Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well Well Well, Its really hard to write this one but here goes all those Hot pics that everybody will be using for their sites here is Ur moment.............. enough said I hope u like the pics.... Its Funny I'm coming to the Show with the Host and I'm a Presenter and Up for Awards(So Cool)

Thanks for meeting everybody out there, Here we go At the Grabby's:

I get to the Grabbys with all the Titan guys and Leather Post guys in tow, Marcus Ram, Dean Flynn, Rick Van Sant, Dillon Buck, Tony Buff, Derek De Silva(my roomies). Of course when we get there, I'm already going nuts for the Booze(not in a bad way though)cause I was Nerves I was up for Best Performer and Hottest Cock so I def wanted to have some Magic Juice just to loosen up. So as always its the V line to Bar, get my double fisting action going(two drinks two hands)and mingle with the crowd.

Now at other Events I try to dress up and look all Suited and shit but this time I went like ME: T shirt(Marvel Characters all over)hat and jeans and sneakers. That was my Red Carpet look.....Big Shout Out to all my Comic Book Geeks We Rocked this year, this goes out to RJ Danvers(Good Boy) and Logan Mc Cree(fucking Hottie Damn!!) and all U other Comic Book Lovers who used to Love to Look at those Muscle Bodies and wish, U were super strong or could Fly and run like the Flash(DC not my favor, dont kill me geeks... I will kick Ur Asses!!)any way moving on......

It was cool this year Out and about were all of the Hottest Pornstars around....... Francesco Da Macho, Ricky Sinz, Damien Crosse, Eric Rhodes, RJ Danvers(notice this pattern?),Logan Mc Cree(I'm saying hes fucking hot!!!once again)Jason Ridge, Ty, Steven Cruz, Wolf Hudson(my man!!) Jay Black, Bk Mike, so many names, so many people. Thanks to all the People that were so nice to me(I know sounds corny!!)Fans that were so cool to hangout with I'm glad U enjoy My work.(I'm being serious)

At some point I just was comfortable because I was having a good time(I rarely have those moments) So basically I was walking around to get as many Pics I could get for ya..... People I shit U not............. I'm a Fan of Porn as well as work the Business, I see the clips and DVDs and say to myself I want to Fuck this Guy and That Guy and this was the Perfect Spot to lash out at everything and Everybody I wanted to talk to(and at the same time be open to approach by People just wanting to talk...) I don't remember being Nasty to anybody I was so Buzzed at the time I was just Hanging Loose. So of course I'm hanging out with Damien Crosse(if u don't know by Now were friends!!LOL).

The show Starts and its Chi Chi and Honey West holding down the Awards(always in High Fashion!!) Love Ya Chi Chi!!! and Honey West!!!

The show goes in Normal Fashion and I'm just waiting to get on stage, I'm presenting with the Rest of the Titanmen for some awards. Normally right before I get onstage I'm feeling Sick and about to throw up but when I jump onstage Diesel takes over and haves fun!!!

Same as Usual I was having some Fun on Stage(hopefully there are Pics) OOOOh I would like to Say I meant no Disrespect to Andrew Rosen but.......... Aaron James I want that scene that we were suppose to have and U backed out!!!.. I'm calling ya out Bro!!!(just kidding!!)

Now I like to Show some Skin on Stage and what better way to show but In front of the whole Porn Industry Live On Stage!!! So to the People who are probably thinking Why Didn't Ya Pull out Ur Cock...... cause we were Gun Down by People saying ...Esp to me There will be no Cock Pulling Out and/or Pissing on Stage!!! I laughed but I played along this time!

To see a Complete List of Winners check out http://www.thesword.com/ and they have a complete list of winner, Oh here it is... http://www.thesword.com/2008/05/sex-drag-and-rockin-holes-the-2008-grabby-award-wi.html and see pics and Read more about the show and all the business around the Show.


More walking around waiting to get to the good part......Fuck It I will admit it I was Dieing waiting for the Awards that I was nominated for!!!

And then it happen!!!!!! I have to write another blog.......

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