Tuesday, March 04, 2008


WOW I wasnt ready for the whole aftermath of writing that blog........... Im overwhelmed by emails and support from the Industry, Fellow Models, Web bloggers, Fans etc etc......
My blog was even rewrote by the www.thesword.com, I think its a real funny Post so check it out. http://www.thesword.com/2008/03/white-america-cant-handle-diesel-washington-except.html
And then www.gaypornblog.com also did a very nice write up about the movie and I very happy with all the attention and responses. Geez finally Im able to shine and get noticed for some seriously hard work that was put in. Check it out http://www.gaypornblog.com/archives/2008/03/envelope_pushing_with_titans_telescope.html#more so there u have it folks wow Im so surprised at the outcome of everything, happy but............. I have to clear the record about things:

When famed Director Brian Mills sat down and pitched the idea of Telescope to me I was Excited about the Project. Telescope was loosely based on the Movie Body Double. One of my favorite movies, Body Double, 1984 directed by Brian DePalma brief plot Jake Scully(Craig Wasson) finds wife cheating on him, moves into friends apartment who tells him about a neighbor(Melanie Griffith) that puts on "Shows" which he can see through a Telescope, the plot changes and its a murder, seduction and suspense filled movie. I loved it as a kid, I even sat with the famed director to rewatch the classic Movie.
Before this project, Boiler was the last movie that I had a chance to perform in. Telescope was deemed my "Baby" At the same time I worked on Fear(Winner at the GayVns for Best Specialty Hardcore) and Breakers(Going down as a Classic as we speak Bruce Cam feature) I was given the opportunity of an additional scene in the movie and was able to work with Rick van Sant and Alex Baresi(some the best performers I ever had the chance to work with) I sent various emails to Brian Mills describing what actions I would like to do. Days before shooting I had a long sit down talk with Brian Mills about the scene and his vision of the movie.
Brian Mills is one of the Best Directors working today. Brian Mills aka Brian De Palma(LOL) took every idea I gave him and Ran with it. I also talked to Asst Director Paul Wilde and came up with the best plan of attack. No wonder why Brian Mills and Paul Wilde won Best Videography at the Gayvn Awards this year. Even Days before shooting I had a long talk with Rick Van Sant and Alex Baresi about the scene and we were dedicated to making the Most Shocking Movie of 2008. The energy was intense on set and I knew this project would blow the roof off!!!. That was back in September 2007. While waiting for my "Baby" to be dropped I enjoyed the success of Fear and Breakers but my heart was waiting for Telescope.
Now....... I have recieved emails saying that I was being a Diva about complaining that I wasnt the Main cover Man. So for the record, my last Feature Cover was Cop Shack 2 Crossing the Line(check it out great movie) Although I was featured on the Box I had one scene in that Movie and wasnt the Main Character(Jason Ridge). Then another Box cover for Boiler(wasnt main feature on cover)but I put on another great performance in that movie. That was in Feb 2007 the next box cover I would appear on was Fear Nov 2007. So I was waiting for my "Baby" Telescope to be dropped in Mar 2008.
Now the Juice AM I MAD AT TITAN FOR NOT PUTTING ME FRONT AND CENTER ON THE BOX????? FUCK NO!!!!! To be honest at first I was annoyed, but then my mind cleared(LOL) I worked closely with Brian Mills, Paul Wilde, Rick Van Sant, and Alex Baresi on this project. Telescope as a whole is one great movie, come on even though I talk about myself on this blog, I have to give a shoutout to Damien Crosse and Francois Sagat they have a Insanely hot scene and pull out all the stops in this movie. So add it up, My two scenes in the movie each a banger, Francois Sagat and Damien Crosse scene(a fucking hot scene) and Dillon Buck(Newest Titan Exclusive) puts his work in Lars, and Rodrigo De Leon(in a hot threeway in a garage). Even the Behind the Scenes(bonus content) is off the Hook.
Now back to the Bitching Factor:

I have been in the business for two years and filmed 7 movies. Each Movie I try to outdo myself.

2006 I came off with my Breakout role In Folsom Filth which got me nominated Best Newcomer At Gayvn and Grabbys(as u know didnt win).

