Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well as u people know I have been gone a long time, if most of ya reading this has noticed I was gone way way way long. And I have some stories to tell ya, whew!!!! So lets get started:

Well If Ur a reading of this blog then u would have known that I have been gone filming in San Fran and then flying over to Fort Lauderdale for the Pool party. But lets start things at San Fran. Firstly Who is this Furry man in the Pic???? That would be me!!!. I let my beard grow out for the part in the movie. I was suppose to be a Person who lives in the mountains. So I guess I really got into the part for this one!!!

I was filming the Unnamed movie for Folsom(its part of a series of Folsom line movies) My scene was with Sagat and Dean Flynn, Brodie Newport, CJ Madison. Needless to say the scene was hard and we were filming outdoors for the scene so it was kinda of rough, to figure out positions cause all we had was an upside down pool(use Ur imagination LOL). So the scene is rough and hardcore and Sagat was a trooper and took everything I gave him and more. So look out for that movie sometime in Sept(set to debut at Folsom Street Fair)

What to say but thanks to the crew Jeff, Paul, Chris, Brian Mills(again master director) Ed Vincent, Bruce Cam/Keith Webb, and to my co stars without ya I couldn't have pulled it off. Special Thanks to the Crew of Tim and Roma Show, they came out to interview us for the movie so make sure u check that out

Hmmm I guess the real highlight of the trip was being able to hangout with Sagat. We had time before filming(2days)so we had a chance to hangout and go to movies. We saw Transformers(Great Movie)its best to see the movie at a Imax theater, the sound and images are so much better and make the film even more intense. We had a chance to work out at the gym and just hangout and have dinner and just relax before the big day of filming.
Sagat is one funny guy, its ashame that most of "YOU"will never get a chance to see that the man is seriously funny. We would often walk in the woods, and check out the "Trees" away from the house and crew and crack jokes. But anyway I need to start writing about the Rentboy/Fabscout Pool Party.

I know its shitty, How did I fuck him? What does the Scene look like?..... I don't want to give details away but when the film comes out, u will finally see Sagat get fucked like he should get fucked!!!! So I'm done with this post, I have so much much more to write about stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

You look great!


dan drew-artist said...

Now that your NOT AWAY
Please contact me about the
portrait painting I did of you
I need an address to mail it to
I do not have a CORRECT EMAIL
ADDRESS of yours!

Anonymous said...

Does he email his fanz? It would be great if does!


dan drew said...

I am an artist- I have painted
several of his costars and am
aquainted with them.
I know a lot of porn stars
as friends.
Fans only want don't give.