Friday, June 01, 2007


Here is Diesel at the Grabby awards so get ready for the ride cause I have detailed pics of the event so its almost like Ur there with me.

Here is Alex Baresi and Tober Brandt backstage as we are ready to get on stage and Present some awards

Pics of the Backstage madness as the Trophy boys were getting ready.

Before I went out on stage I had Steven Cruz one of the trophy studs take my pic while I was on stage giving the middle fingers

Here is Steven Cruz(Raging Stallions) and Cort Donovan(Falcon)

Steven Cruz was looking good on stage So I had to sneak a peek in his drawers to see the goods. So while I was on stage I pulled open his drawers and got a pic upclose of what he was working with.

Thanks to for the pics Also big shout out to Brandon Baker, Angel Benton, and Rusty for holding down the Rentboy side of things. While we were on stage we decided to throw Our shirts into the audience. Got to show some skin at these award shows, the fans want to see some skin and its fun.
U get to see two different perspectives from my camera and from Fans in the audience so u get to see different view of my onstage appearance. When we threw Our shirts into the crowd I was taking pics of the whole experience while onstage at the same time. It was hard tracking down pics of me onstage but I found some. After we presented we made Our way back to Our table and opened our grab bags.

More of the show, Chi Chi and Honey West then made a toast, Toast to Porn and the Industry. Here goes a Pic of Rick Van Sant(Newest Titan exclusive) Hot Man indeed and hopefully I will get a chance to work with him in the future. Can u believe this man can take two fists in his ass. Check out Folsom Leather to see what I'm talking about. Its a hot movie starring some hot guys so def check it out.

I'm glad I gave ya a chance to see How it is to be a Presenter at these awards show so u see first hand at what happens. There is more to come

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