Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well these pics will keep coming and coming. Big Shout out to for having me come down for this trip. Big Shout Out to Brandon Baker, Rusty and Esp Sean Van Sant(he keeps me on my toes and loved hanging out with him) Big Shout to Howard I'm trying my Best to keep it moving and pushing for more good times. To all the boys I met down there Extra Extra Special Shout to RJ Danvers, Nick Cross, Kameron Scott(Hope to fuck ya soon!!!) Shout to M.J. Holden, Tristian Ryan, Robert Van Damm, Jelly Bean, Cool Tom(thanks for all the pics) and to everybody else it was good to meet ya and have some fun.

Well I will be heading back to Fort Lauderdale for some appearances when I'm down there Pride Factory, and Boardwalk the club so come down and have some Fun!!! See ya guys I have alot more writing to do.

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