Thursday, May 15, 2008


FOLSOM PRISON IS DUE OUT!!!!!!!! THE FUCKING MOVIE ROCKS SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.... but I wont start now!!! When I have more Pics and the Movie drops I will give ya the Blow by Blow detail but so many surprises in that movie it would take a whole blog to write by itself!!! But I was Nice enough to show ya some Sneak Peaks of the Movie check out the Screen Captures from the Movie above!!! Some mean shit in that Movie

Well its not always easy to write a blog people!!! Sometimes U don't have anything interesting to say and instead of waste time trying to think up things....... I decided this week to hangout with close friends..

If there are new people checking out the site for the first time(I have many new readers thanks to all the Press from,,,, Check Out my Interview on the Sword!! above!! Again thanks for all the support and write ups...It means alot to me it really does!! Sometimes I'm locked in a Prison(mentally) and lock I myself away from the world and forget that some People still Like me for the Work I do. I get selfish sometimes(I will admit that) But I'm an Aries(look it up)and I can be alittle headstrong sometimes... And yeah I know I already put up the Interview from the Sword but Im putting it up again(just to be annoying LOL!!)
Before I forget... Pics above, by now everybody should know about Patrick(my assistant) most of the content as of lately has been all his idea. And I have to give him alot of credit for all the ideas he has came up with. He was the Director for Sexual Seduction(as well Cameraman and Editor of Video)

So I gave him a Bonus on this Blog, he always wants to be a apart of the Act, so here is his shot. Diesel as we all know is a character.... So this is the World Premier of..... Patrick Playing Diesel Washington...

What else???? Slow Week so of course I went out for a change with Damien. The Woman in the Pics(yes that is a Real Woman!!)is LADY FAG, she fucking rocks and kicks Ass, Love hanging out with that Diva!!!! Missing in Action was RainBlo her Brother in Arms(missed ya man!!) So there u have it just some Random pics of hanging out in NYC Club style.


tha worst said...

Those pictures of you and Patrick- hilarious!

rich said...

these pics behind ure pc are totally cool and surreal

Anonymous said...

I have just started reading your blogs and I think your assistant has pushed you in the right direction. Very creative and it seems that you have a good sense of humor as well. Keep it up.

bransuga said...

Diesel I absolutely love you and all your films. Keep them coming and representing. By the way please let me know anytime you will be in Atlanta, Ga would luv to meet ya. Take care and keep doing your thing.

Tallulah Morehead said...

Congratulations on your Grabby win. Hottest Cock (Uncut)! I've never heard of any award more completely earned and deserved.

But I know you know that awards are meaningless. Your hot uncut cock is all about the craft.

Your dick is truely awesome. Congratulations. And for the record, I think your balls are winners too.