Performed the most scandalous show at Black Party 2007

Great Personal appearance at Porno Bingo in Nyc shout out to Will Clark

Super Sexy show at Splash Nyc Valentine Day

Release of Cop Shack 2(nominated at European Porn awards for Best DVD cover(LOL)and Best Bisexual Movie)I was also nominated as Best Top

Release of Boiler My Scene partner CJ Knight was amazing to work with(I was nominated Best Top for that role at European Porn Awards)

International Mister Leather Chi town personal appearance and rocked the House of Blues performance. I really worked the Fan Base. Crazy show at Grabbys and represented Titan to the fullest.

Filmed my First Scene in Telescope with Steven Ponce and created the "Bully"

Filming Of Fear I came with my A game ready and worked with Brian Mills, Paul Wilde, Francois Sagat, Brodie Newport, CJ Madison, and Dean Flynn. Created A Water sports filled intense Rape Scene(Fear won Best Specialty Release Extreme at Gayvns 2008)

Rentboy Pool Party Again represented Titan and killed the stage with Jennifer C.

Hustlaball Nyc Threw one of the hottest stage shows with Francois Sagat, Damien Crosse, Dean Flynn, Darius Falke, pissed on my Titan brothers and crowd just nasty fun.

Folsom Fair 2007 Live Stage Show at MAGNITUDE 2007 Diesel and Damien rip the house with an amazing Water sports show. Folsom Fair Diesel and Damien perform Water sports scene for TimandRoma show(it was nuts out there)Also filmed Breakers scene(Amazing Watersports scene where piss over Truck) and the Last scene in Telescope with Alex Baresi and Rick Van Sant.

Gay Erotic Expo Nyc 2007 Diesel and Damien represent Titan and again perform the most dirtest Water Sports show at the Expo.

Damien Crosse Headlines performance at the Cock where Damien Crosse and Diesel yet again pisses into the crowd and rocked the house at the Cock.

Las Vegas at the AEE represented Titan at Naked Sword booth, worked fans and Industry and brought that Titan energy to a otherwise Str8 event. Dirty Secret Party(Afterparty for Hustlaball) performd with Zach Randall in one of the Best performances of Water Sports that I have done without my trusted partner in crime(Damien Crosse). Impressed Vips at the launch of Titan Tools a new line of toys that Titan created.

Porno Bingo in Nyc where I raised alot of money for a great cause Empire Mens Chorus and then the following week filled in for a Titan Star who was extremely sick but I am a Titan Representative and the show must go on. Thanks Will Clark for asking me to represent Titan for ya. Working with Titan is an honor to me so I will def work hard to make sure We are looked at as Professionals. And a good time was had by all!!!

Gayvn Weekend I spoke at the Gay Summit on the panel with Steven Cruz, Jason Ridge, Michael Lucas, Chris Ward, Howard Marr(Fabscout big shoutout to ya!!) I spoke openly and honest about having more diversity in Mainstream Porn and held my own against Michael Lucas, panelists and reporters that asked important questions regarding the State of Porn today. Presented at the Gayvn awards show and brought some energy into the Presentation!!! At the same time worked on Folsom Prison with Marcus Ram and Bjorn(my first Black on Black scene, and shocking twist in movie that will leave the audience shocked and amazed) My Scene in Folsom Prison will probably outdo my scene in Telescope so be ready for that I wont give away the surprise u guys just have to wait!!
Add ups and downs of my life(outside of Porn)Waiting on the bench for my star turn. Lack of Nominations at Gayvn's. Whoa!!!!

More importantly I kept working out and getting bigger and more ripped for my roles. Trying to stay out of trouble, and just have a positive attutide about things.

All these things combined made me alittle upset about my future in Porn. Because I wasnt seeing the resluts I wanted(like a spoiled little kid) So when I saw the Cover of Telescope I was overwhelmed with emotion.

But right now, I would go through all of these things again. Because Telescope will be the Movie to beat this movie Hands Down!!!!

So before People get bent out of shape, I have gone through alot last year until now...... Right now Im very pleased with Telescope because I bled, pissed, fucked, fisted, footed, raped, and spoke my way to this moment in time. And I will cherish this time as much as I can....... at least until the release of Folsom Prison where I will be dancing again cause Im working my ass off for ya people.

Last note whoa(this blog is long as shit!!!) I had a long sit down talk with a "Close Friend". From reading last posts, he determined that I was seeking validation from awards and nominations(partially correct)which was wrong and that I should be Happy with my work because Titan, Industry, Web bloggers, Models and the Fans respected my work and know what I'm trying to do.

