Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Thank you to Helios Resort, Howard and Matt at FabScout Entertainment, CockyBoys, GayHotMovies, Andrew Christian and Andrew Briskin, the Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, INLA Magazine, Odyssey Magazine, Pulp Magazine, Oasis Nightclub, and all the amazing guys who put on a GREAT show.(Stole that from Brandon Baker but its so true!! LOL)
Ace Sinclair
Ago Viara
Alessandro Del Toro
Andy Kirra
Angel Benton
Antonio Milan
Barrett Long
Blake Riley
Bobby Clark
Brandon Baker
Brodie Newport
Cameron Taylor
Cody Springs
Dak Ramsey
Dempsey Stearns
Derrick Michaels
Diesel Washington
Eric Estrada
Geoffrey Paine
Jason North
Jay Lopez

Jesse Zane
Kris Anthony
Kyle Foxxx
Lex Sabre
Mitchell Hampton
MJ Taylor
Nick Capra
Phillip Ashton
Robby Ireland
TJ Young
Tony Dancer
Tony Hosek
Tristan Matthews
Tristyan Sweet

These are all the stars that came out to party and it was hot, alot of stuff going on at that party I missed....(Thank God!!) and some stuff at that party I was apart of(I fucked.!!alot) But I have to be real..... remember last time when I was bitching and carrying on like nobody wanted to play and hangout cause I was alittle intimidating..... Well not so much this time.... I really had a good time. Check pics out at

Fuck it was hot like 98(and it was 54 in NYC when I left)the boys came out to play and there was money to make at the same time!!. Anyway I had a great time.... and I have to say I'm glad I met a great bunch of guys down there this time.. Shout out to Kyle Ames(porn star) I like ya man Ur cool.. Shout out to Barrette Long, we blazed and blazed and blazed....Shout Out to Jason Crew...(Remember I told ya where to get the Munches at!!ie Food)Hm... not to sound fucked up or any thing...

Picture Diesel Washington, Jason Crew, Barrett Long, Kyle Ames standing in a Circle jerk with Our Dicks out, smoking a Blunt Jerking each other OFF!!! Roughly that's about 45inches of Cut and Uncut dicks swinging around!!!!.......

Truth be told..no dicks were out and nobody was jerking off their dick in Circle but everything else is true!!!!(LOL.

And the boys....... Here's all the dirt......... Nice to meet ya Eric Estrada, Tristyan Sweet,etc etc etc.

Almost choked out Bobby Clark(In a Nice way LOL)what up Player!!

Kyle Foxx who always has something to say in his blog, Oddly enough was very intimidated by me.. too bad he had a nice ass.. LOL

And to the boy who was a pain in the Ass the whole fucking day!!!! NONO I'm not going to say his name... better yet Why not feature him on stage with me dancing. What better way to Represent him!!!! Pics above

But Shout Again to the Helios Resort(these are my own words!!) U guys were so nice to me and made my stay very comfortable and stuff. I have to Thank U guys for putting Me in such a beautiful room, Thanks(Sorry about Keeping room key found them in suitcase LOL) Pics above

But not to EVER EVER EVER FORGET!!! KurK Cummings(hope I spelled ur stage name right!!) This isn't even a Shout Out..... KurK if Ur reading this UR GONNA BE A STAR!!! People think what u want!!! Amazing Ass!!! Cock for days and Fucking Smart!! Grade A. New to Business(Since Jan)and has the goods to go far!! Heard he did a scene with Jason Crew.....Suite 703, ask my Peter Pan Angel Benton www.angelbenton.com ....... the kid can take dick and Self fist himself!! Pics above!!(That's Him next to Diesel lifting his shirt) How about that for a NON shout out????(I dont give a fuck that boy got skills!!!)

What else....? Thanks to the Cool guy who couldn't take my dick in the Hot Tube but still tried... Thanks for driving me back to Resort after the Sex Party(NO really!)

Hmmm Chase Evans go fuck Yourself!!!!(U Know why)Bitch!!!

What else??? Who knows I have so so so so much to write about peace!!!!

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