Thursday, November 08, 2007


Thought I start out with a pic of Me pissing in a airplane bathroom, I dont why I put it up just felt like it.

Okay folks people are kinda of pissed off at me and shit, What can I say people. I have been busy and Little lazy at this point of the venture(the porn thing) Things are at the Peak of the Journey. Bold Words Yes Indeed!!! So I have changed the style of the blog, I usually focus more on the ranting and venting issues that seem to bug me and shit but I have noticed too much personality comes out in my writing. May it be right or wrong, I tend to express some of my feelings kinda of harsh and I think Pics speak more than words sometimes......LOL

Well lets get right into it, Lets start at Tim and Roma Show (not sure link is up or whatever check it). This was filmed in San Fran during the Folsom Street Fair(if u look back blogs I was at last years and this year was a blast as well). If U don't bother to look at the link it was a Water Sports performance by Diesel Washington and Damien Crosse I think its hot and I'm glad that we had a chance to have some fun at same time and just chill out and have a good time. Dirty stories hmmm.... Fucked a Very Very Nice couple, they were Bf's so I had the chance to fuck them both and enjoyed every min of it. What up Follow Aries???? U know who u are...... Same Birthday and everything, Hope to see ya guys again. ......... Oh what up Red??? Interesting little red head stepchild I met in San Fran, had fun hanging out with ya while I was out there.

The Model shot with me and Francois Sagat was taken at the AVN's in Las Vegas earlier this year(like Jan) so it was alittle model time for me and I think the book is great!!! Maybe alot of talking on my part but to really think about it........... I'm in a book about the Porn Industry
Celebrity photographer Michael Grecco presents a behind-the-scenes look at the multi-billion dollar porn industry with his fine art photography book Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look at an X-Rated Industry.
Designed by award-winning Pentagram art director DJ Stout and published by San Francisco-based Rock Out Books, this beautiful hard cover is 224-pages of vibrant color photography and graphic style. The book features over a hundred porn stars like Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Tera Patrick and Janine.
Naked Ambition is a brightly-colored oversized coffee table book measuring 13 3/4” x 10”. Read more about Michael Grecco and the book.
Jesse Jane
Jessica Drake
Joanna Angel
Lexington Steele
Mary Carey
Max Hardcore and Layla
Missy Monroe
Rob Rotten
Ron Jeremy
So in a nutshell out of all the performers in the book there is only 2 Gay Adult Performers in the whole book Diesel and Sagat, pan> I feel honored to be recognized as A Top Performer in this business(that was the whole purpose) at this point call me Gay or Bi I really don't care, I understand that my sexuality attracts both male and female Duh.... Although I Still feel somewhat underrated as a Performer in this business(Greater Things to Come Watch Out For!!!). I'm far from a Rookie almost 2years in business and so far 5 movies have been released and two In the Can. I have talked to some other guys in the business and at 2years in the business they have done 20 or more by then. I look at my Library of Work Hitch(First time on screen solid performance) Folsom Filth(By Now all u guys know that was movie to put me on Map Won numerous awards) Crossing the Line Cop Shack 2( My First Cover, another stand out Performance) Boiler(My First 1 on 1 scene, most say they prefer to see more of those possibly with Sagat????? Who knows maybe LOL(Are ya Listening Titan????)By the way my Co Star in Boiler CJ Knight went on to become an Exclusive for Hot House(Good for him Great guy) and then Fear (the movie has just been released and I don't want to give away the movie but its my best work to date).........

Clash of Titans, Bobby Blake and Diesel Washington meet Head to Head.... And I have had some interesting conversations with Bobby, about Porn and Life and the man is sharp at 50 and is very business minded. I studied this business from Past to Present. All the Great Ones learned from the Old School, Bobby retired 8 years ago. Bottomline Im trying to be Bigger than Bobby.......... Now I get alot of email from fans and they know their porn (some know more than me) And in alot of the hate email I was called a fake Bobby Blake or some sort of Knock off. Now I have said before in alot of blogs in the past. Bobby Blake is Bobby Blake I'm.........Diesel Washington I take it as a compliment to be compared to a guy that has a long Run in this business. His Void has not been filled Since and probably never will........ Fast forward to Present, Adam Dexter (Colt Model) was the only other Black Adult Gay Model Top in business(although with Mattew Rush if u count him as Black, Marcus Ram, Mark Willams)over 6'4 tall with muscles, A top, Aggressive. Having Met Adam in person I won this battle Yeah Yeah Yeah for me!!!! Sorry Adam, but in Ur Own Words "Three Weeks and I will catch up to Ya"(Gym Wise) To Me that's three weeks head start (Im Steroids Free) See ya at the Gym LOL........... But Im taking baby steps, it was first to become the Top Black Performer, Mission done!! Next is to become one of the Top Performers regardlessbeing Black still have alot of ground to dig but Im getting there...

