Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay since I handled old business its back to the Event at Hand... Magnitude and then Folsom Fair 2008...... these Events are Huge to Me this is my element and I tried to be so many places but I couldnt move!!! I worked at two booths trying to sign everything I could.... to People who were there Im sorry!!! But I had to take breaks.... Sometimes I wouldn't look at the crowd... I would grab Sagat and Cuddle in the Corner for at least 5mins.... And yet there would be at least 100 more people waiting for Pics or Autographs, Hugs.. It was Nuts but anyway back to the Stories!!!
The Top Stories cause everybody is waiting on Me to Talk I Know that already!!! Not to disappoint, but I was signing and posing, signing etc etc I got as many as I could!!

Lets Start at Magnitude..... I had made plans for A truly interesting show!!!I wanted to Tell a Story this Time and I had my gear ready and the show went like this:

Okay I had to get my Gear in order!! And I was heading on stage with Paint Ball Mask, Black Army Camo, gun harness and side Hip Piece(also holds a gun) I also used a Laser Pointer so I could Hit the crowd for that effect. The Laser Pointer was mounted to the Mask so it gave it that Super Spy look. A water gun that was filled 50%Piss and 50% Water so when I Laser pointed a person I would hose them down with my Water Gun(NO real water gun)LOL.

Now the other Model was wearing School Boy clothes complete with Tie And Chino Shorts and A cut up Long sleeve shirt(thanks for the Use of the Knife Tony Buff).

Now we had a walk through beforehand, to look at the stage and feel out the set up. I had the Gear and the Act together. The Act Domination and Submission, Water Sports, Body Worship, even Put the other Model in the Bully and Motorcycle(My New Position U Guys need to start asking about that Next Year It will be displayed in a Hot Basketball movie I wrote be sure to check it out) So I had everything in my head played out. We were even give a Screen where U could see Our shadows, So I had it set up that I came up behind the Other Model grabbed him and knocked him out behind the Screen! Tied Him and Bagged him!!!!

So Action: I came up behind my Prey, grabbed him by the Neck and Broke Him down to the Floor. He tied his own hands and I put a Trash bag over and then carried Him over my shoulders. I went from behind the screen to main stage, placed him down on ground and then went to the Front edge of the Stage.

I laser Pointed the crowd hit some people with 50/50 water and piss and then went back to boy. revealed him in the Bag and he had ball gag(forgot about that) tied wrists that I cut off him with Knife, I ripped his clothes off removed his ball gag. Hit him A Few time across chest and then made out with him..... Some Body Worship, turned him around and Put him in the Bully, and then swtich to Motorcycle. Dismount and then forced him On Knees and Pissed in the Air, into my mouth, into his, We both spit it into the Crowd, I then did my Classic Piss into the Crowd(this year was different) I was alittle Shocked this time around!!!! A Year Before the crowd went insane and ran from stage!!! This Year the crowd didnt move at all and actually pushed closer to the stage????????? U thirsty Bitches!!!(Many came to Booth signing, complaining that they only got hit on the shoulder or hand Wow!!) So funny!!!

From this my time was up... I saw the Stage manager on the side waving at me my time was done.... Wow time flew by.... It was Hot!!!

End of Act I take out a Collar and Chain, Collar the boy and walk off with him on the end of my chain..... Good Ending.....

That was the Show, I had a great time...and the model did perform very well......

Now to pull off this show that I had in my head... I flew out this model(At my Expense)he stayed in my Hotel Room(twin beds)Titan Took Us out to Out to Dinner(All the Exclusives Present). Given VIP access to Magnitude Event, Performed on Stage, He was rewarded for his Performance, He got plowed down stairs(Dark Sex Area's Near Slings by some guy/guys(Im watching) I then Leave to Hotel cause I'm tired, so I leave him there(He was paying me no attention at all just sucking dick and getting fucked)... Comes back to my Hotel room 30mins later, showers and jumps on his bed, I come over and say "Well I let ya have Ur Fun, Lets fuck!!!). And he says No and then ignores me..... I said Whats wrong with ya? He said Ur comment of "I let ya Have Ur Fun" "I'm not Ur Property!!"

