Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well I told ya sometime ago that I was planning on Heading to International Mister Leatherman in Chi town well......... I got some stories to tell ya but lets just talk about the Leather Market for now....
I head down to Chi town because I'm scheduled to appear at the Titan Booth and Help out LeatherPost sell some gear and DVDs for Titanmen so on the First Day I was kinda tired and Business at the Booth was going in Waves Sometimes Huge crowds and then a thinner crowd but it was a success... I was playing MC Washington over the PA system urging People to come to the booth and Help raise money for a Good Cause at the same time Dean Flynn was getting his butt worked on!!! All in good Fun....
I was alittle bummed because I was working on this Project for Folsom Fair and was replaced at the Last Minute ........by my Friend Markus Ram(Cause they Needed a Smiling Guy for the Role and I guess I didn't cut it) So that was alittle strange for me Cause I posed my Ass off for those Pics and Somebody didn't think I was the Right Guy for the Role HMMMM????I Wonder who that Person was?????? HATERS HATERS (I'm just Kidding!!!!)
Any way I wanted to Help out for a good cause so I'm glad that at least I put forth the Effort to Help out for Good cause(take that who ever made that decision!!)even though my talents wasnt up to par to who ever was in charge.
Networking...... So many People around, and so many other Porn Companies around to talk to and mingle with Their models. I like to talk to other Companies and see the People who are the Major players in this Industry...Hot House, Colt, Raging Stallions, Butch Bear, Flava Works.....bah bah bah. So I made sure that every Company would see me (if they wanted to or not!!!) Its called Networking Bitches........
Whats the best selling point???? When they get to see the Model Live and in the Flesh....pictures can be photo shopped and bodies can change over time......FUCK THAT I ALWAYS STAY IN FILMING SHAPE its my money maker besides the Cock and that is another Blog for ya to come shortly.
Well Big Shout to Titanmen.com for flying me out and showing me a good time.. Shout to Brian Mills, Paul Wilde, Markus Ram, Dean Flynn, Rick Van Sant, Dillon Buck all the Leather Post Guys esp Bubble butt(u know who u are!!)
Loved hanging out with Ross Hurston, Francesco D'Macho(I have to Say it...I want to Fuck ya Francesco!!! at least I was able to Rim that Ass!!! Opps did I say that???) and My main man RJ Danvers(the things we did....Yummy)Ur so cool to hangout with U big Comic Book geek(Me too) I just had a great time all around People I have so much to blog about its driving me Nuts I have to end this On this note..
Yes I got Laided during this time, 1 time only(I shit U not) anyway so much more to talk about so stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

Some of my friends from DC stopped to see you. (They also bought some DVDs!) They said you couldn't have been nicer to them, friendly, polite, cheerful, Mr.Personality - with a really big, cut piece, of course. I'm sorry that you have to take so much shit from some of these race freaks.(My friends are black, by the way, and they are big fans, even more now that they met you at IML.)I'll bet they (the haters) end up voting for McCain,if they even bother to vote. That's how black they are. Wish I could have been there to shake hands and anything else you had available.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel. It's the "goofy attorney" from IML. It was great to meet you. Good luck with everything! Hopefully I'll run into you at Dore Alley or Folsom this year. Take care.