Thursday, February 21, 2008


Okay folks I have alot to blog about but for now I will just show some pics for ur enjoyment. So Many People to thanks geez!!!! Like to thanks DIESEL(my character),, Bruce Cam, Keith Webb, Brain Mills, Paul Wide, Jeff, Chris, Ed Vicent, Titan Editors, Kawai, Damien Crosse,Charles, Big Teddy, Angelo. Dean Flynn, Alex Baresi, Rick Van Sant, Bjorn, Markus Ram, Tony Buff, Derek DeSilva, Mad Mike,
Extended family www, love u guys!

Web bloggers,,,,, model cool as hell love ya man!!!) TimandRoma,
Industry: Chi Chi LaRue, Steven Cruz, Damien Rios, Scott Tanner, Zach Rockwood, RJ Davers, Franseco, Vinnie DeAngelo, CJ Knight, Erik Rhodes, Mattew Rush, so many .........

So much to talk about so so so so so much....... Enjoy the pics. I will talk about the real deal about things in another blog. Mixed pics of gayvn awards show, Public speaking at Industry panel, monitored by Chi Chi LaRue, DieselWashington, Steven Cruz, Michael Lucas, Jason Ridge, Fabscout, Chris Ward(Rag Stall), Falcon Party, End up(preparty) Dvd signing at Rebel(store) Walking Castro.

So Much to do....... Write again


Dre said...

"Enjoy the pics" you said. I did more than enjoy them man. Seeing u on the motorcycle almost made me cum. You are one of the finest sexiest men in porn. By the way...just what does your piss taste like dawg?

Anonymous said...

Really great pics! Keep um cumming!

Frank said...

It was nice to see you in San Francisco.I had a fucking great time at the awards and all of the clubs.Great pics.I'm flattered that you posted several of mine.
Hope to see you at Pride or Folsom St Fair.
Til then

Angel Benton said...

Love you too boo! Keep up all of the great work. You are FIERCE!!