Monday, June 18, 2007


Okay quick post people I have been alittle busy this week, and I will tell ya why? I was getting ready for my trip to San fran and I had a "Problem" that I had to take care of. So from Thursday to Sat I was out of Town doing the "Part time". In any case I wasn't able to contact anybody and I left some things undone. So to all those who thought I "Ditched" ya it was not meant to be mean, and U know def I will holla at ya when I get back.

So to those who don't know what is going on? I will be going to San Fran Jun18-25 and will be celebrating Pride in San Fran, So stay tune to my dealings when I'm in San Fran(I will post if I have any appearances out there) I will be on the Healing Waters Float(great cause)to read more about it go to So I'm happy

That I could help out with such a great cause. On to other news, I thought I would give a sneak peek of Tat but I'm not going to do that yet. I will have better pics for ya when I post later. So from the pics, U could tell that I went to Folsom Street East and hung out with some friends just to see whats up and talk to a few people and have some fun. It was a good turn out, and it was hot as shit outside. So it was Nice talking to some of guys that I have seen around. Vinnie D Angleo, Brandon Baker, Angel Benton, Barret Long, etc etc. So Kids that is all for today, I will get no sleep before plane ride talking to ya guys all night. So I have to finish washing clothes, and get ready my clothes for the trip. Geez(yes Porn stars have to do house chores before they can go out and Play!!!) So I'm excited about the trip and cant wait to have some fun. So this will be my first scene filming since Oct to I'm alittle nervous to get back into the studio. And at the same time I'm hype about my Co star and I cant wait to fuck the hell outta him. Stay tuned cause I will post more when I hit San Fran.

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Angel Benton said...

Always a pleasure seeing you boo. You are a treat!