Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well writing off the Fly right now so bear with me, well FEAR is out in stores so I wanted to comment on that for a moment.........

My Best Work to Date... That's all I can say really not more I can go on and on about. It was a Intense Rape Scene(I Stayed True to my character throughout). The scene may just shock ya so be ready!!!

Since I'm talking about the movie I might as well start the debate.... I get alot of Crap from People saying that I do the same stereotype that is to be expected from Black Performers.. Its a Myth that all Black Performers are just there to be the typical Dominate Top. Granted Most of my Characters are Large and in Charge. I'm 6'6 245lbs so I think I cant play many roles where I'm Helpless or Innocent looking(although I could flex my acting skills alittle)so give me a Break. I do think that I will surprise people with my next release after FEAR.... I smile alot more and didn't focus on tearing up the ass, I was alittle more relaxed and showed a softer side of myself. The action in my next release deals with Hot Man on Man Action instead of a Character or Theme. I really had fun on Bruce Cam's Last Directorial Work I think the name is Breakers if I'm Correct check for further info on that.

What Else Pics Above : Of Course the FEAR cover(did I mention its out on Sale now???)
I had a Hustlaball Nyc 2007 Flashback for a second so I recently got my hands on some extra Pics from Event. That in the Picture with Diesel is Joe Strong he is another Porn star who is rising in the ranks look for him, Channel1 releases. Also I put up another Screen Capture from the Movie FEAR Yes its a Rough Movie

Nothing more to write about so I will end it here...

P.S. I do have some other postings that I will do I just have to get shit together Folks


Anonymous said...

I love the pic and the post you did!


mountii said...

"why are black men so hot?" a stranger asked.
" we just are, bitch now finish chocking on my meat," mountii said looking down at the sleazy bitch beneath his knees