Truthfully I started in this business in 2006 to further my "Private Business and Private shows" and increase my earnings in that field. Misson accomplished, But by 2007 I was into the work, movies became my outlet to do wild and crazy things. I changed my thinking about Porn and wanted to dominate it. Instead of working for a check(just coming in and fucking to get the scene over with for a check)I wanted to come in and show I have talent. All the other tools: Decent Face, Good body, Big dick was checked off the list when I started(meaning I had those down)Add Fisting bonus, Watersports bonus, Aggressive Fucking Style bonus, Coining New fuck positions bonus, Foot play bonus, Footing Big Bonus. And I have so many more ideas and talents to show before my time is done.

I will tell ya one thing Big on my List of Things to do is a Romantic Scene...... Im alittle nervous about that one. Most know Diesel as Mean, Aggressive, Forceful...... to become a well rounded performer I have to show a side most never get to see. But if I were to do a romantic scene it has to be dirty yet passionate, Forceful yet there is a seducing element between the action, real foreplay, U know, love making(it would have to appear as that)that isnt boring and scripted. Now my major concern is that the public couldnt imagne Diesel being Nice and loving. Hmmmmm Do Fans want to see Diesel smiling and playing a Big Teddy bear on screen??????? Who knows?????? My worst fear would be that After doing such a scene the fans will think I watered down my Character and got all soft and sweet. Come on... this is the Fisting, Verbal, Footing, Raping Diesel Washington..... Now hes all sweet and loving in a scene fuck that!!!! But I think in terms of a Performer when I look at my libraby I see: Debute in Hitch.....then a Leather God(Folsom Filth), A Cop(Cop Shack2), Blue Collar worker(Boiler), Rapist(Fear), King of Piss(Breakers), Big Boss(Telescope). and then Prisoner(Folsom Prison).

What also needs to be in Library?: Romantic Scene, Sports Themed Role, Detective, Sci Fi, Cartoon, etc etc etc and thats for starts so look foward to many more projects........
Shit Im done my fingers hurt(and no its not from Fisting LOL)


NFLJockGuy said...

Don't sweat the fan reaction to your perceived "going soft" if you were to do a "romantic" role...You're an actor, you play roles and you've talked about your "Diesel Washington" character at length on the blog.. therefore I think most of your diehard fans know that there's a lot more to you (i.e.-a real life side)than what appears on the screen...
I personally dig the extras that are included on the Titan DVDs where you actually get a sense of the dudes' real personalities... The "Dinner" extra I thinks especially shows a side of ya that is rarely exposed, and I found it HOT AS HELL!...
Keep up the great work and don't be afraid to take on the "risky" roles...

Markus Ram said...

Dude, I hope you realize what a great thing this discussion has been within the industry about your blog entry. Regardless of opinion, it's good that people at least talk about these issues of race on an open and honest level.

Also, I think there's definitely something to be said about how this discussion on The Sword and GayPornBlog points to "a smidgen" of progress within the industry with respect to race, as well as the high-profile stature you have garnered as one of the leading actor/models in this industry.

Yeah, yeah... the Markus Ram love affair with Diesel goes on. After what we did during film, how could it not?!?! >:3

Frank said...

Going soft wouldn't deter your fans one bit.Look at it this way you are playing a character.Acting I should point out.You are branching out beyond the "Diesel Washington" persona.You have done alot for the industry and should be proud.
The last blog you posted about Telescope shows you that the Industry,fellow models,web bloggers and the fans do care.You were expressing your feelings about your "baby" putting your heart and soul into a project that you were up to the challenge for."Folsom Prison" will probably outdo anything we have seen from Diesel.Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Diesel, you're the best top in the business. We would love to see the romantic Diesel. Tom, Houston

jack said...


Had no idea that Telescope was based on Body Double. All I got from watching it was that you ARE THE FUCKING SHIT.


Kawai said...

Diesel you totally owned that performance in telescope, what an amazing show seriously!! you always bring your A-game and trust me we're always cheering for you in the editing room!! you're one of our top players and we love you!! stop by and say hi again next time you're in the studio.

Anonymous said...

Can't you please convince Damien Crosse to bottom for you in an upcoming movie, it'll be the hottest scene to date.

wisottertail said...

Diesel, SIR, YOU rock! It was great to see YOU at IML in Chicago last year, and i hope that YOU'LL be there again in May. Anytime YOU need a fan to take one for the team, just let me know.