Friday, July 20, 2007


Okay the pool party was fun, even though I didn't party with the people that much. I don't know people, these gay resorts let ya run around naked just laying in the sun,or hanging out by the Bar. I'm not much of a swimmer and the sun was burning hot that day so I spent most of my time sitting in the performers room. Yeah I know a bunch of naked people running around, playing, sucking dick in the rooms(or fucking) and just carrying on and having fun. I was so tired from the shoot in San Fran I wasn't much fun to anybody, so I stayed in the room and just layed low and met some interesting people coming in and out of the room. Big shout out to the Flava men, u guys are a cool bunch, just keep the young boy out of trouble(there was drama at the party cause of one little shorty)I cant remember every bodies names but shout outs to, Vin Nolan, Barret Long, Roy Jones(my friend) Brock(cute slut boy)Rusty , Brandon Baker , Gio, Howard from Tom Wiese(rentboy boss) Adam Faust, Andrew Justice, Dave and Matt( )Chad Liegh, R.J., Steven Ponce. I cant forget Angel Benton(the best interviewer ever)check him out also check out for more pics of the party and all the goings on. I had a great time even though I didn't leave the room much. I mingled Little bit but not much, but I think people were shocked to see that I did a cannon ball into the pool and wet all the Cunt boys who didn't want to get wet. Geez its a fucking pool party u have to get somewhat wet@!!! I have so much more to write my fingers will be tired by the time im done with all the posts I have to write. Stayed tuned for more!!!

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