Friday, November 30, 2007


I have been overwhelmed with comments and emails regarding me moving companies and this and that!!!!!! I'M A TITAN EXCLUSIVE AND VERY PROUD OF IT!!!I'M HAPPY WITH WHERE I AM!!!AND I HOPE TO HAVE CONTINUED SUCCESS!!!

What people don't understand is that this blog was created way way before I started doing porn and working for Titan!! This blog was suppose to be a journal of my travels and the journey in becoming a Porn Star. I made the transition into what I wanted to become(and still have much to do)but the basic principle of this blog remains the same. IT WAS TO TRACK THE JOURNEY!!!! This blog wasnt written for Titan Exclusive DieselWashington....... This blog was created by DieselWashington who works exclusively for TitanMedia. There is a difference between the two, Does DieselWashington think that Titan will sign him as Lifetime Exclusive????? Probably not. But I will remain Loyal as long as Titan will have me(Not to say, I dont know when I have worn out my welcome). So before rumors and bullshit go around(I know how u Fags gossip)AS OF NOW I HAVE NO PLANS ON MOVING COMPANIES OR RETIRING(who knows down the road???) So stop with the emails, and comments and rumor spreading......

I will say one thing:
Looking at the emails, 75% were in favor of "Shopping around" 20% said stay cause Titan is the hottest studio currently and"Made me"and the last remaining 5% said take time off and try Modeling, Acting, Printwork etc etc interesting........

Back to Porn news, after pulling out hair and waiting for at least alittle give-me-back, Good friend Damien Crosse told me the good news that i was nominated Best Top in the European Gay Porn Awards for the movie Boiler(First one on one Scene) check it out Crossing the Line Cop2 was also nominated for best DVD cover(My Ugly Face and Fucked up Body on Cover LOL)and also nominated for Best Bisexul DvD(strange?)So it feels good to know at least Overseas I'm noticed as a Decent Top(LOL)reading the List though, all of the guys are Tops in their scenes that they were nominated for, but some have bottomed in other movies(LOL)oh wellI don't make the rules. Alittle confusing though, So that means versatile performers can win awards as Best Tops and Best Bottoms???(alittle unfair to me)They should make a new slot for versatile performers, enough ranting Good news is Good news regardless!!!
So news on the gym front...things are going very well for me. Its winter and its time to get big I have gained some weight(good muscle)and looking to show it off in Las Vegas.
That's right Las Vegas, its that time again, I will be going to AVNs again read the previous post of Vegas(that means Hustlaball, Strippers and female porn stars etc etc)I cant wait until next year and its coming fast.
So until then look forward to more Broadcasts and some new ideas that I have been working on so stay tuned!!


thonnibg said...

Hey Diesel,good to see you didn`t give up posting videos after your first has been deleted by Youtube.
I think Youtube is going crazy!What happens to them??
And congrats for all the nominations!


mountii said...

You are so hot i don't know what to do with myself...give me sometime and i'll find out

mountii said...

you even hotter than some of me friends up on my

mountii said...

and that's a str8 up compliment because my friends are hot

Anonymous said...

Diesel, you posted on your blog, asking people if you should leave Titan, and then, oddly enough, you put up a subsequent post complaining about people starting rumors about you wanting to leave Titan. Try reading your own posts… you yourself started the rumor!

I’ll put it like this… you admire Denzel Washington (of course… he’s a very talented actor). Let’s think about what Denzel would do… Suppose he’s not happy with his current management/studio deals. Then, being the smart fellow he is, he’d most likely shop around until he found what he really wanted. But the very, very LAST thing he would ever do is publish anything at all which indicated he was thinking about leaving his current management/studio deals. The actors who survive for a long time are the ones who build good relationships with their management and peers. Because… even if you’re talented/sexy/whatever you need these people to help you and you need to nurture your own career by building strong friendships.

You might think I’m some bitchy hater but I’m not. I’m a sensible person, who wants to give you good advice. The smart thing to do would be to delete your posts where you talk about leaving Titan (including this comment). Honestly, just delete them. Would any famous actor seriously publish a post where he asked his fans if he should leave his current management? Of course not. Fans are not equipped to make this decision, and taking a poll is of no use to you. This sort of decision needs to be made after you’ve done a lot of careful thinking and talked it over with people you trust.

I look forward to you deleting this comment.

Tough love,

Diesel Washington said...

Well to the last comment. I will never delete the blog or the comments it is what it is!!! Again this blog belongs to me!! Firstly I never said in one part of the post that I was unhappy with Titan, I stated over and over that Im very happy with Titan. What I guess people are not understanding Im nearing the end of my contract with Titan(its not like I have years left on contract) So the question is asked wheter I should re-sign or become free agent???? And as a business person, I wrote the blog to give Titan and the Industry a Wake Up call. So again Im happy with Titan but my contract is up early next year. I make my own decisions about business but also wanted to know how the fans felt if I did move. Hope this answers alot of questions

Anonymous said...

I can’t believe I’m posting another comment here… I guess I’ll make this the last one and leave you alone.

Diesel, posting a question to fans on a public website about whether you should move from Titan IS telling the world you’re unhappy with Titan (no matter how many times you say you’re happy, actions speak louder than words). Or worse than this, it’s saying you don’t care. It’s Communication Skills 101. It’s not a porn thing it’s a life thing. And the YouTube clip you posted makes it look even worse. The way you’re handling all the films you’ve made (literally tossing them aside as if they’re garbage), shows you don’t care or (eek) you’re embarrassed or bored by them. Have a good look at it. You don’t look happy in this clip, and it does nothing for you or your label.

By contrast, all the material from Titan on your site looks great, they’ve packaged and marketed your image well (no, I’m not in any way remotely connected with them, God forbid!).

Ever see that episode of Friends where Rachel gets caught interviewing for another job and her boss ends up at the next table? She gets fired. People don’t like the idea that they’re not your highest priority, and that’s in anything, in jobs, relationships, in line at Starbucks.

Get yourself a good manager, someone independent of any company who can help you with this stuff, or at least ask your trusted friends and family about this sort of thing, but don't go public with it, that's suicide.

Anyway, I won’t comment again…

Good luck
Anon857 said...

wassup Diesel, I just 'discoverd' u man, u are hot as hell. I had to go find everything u was in man.......I started buying "titan" movies, just because of you. if u ever come to charlotte, and need a hot blk muscular vers/bttm....well u know