Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Truth be known, when I write this blog, I don't care about the spelling, grammar, run on sentences etc etc......... I usually write this from the hip and maybe check the spelling(if I have enough time) and they are random thoughts, clips of memory and ideas that I just put down in a blog form. Diesel never gets into Politics or Religion or Gossip about Movie Stars or Music. I talk about Diesel, and everything that comes with Diesel(attention, The fucks, travels, emotional trying times) With that said I am Diesel Washington..............

Hmmmm.. Well I'm leaving for Chi town this Friday and I'm going to put a killing on the Leather Market. Not sure the set up of the booths or anything but I will be there in the flesh and Representing Titan. Speaking of Titan......... Its almost like a double edged sword, on one hand I should be proud of my success, I have only done 4 movies and was nominated Best Newcomer for Gayvn and then nominated Best Newcomer for Grabbys, Outstanding Performances at Hustlaball 2007, Black Party 2007 an article in New York Times, sound bites on Howard Stern, being a featured model on so many websites, the fans, the traveling, the money.... all thanks to Titan........ but on the other hand ...........................I'm dieing to Work!!!! I worked on my last project last year Oct, and I will admit that there was another "Idea" of a project that I could have worked on. Diesel had his own "Issues" to deal with at the time so that project "Fizzled out". Diesel hasn't worked(filmed)recently (about 8 months), no other projects due out, and they signed three new exclusives to the company as well. Then being up to date on the Porn Biz, I see other models(exclusive/free agents) working on projects(some good some bad)but working regardless. I get mad, alittle upset at times. Wondering If I'm in Limbo or something????
But I remember talking to Bruce Cam and Keith Webb of (President and Vice President)and they would tell me" Diesel U have to be Patient, it may seem like this is a long process but we don't want ya to be overexposed, to ensure u have a longer Run in the Porn business". "Some guys have done 10-20 movies in one year, yeah they make the money quick and their Career is over even quicker" so true so true. Doing research I found that to be correct, Case in point: Matthew Rush started working with Falcon 2001-Present(maybe 2000 alittle off) 6-7 years in that time working with Falcon, he has on average turned out 4 films per year. He is one of the most recognized performers in the Gay porn industry. Shit look at Brad Pitt u don't see him in 4 movies in one year and he is super famous. Then look at Judd Law(he has star quality)he did 4 movies in one year and they all sucked!!! I don't want to be a performer that does movie after movie and they all suck. Long story short, Diesel is impatient but.. knows in the long run that doing quality work speaks volumes!!!!!
Right now Diesel is big as hell, ripped, and ready to kick some ass. I feel like a little kid cause I have to prove to myself that I am good as I say. I'm eager to work and bring something new to the table. Public appearances are golden to me, people see my pics and say nice body and nice dick. In person, its like they saw me for the first time, don't realize that I'm 6'6 and big. Some guys say they are like 6'1 when they are 5'10 or whatever. Without shoes and socks, I'm 6'6 so wearing shoes or boots probably put me to 6'7-6'8.
Now this is what people tell me, "Diesel Ur alittle intimidating, cocky, loud, harsh". Umm okay........? That is what Diesel is about!!! He is a Character without limits and pushes the action until he gets into Ur pants and fucks out Ur brains. But he is a Character that I created, Diesel has grown physically and emotionally in the last year. And I'm very eager to show off the New and Improved Diesel Washington.


Anonymous said...

I miss you in Titan dvd's. I do hope you come back with more attititude! Keep on givin' your best. Ya #1 in my porn collection.


ReggieH said...

Saw you at was great to see that you look the same in person as you do in films. Some of the other guys there, the difference between Film and Real Life...!! Well, I guess that's why they call them video fantasies!

Domima!! said...

I love your care free persona and think you totally amazing!!

Why is there a limited supply of your ass. Life aint fair!! Anyway, Love you and your work!!