so into it and just loving the mirrors and cock in his face . I got the piss to the tip of the of the head of my cock. He was sucking so well and just deepthroating it to the base and everything, I was getting a good shot of piss into his mouth and he was swallowing every drop of it(I think he thought it was Precum)I have good piss control(hard to explain). While he was sucking my dick I was jerking him off at the same time and when he was close to cumming. I pulled my cock from his mouth and smacked it against both of his cheeks(face) and hit him with a heavy stream of piss on his chest. It was Timed Perfect, cause he was cumming at same time so There he sat on Toilet cumming, getting pissed on, and I watched his eyes, looking for that expression. He lifted his head and looked at me and was like " That was fucked up man I told ya I didn't want to get pissed on and U did it!!! That's fucked up man!!" I looked down and told him"Shut the fuck up, U loved it U fucking came in buckets!!! So don't give me that crap, Get up run the shower and "We" can wash up". Now the trick here is that, we have never showered together(u throw bones to the "Puppies" u train into this LOL) so that would even the score. But Diesel is an asshole.........I pissed on him in the shower and he.... welcomed it this time, so he is off to a good start.
Now its wrong that I had to push him(I think it is???) cause some people don't get freaky, and there are some people that bring it every where they go. I guess what I'm saying is "If You tell me not to piss on ya I will piss on ya, but I want to piss on ya and make ya like it. Not only cause I like it, but your growing to like it".
Enough stories, things are good so come out to Poro Bingo but wait...............
Rules for talking to Diesel:
1. Knowing my Name great start
2. Avoid Statements like "I want to suck your dick" "I would let ya fuck my ass" etcetc..
3. Thanks for the Support but I dont need to hear How, When, Where, or Who you were with to bust your load to the movies I do.
4. I will not pull out my Cock just to show you(I pull it out when I want to LOL)
5. If your Drunk as hell and trying to talk to me chances are I will keep it brief with you and keep moving.
These are Simple rules follow them and we will get along. See ya at Bingo!!!



wisottertail said...

Diesel, SIR!
Where are YOU performing at IML? i sure want to be there in person. Will YOU also be at the Titanmen table at the Leather Market, SIR?

Cub2serve said...

You are priviledged (ok a strong word, but hey, have to stand out somehow) to be the first blog I've ever responded to. I looked for your site cause I've watched your videos (of course...) and enjoyed your work (again... of course) and wondered what you might be like. I was floored by your blog.

1. I will from this point on know the type of relationships that I always seem to get into... Extended Hookups. Awesome frickin term. Let me know if I have to pay rights to use it. Never seen anyone put things in quite that way and so acurrately.

2. Ok, yeah, I find you hot and yeah, your sex scenes can make a guy foam at the mouth, but... then you had to put that you're a comic collector too. You have to know how hard it is to find gay men into comics like that. You've reached a new pintacle of hotness for me with that.

And finally 3. That you're into the whole dominant/submissive scene is aweseome and becoming a major black porn Icon as a goal is great, but you seem to have also put all of it into perspective with your life and life in general. It shows that you have't really bowed to the pressure of having to be all things to all people. Truly, it's something to admired in a world where people don't find niches, they try and become it all and in the process, become a whore to themselves, friends and anyone that they feel they need to please to do well.

Keep up the work guy! You're actually headed to be the best thing you can ever be. A role model that's not ashamed to work hard, know what he wants and stand by what he believes. And screw all those that can't seem to understand that.

Anonymous said...

Love the packaging to the movie!!! Congrats on the film, it looks really hot. Sucks that I couldn't make it to Porno Bingo, you know if I could of I would of. Anyhow, have heaps of fun at IML D!