Sunday, March 09, 2008


Check out my interview with Underthepinkcarpet I think its funny

Well I have to keep this ball rolling and keep the images coming and coming!!!!! First off, I was shown so much love from and Gaypornblog with great updates on the Release of Telescope. I wanted some of the images to wait before I put them online but seeing as most bloggers and fans have been hitting up Titan asking for images of the Footing and Bully I thought I would put them on my own site just so the fans can understand the Drama that is surrounding this movie(Good drama). I never thought that the movie was going to receive so much attention from fans and the Internet world(still dealing with interviews and press).

But again I want to thank Titan for Ur support. I took some hits for being outspoken as I always am!!!! Hmmm sometimes Us Porn stars can be our biggest fans(good or bad??) I have a big ego and mouth and usually it gets me into trouble!!!!! Cause its Ur image, body and cock that the company is selling. So why not push for the biggest exposure???? I have to promote myself as much as I can by any means necessary. But to become a successful Porn star. U need an excellent Studio backing ya, a Great director, great Crew, excellent models(willing to push themselves) and Most importantly the Best Editing Crew u can have(Big Shout to Kawai and the rest of the boys upstairs) so listen Fellas:

We as models know its the Company, Director, and the other models u work with that will make a success. But ignored are the Editors of the movie. People wake up....... The Director takes the footage which is hot and gets the lighting and angles right. But its the Editors that chop the movie and can make something that is totally boring into the most intense fuck ever!!! So its very important to be kind to Ur Editors cause the Edit of the movie is one of the most important aspects of the movie making process.

But I have to share the wealth with all of the Titan employees. Its Marketing Department, Promotional Department, its Lawyers all the way to receptionist. Office manager, Shipping Department, Accountants everybody. One of these days I will remember every body's name that works at Titan(my own fault for not going upstairs and mingling hate to bother people when they are working.) But again thanks to all of u guys(this sounds like a acceptance speech at a awards show hopefully LOL)

Big Shout out to Steven Ponce for putting up with me and letting me have some fun at his expense. I think Our scene in the movie is a hot one and it seems to be getting alot of press. The best part of our scene is the Color contrast between Us. Steven Ponce is red headed and very pale contrasted with my Dark complexion makes the scene stand out big time.

Check out newest story on Big Write up about the "Bully" here's the link Big shout to Pat(u know who u are!!!)

Check out for newest update:

Also Big Write up on here is the link:
Big shout out to Mister Fleshbot I'm watching ya bro, next time I see ya I will have that special smell bottled and packaged up for ya to take home(Talk about hot toilet water!!!LOL).

Also check out the review of Telescope on

Most people that email me always say the same thing, I haven't seen any of Ur movies but I read Ur blog everyday and check out the pics and stuff. In order for ya to see the whole picture; Check out my link:

click the link and U too can own a piece of Porn history in the making(bold statement yes but maybe its true LOL).

Fisting itself is very graphic for those not into it. But for fans of fisting its the most intense version of Ass play, scene wise it is a turn on for some people to see the exposed anus flared and swollen(Rosebud) believe me there is a huge fan base for fisting.

Now Foot play, this is another fetish play that has its following as well. Foot worshippers love the taste and smell of the foot, texture, pointing of toes, the arch of foot and ball of foot etc etc etc... There is Toe licking and sucking and massaging etc etc.

Now I know I said I would down play all the fetish play soon........ But if I'm going to change my image a bit I would have to leave an everlasting impression. While I'm understanding my own sexuality I like to explore different fetishes for movie wise. So it came to me........ why not combine different fetishes in one scene. So all the guys into Foot play see my size 15 feet being worshipped and serviced in a scene and add the Fisting people who want to see a bubble ass get stretched and opened.

So there u have it....... Basically in a nutshell ALL U HATERS OUT THERE SHUT THE FUCK UP, BEFORE I SHOVE MY FOOT IN UR ASS LITERALLY!!!!!!! But now I have proof!!!!


ghani3an said...

ur so sexy
how can i contact u to fuck me?

send me an email

by the way add more pictures
while ur fucking

Frank said...

This is good exposure for you.The images are incredible.Footfucking and the "Bully".I am not really into fetishes but dayum.Haha no one better piss you off cos that foot can go up the ass literally.

filthyhot said...

this looks interesting. never seen anything like that before. but that's not saying a lot either. im more vanilla because society forces us (me) to be that way. i like reading about and seeing other ways of sexual exploration. this is a good thing. keep pushing the limits of sexuality, in a safe way of course.


G Cracker said...

I've never seen someone get fucked in the air like in that second photo, but that...that is a fetish I could really get behind. :P