Gay Erotic Expo...... I didn't have enough time to blog about the upcoming event(sorry right now I'm living the Life and cant write about everything, Its happening now) Any way I went to Expo under Max Scott wings(great guy)had a fun time at booth(no pics short notice thing) but the event was boring, same shit, bunch of guys walking around half naked, selling DVDs and putting people on the mailing lists and people having a chance to get their picture taken with a model etc etc etc. Although I did want to see the crowd reaction to certain Porn stars there in attendance namely Ben Andrews(geez U guys know the deal with him if not then reread an older post) Ur a Performer, U had all these big online fights about who had the biggest dick but then u don't want to show it in public, the excuses: I haven't been fluffed, I'm shy, Alittle Nervous bah bah. Now u readers can think what u want!! I don't give a Damn!!! I'm a Performer!!! So unlike the rest of the herd who go up on stage in underwear and simulate sex or dance or make out........Have Fun that's UR SHIT NOT MINE!!! Diesel and Damien came to stage....... Was announced....Went into audience. Paused... Cause I was choking Damien with my shirt(LOL) and did a Piss scene with all the cameras around, crowded audience, that were sitting in chairs and we pulled right up front. From the Start, I guess the audience was thinking that I was going to make Damien suck my dick or something(that was in their minds) When the piss came flying out, the audience jumped from their sits, people tripped over camera equipment trying not to get covered by the shower. Mind ya... I was pissing into Damien's mouth and he was spitting it into the audience...... I thought it was Great, It was just nasty, dirty, raw in Ur face. No disrespect to others who may not be into that sort of play, but I think seeing two hot guys doing something other than shaking their asses on stage to a go go beat is refreshing. I do Nasty Shocking Physical performances on screen, at least I can do a 3min gig in front of a crowd that people will remember for years to come. I .E . to this story I heard that the management was not pleased at Our performance...... Hmmmm Porn stars, Stage, things happen and If someone complains cause I pissed on the floor what can I say Sorry???? I'm not cleaning that shit up!!! It was what it was. In another blog I will talk more about the piss thing stayed tuned!!!!

Appearances around town I went to Splash and helped out Max Scott did a raffle and had some fun and free drinks thanks Max. So if u guys missed that I'm sorry again I need to stay up to date. Hmmm Yes I'm on the Cover of Uniform Magazine Mr B I think its a German Publication Its Hot I'm a Cover Model(they used the pics from Cop Shack)And they wrote a nice article about me. What else?? Yes the Titanmen calenders are out on sale now(go grab one!!!)

Future stuff........ I have some interesting blogs to write, pics from other events. Some Big opportunities I cant speak about yet....... AAAAAh I'm working on some Youtube things, recently bought camera equipment and trying to build this short story stuff.....Website idea still working on. People stop this talk about a Yahoo group, I mean its cool and everything but I have to focus on business. The Tour Thing........ hahahaha u guys have been at me on when I'm going to start this tour. If I could just go around the country and see every fan and do every personal appearance I would go nuts. Things like that cost money, and unless my bills are taken care at every stop of the way, it has to be planned. I have a Day job I wont say it again!!!!

Hmmm how to end this is??? Just like that!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Bobby's looking older.

Anonymous said...

That's because Bobby IS older.... and he's looking like he wants to fuck Diesel, but we all know he's not having THAT!!!

mountii said...

sagat looks like a hot lil' monkey climbing up yo side in that 1 pic...u know the 1

AB said...

Great pics. two of my favorite guys ever - bobby and you.

Ingmar said...

I love the pictures! You look great!


Warren said...

Bobby's an old friend going back to 2001 so it's good to see you two together, the sexiest men on the planet.