Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well lets start off by thanking Ed Vincent(Cast Director) for forwarding over the link to these pics from House of Blues performance. I like to say thanks again to Leatherpost www.Leatherpost.com check out the gear and buy for all Ur leather needs. The Leatherpost guys really showed us some love at this party. We sat in VIP section(mingled as well downstairs those pics are to the left.
Now I have to be honest, they asked Us(Titan Guys)if we wanted to go on stage with a Performer they had there for that night Royal Lush. We were all game to hit the stage and have some fun. The shows producers had to go over some rules with us. At first he was like" U guys can just go on stage and have some fun and dance around and make it a show" As soon as he ended his sentence with show, I was like"What are the rules for showing skin on stage???" He was like"Just go on stage and dance alittle" I was like"Sir I'm a Porn Star and u say we can show some skin so to me that means I can get naked on stage!!" He was like"Oh no I understand what u mean now!!"We laughed about it and he explained the rules, so his club doesn't get closed down.

As I said before every state has different rules for performances on stage when it comes to go go boys and porn stars. In any case here are some pics of Us on the dance floor hanging with the crowd. And it proves my point that, even though Ur chilling at a party or club someone always has their eyes on ya, and every move u make is getting caught on camera somewhere. Back to House of Blues. It was a great experience to be on stage and have that many people watching ya on stage and just having fun.
Just a hint for the People viewing the pics, in all the stage pics that were shot from long distance, I'm on the left side of stage if Ur looking at the pic. So Dieselwashington and Rick Van Sant is on left side of stage(if looking at pic) and on the other side of the stage is Alex Baresi and Dean Flynn we tore up the stage and had a blast.
To all those who think Diesel Washington cant dance!! Ur so fucking stupid !!! Of course I can dance(and rather well)yes I can make 6'6 245lbs tear up a dance floor!! And I was surprised that Rick Van Sant can keep up with me!!!
I had alot of fun at House of Blues and it was great.
On another note after the performance we stayed for 30mins talked to the Fans and we all left the club together. It couldn't have been any better, that's the way u perform ,u go on stage, kick some ass, sign the autographs and talk to the Fans and then U ALL LEAVE TOGETHER. It was a Great Team Effort and I had fun. And of course I left the club with a "Fuckable". I usually never pickup "Strays" from the events I attend, its just people who see ya and want to have sex with ya and thats that!!! If I'm in the mood(and I was!!)I don't bullshit I'm very str8up its"I want to fuck ya, u want to come to my room Yes or No?" Any second thoughts or hesitation when I ask I quickly move on and out. Lucky for this Bitchboy, he was like"Lets go" He didn't say goodbye to his friends, or even finish his drink. He walked into the situation without knowing anything but him getting fucked!!! Priceless!!! When the Hotel room door shut..... That boy got used over and over and over. Now the boy wasn't little at all. He was a nice lean 6'4 all American type, the reason why I picked him to abuse......Bubble butt!!!!!! period. I pounded him for about 3hours and came Twice(each load swallowed down, I made him open his mouth to check that it all went down the hatch). So it was the perfect ending for a great evening. More to post later, I have alot of random pics that I didn't post(I don't know why??)

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