Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Washington on Washington

Okay back from Washington, and what can I say??? Business was very sucessful, but on the other hand maybe it was the area of Washington that I was staying at(Dupont area). I found Washington alittle "uptight" when it came to partying. Washington insiders tell me ur not getting the right impression from Washington based on the Dupont area, its alittle stuck up, and way conservative(to me at least!).
All in all I had a great time hanging out with my Boys Damien and Angelo. Damien was headling at a Local bar out there check out his blog for more coverage of the events.
Now lets get to the bullshit, While I had a great time hanging with my Boys I didnt have that great of a time at the Bar. Put it like this, I have been in tons of bars(Real ones) U walk into the Bar and its Twinks in Leather, glitter, makeup, lip gloss serving people. I knew I was going to have a hard time at the door. To further add gas to the fire Im "used" to being the only black guy at events, I was there to support Damien, but several times Fans asked me to be cameraman(I admit I have an ego!!) and have their pictures taken with Damien. But I kept my mouth shut, its not my event so I helped out as much as I can(Damien has to get his money first, then I can throw down) From there it was to Vip section, we get to back door(staircase to Vip)and the boy escorting Damien to Vip sections turns looks at me, (while Im walking with Damien and Angelo)and asks "Is he with you???" pointing in my direction. At this point, I gettin alittle pissed off but yet again, Im there to support Damien, so I always keep that in mind.

Now with everything going on, I figured this was not my party at all. I relaxed had some drinks, and I had to go and take a piss. One of the waiters was nice enough to escort me to the bathroom(told me place was packed and that the quickest way to bathroom was to follow him)We walked behind the bar, I made my way to the bathroom, and some twinky cunt starts making remarks saying "Excuse me U dont belong behind the bar" I say its cool man another waiter escorted me to the bathrooom" I get" I dont care U dont belong behind the bar" Now at this point, Im getting angry Im not feeling the Vibe at all. Yet again I will not let my anger interfere with Damien making money(Most important thing here)So in a nutshell I see this kid after the show, I asked another performer who was there, if the Performers were paided, they were!!.
So gloves off now, he gives me another dirty look and this time I call him out!!! Ü Fucking Cunt, why are ya actin like a Cunt really??? Yelling starts and at this point, Im done Fuck this Bar, Fuck Washington.
Left the Bar and headed back to hotel, I left Damien and Angelo at the Bar and I was gone.
Footnote: I attended a houseparty by Bar owner and I could tell I was not recieved the way I thought I would be. I attemtped several times to conversate with party goers, and party host but was met with "Im better than U attitude" alittle too caddy for me and it insults my intellgence when people talk to me like Im uneducated, not well traveled, or some form of ghetto trash( My impression)..........

Funny ending for ya people, Im back at hotel, and in comes Damien and Angelo and several party goers. In tow Bar owner, Cunt at Bar and other People. The Door opens and my eyes are glued on the Cunt at Bar, he sees me and immediately turns around and leaves. So after everything was said and done, the Cunt who ran his mouth had the nerve to come to my hotel room. I love it.......

Now does Washington Suck????? I dont think so??? I just happen to be in the Wrong Part of the City!!! At the Wrong time!! Maybe next visit(no time soon!!) Will be better!! Peace


filmfanatikk said...

You gotta come to Los Angeles. You go everywhere else, but here. :( Come spead some love in La La Land!


Anonymous said...

DC is HOT for BLACK MEN,BLACK GAY BARS and NIGHTCLUBS.DC has the best looking Black Gay Men in the United States. Best faces and Best bodies.

There is nothing uptight about Dupont Circle. Dupont Circle is the Greenwich Village-NYC/West Hollywood-LA section of DC. I stayed at the Residence Inn on P Street/Dupont on MLK Weeknend and had a good time.

The "Fireplace" on P Street/Dupont Circle is a white gay bar. It has 2floors.SUNDAY NIGHTS are hot. The 1rst floor is for white men and the 2nd floor is for blacks. Read: 1rst floor Madonna Music,2nd floor Keyshia Cole and Chris Brown music.

Black Gay Washington DC:
Friday Night-Tuscany West Lounge
Saturday Night-Batchelors Mill
1104 8th Street SE

Packed with nothing but Black men.
Saturday Night

Delta Elite:3734 10th Street NE

Black gay teens and 20s crowd

Sunday Night:

R&R Nightclub
717 6th St NE

Best looking black men in America

Sunday Night

2161 P Street NW (Dupont Circle)

Black on the 2nd floor.

Dont know much about the white gay bars/clubs.

Anonymous said...

DC has one of the best BLACK GAY Prides in America.

Check it out:

Warren said...

Sorry I missed you in DC. You are a funny sexy man. Am curious as to your opinion of either (a) Barack or (b) Roger Clemens.

Warren from DC (

Anonymous said...

Do you think Mr. Washington has any interest in Black Gay Men???? I'm still searching the site to catch any glimpse that will help me to answer this question.

Trevelle said...

Why do you take this sh*t, brotha? Why do you let these MFs diss you ever? You are better than they they can't hold your jock there are brothas in DC who would have treated you like a king there are papis asian kats arab kats lots of other folks than these sad silly ass white twink MFs so why are you up under them at all? Don't ever let no MFs diss you like that again EVER YOU BETTA THAN ALL THESE MFS THEY CANT HOLD YOUR G*DDAMN MFCKING JOCK!!!!!!!

marcus said...

well, i live in dc, and find your comments pretty insightful. on one hand i think you got it right. on the other hand, as others (above me here) have commented, there's a lot of stuff in dc that you didn't find on your recent visit.

i host sex parties twice a month, one is all male, the other bi-male, bi=female. they are always mixed crowds, in-shape, but one thing is there is NO ATTITUDE. just trying to show you that there's some good shit in dc, too.