Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have been busy with work and things have changed nowadays. I would write and write and take pics for the fans and put together a really good blog. I read other peoples blogs as well, but I was spending so much time getting pics and info for the people. And all I get in return is people hating on me and talking trash. I figured I wouldn't post for awhile cause I have somethings in the works, Like another website.

I also thought by not writing anything for some time would get people to understand, I write this blog for the fans not myself anymore. The idea to create this blog was mine, so I can chart my own progress but its taken on a life of its own. If U don't like me or my writing stop viewing it. I don't have to write this blog anymore I reached the purpose of this blog.
The purpose of the blog was to chart the rise of a person who wanted to do porn, and to achieve some level of success at it. MISSION COMPLETED!!! Anything else was icing on the cake, but as I thought, I'm not liked by some people, and some adore me but as far as the personal attacks, the Lies and how people react to my writings, I don't have to do this anymore.
The Haters didn't get me down, that's why I'm writing now!!! But why write about my personal experiences when I don't have to. At this moment in my Life I need to Live rather than be a slave to this blog. Now I see why people who start blogs, then stop doing them cause its tiring and writing this blog isn't paying my rent or my bills. I rather write on a website that is a pay site. At least if u haters have something to say wheter it be mean or evil, I still will get Ur money that u paid to join the site so U can say anything that u want.
Back to Pics they speak for themselves. Piss play with Damien and Sagat read more at
So there u have it the Silence has ended!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I like your blogs and pictures. I hope you dont decide to go for a paid website. I enjoy reading on whats going in ya life professionally and personal. I'm a big fan of yours! keep up the good work


Jerry said...

Hey man don't let haters discourage you. Most of us here are interested in what you have to say, that's why we take the time to read it. I don't know why those people come in and make negative comments, as you said if they don't like you they shouldn't waste their time. Most of us here really love you and what you do so hopefully you can keep that with you more than the one or two idiots that come in and talk shit.

Ron said...

Hey, these hate-types are confusing the fantasy of porn with the reality of real human beings. Bein the epitome of the mean rough top - the stuff that many of us are ecstatic that u are on screen - doesn't make it so fureal. THEY just don't get the difference. Ur blog puts it in perspective, at least for smart people. Keep followin your dreams, and hopefully that'll coincide with the dreams that you fulfill for lots of us guys out here. Thanks for taking time! Cheers.

filmfanatikk said...

Glad your back, Diesel. Just remember you got 10 times more people rooting for you than not. Keep up the great XXX work you're doing and share what you feel comfortable with. Love these pix by the way. And please bring some nastiness with you to Folsom. Will be looking for ya. :)


Ice said...

I just found you last August and thought I got to follow this guy. So from you newest fan I think you're great. I hope to buy some of your stuff cause my crush on you gets more and more...LOL. Let the haters be just that, and remember those that love and admire you.

Anonymous said...

WOW...That new video that you posted must resemble home for you right? You should be happy behaving like a monkey, at last you show us your true face...That of an irrational animal...A savage, a primate.... That is where you belong the jungle....STAY THERE PLEASE...YOU ARE DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN A CITY LIKE NEW YORK....Maybe in jail you will be fine....And i am going to send Titan the tape where you are threatening me....I recorded you bastard, now you are going down....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I Agree with the fact that you won't fix anything by vengeance....But i do know Dee boy here and i can tell you that sometimes he can be ass...and can be very abusive sometimes, but he is not a bad guy in the end...he is just wants some love? Don't you need it D boy???

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, this blog is funny.
All the trashing is like the jerry springer blog.
I wanna know more about the abuse, the bitch slaps that were flying and the phone call to the police to restrain.
All this queer drama, ohhhhhh shit.
By the way bitches keep family members not involve, specially when they are dead.

Anonymous said...

Hey guy, don't let those that can only hate get you down. I've seen you work and it's great, but it's only one side of you.
I'm sure that there are alot of levels to you that the rest of don't see and that are all you.
Keep up the great work and a head held high, you know who matters and who dosen't
Lynn, AZ