Monday, July 30, 2007


Okay I told ya guys that I was going to add another posting soon before the weekend. OPPs!! I lied, I have been locked in New Jersey for about a week(Had to take care of business)so when I had the chance to go to the city it was to unwind and have alittle fun. Oh but first thing first, I know that alot of people want to know more about my scene with Sagat. I don't like to give away details until the Movie is out and about. But since another site has already leaked some of the Pics from the movie I thought I would share some insight into the movie.

By Far, this has been the hardest movie to work on, having so many other models to work with was a challenge. Hmmm at first Sagat and I requested to work with each other, in a one on one scene(but I couldnt turn down a chance to work with Sagat in any scene really)so look on in the future of Sagat and Washington working together in a one on one scene(I will push to make this happen)but back to Fear. To set the tone of the movie, I was in full Control mode. I had other partners to help with the story but I was a monster at action.

Gaypornblog has leaked a few pics above so I have added them to my blog(I don't put up naked pics really, but these were leaked out so its okay LOL) There is alot of shit going on these scenes so(be ready!!)

Along is News of the Newest Titan Calendar going out this August so check me out in that!!(I'm the guy on the Cover way in the Back). Hmmm what else to write about???? I got to see my boys at a club in the city. I had a good time, I usually don't go much but I went out on Friday and Saturday and just let loose on the dance floor. Glad to run into ya boys Damien and Angelo at the Club being Rock stars!!!! For all those people to know what club that was, keep that shit to Yourselves!! And make sure U tip the bartenders esp Damien the boy works hard for his money so def show him some Love in the Form of Tips(Everybody has to pay bills). What else??? Moving on.....

Touring..........Geez trying to nail these dates down are a pain in the ass, cause they are always changing I was planning a tour down the East Coast(West Coast in Sept) Starting with Philly then Boston, Washington, ATL, finishing in Florida some how get Chi Town in there as well. If there was any other states on the East side that I need to visit(let me know). Hmmm there are some things that I wanted to talk about before I go into the whole "Tour Stage".

U know who u are when I say this"FUCK U AND UR SINGING CAREER" U sold me out, cause u couldn't deal with anything stopping YA from getting Ur Way!!!! I cant change the fact that I'm an Adult Entertainer. But that doesn't mean, I don't have feelings!!! U lied to Me!!! Tried to Use My Image against Me!!! U made up stories about me, and even got some People believing those stories. I found ya when U were a lost soul, drugged up to the point of self destruction. I took ya, held ya and protected ya as best as I can. When everybody wrote ya off as Dead Weight I saw the Potential in ya!!! Then u switch, Ur a Big fish in a little pond Now!!! Success has blinded ya!!! U want people to support Ur Dream, but if they stand in Ur way, slow ya down, Or could be perceived as a problem, u give them Nightmares!!! Well then call me Freddy!!!! I wont be moved or scared by anyone!!! Just remember when I held ya tight when U were sick from all the partying!!! Look at ya now!!!! Be the Big Star that u want to be!!But if history repeats itself, then u will be right back to the same spot where I found ya. Only this time, instead of helping ya up like I did before, I will just step over ya and leave ya right there where I found ya!!!! Moving on......

I don't like Neg energy, but I had to get some things off my chest today!!!. I never claimed to be the Nicest guy in the World. I have issues like most, I can Dish it out, I can take it, but be prepared to handle me for the Second Coming right back at ya!!!!.......

But on a Lighter side I have to hit the gym again cause I have been slacking....... Its not like me to just lay around which I have been doing cause the weather is right and its getting hotter and hotter. So this week is dedicated to killing the body and going further and further with it. Stay tuned for some workout tips in the next blog. Maybe I should include some work out pics??? Just to show how hard I work out at the gym????? Who knows!!!! In any case, U guys be safe out there!!!


Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the movie to come out on dvd. Do you know when the movie will be out? I'm sorry that you got hurt by a so called,friend. I know how that goes. I cant wait to see the pictures of you working out!

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Anonymous said...

Yes you did let loose!!! You better come out more often big D xx