Folks If U thought, I just brought this model over for the show!! And didnt expect to fuck him Ur wrong.... Shit that was Discussed before I booked the ticket... Thats a No brainer!!!!DUH!!!! DUH!!!! In every text I sent him about the show and details. and the opportunities for a Up and Coming... each one was ended with U know If I bring ya out here Im fucking ya!!! Its Folsom Fair... shit my Hotel was four blocks away from Magnitude the Party.... DUH!!! DUH!!!

So here U have it.... Okay... U dont want to get fucked.. Shit Suck my Dick do something... Fuck It!! I will lay in bed next to ya and jerk it(I did). Like Dead Fish nothing...

So Fuck that bullshit I dont get used... Told him not to come to booth tomorrow... Dont Use my Name my backing nothing..... I went to sleep, got up in morning, went to breakfast. he was gone when I got back... I packed his shit and left it at the front desk...changed my Room lock(who knows who this guy will bring back to room??) and headed to Fair..

Who is Walking around the booth??? Thats right the model.... Looking like a Puppy Dog.. wanting to join in.... He quickly disappeared as I arrived!!! The little guy is a Starrfucker!!! Just hanging out and getting Star Struck!!!

Well anyway Ur not my Guest anymore and lost the Opportunity to hangout with me... U broke the deal so Kick Rocks!!!! He slide his way to the Rentboy.com booth anyway(and hung out with the Rest of the Twinks!! Big Shout Out to Brandon Baker thanks for Babysitting..... I explained it to Dean Flynn and this was his response:

Dude if ur reading this.... U think I needed Ur drama in my hotel room... esp when I gave ya this huge opportunity!!! U knew the Deal...

People I dont need someone's negative energy esp when "I" gave them this opportunity(and many others)!!
I Dont feel bad for him... He was flying out that same day at 1230am..He had a pocket full of money and he is At Folsom Fair... he got want he wanted... Now on to Important things.

FOLSOM FAIR: Amazing I didnt see much at all.... too many people too packed!!! And since I banned the model from coming to booth I didnt perform or make some Big Show(Miss Ya Damien!!! That Kid couldnt Hold ur Jock Strap, I Kid LOL).

So its the Signing and Signing and Posing for Pics.... Over and Over.... It was nuts out there.....

I was asked to Help Out a Show..... So Diesel Washington and Dean Flynn went to Help out this Show!!!

Okay the Show was BERLIN featuring Terry Nunn........... Are ya fucking Kidding me?????

Terry Nunn(if u dont know she is part of Berlin, the group that sang "Take My Breathe Away" From Top Gun the Movie) She is a Rock Legend.....

What is more strange, she wanted to include me in Her Act???? UMMMMMMM Excuse me!!! U want me to perform with Terry Nunn..... Im Honored!!!

Terry wanted me to Carry Her on my shoulders and walk through the Crowd of Folsom Fair(like 10-15 feet during her Performance).. Ummm Okay? So she Prep me and I carried her on my shoulders so she could get comfortable at first...

She is in great shape she is like 105lbs.... and I was honored that she Picked me and Trusted me to Carry her into the Crowd with Fans pulling at Her, but she did and it was Insane!!!!

She sang the song Shiny...... I walked her back to stage put her back on stage she kneeled down and kissed me on the Lips.... Hugged me and then went into "Take My Breathe Away" and I left the stage...... What an Honor!!!! Dont believe me here u go:

It doesnt get any better than this....... Or does it?????

Its like 8pm, Im in my Hotel(not in my room), and I get a call from the Model saying that hes locked out of room.... I told him his stuff is at front Desk and call me later I was busy hanging out with Max Schutler in his room(Oh yeah I had a Long Time Crush On him!!!)

Half tired and drained(long day!! U guys get ur head out of gutter, I just caught that myself "Drained" LOL) I came down to Lobby like an 1 hour later... Helped him get his stuff they checked it in Luggage storage. Left him in the Lobby and went to my room and took a Nap I was tired and "drained" I dont feel bad at all... he had friends out there, he was hanging with People when I saw him so no biggie....

I stayed In, I had enough.... I performed, signed autographs and had a blast everything was perfect.....

This Folsom was Insane the Best Yet........... Alas People Im announcing that I will not be attending Folsom Fair anymore for no Price..... Im done, I want to go out on Top!!!! And I proved that I can be HARDCORE FETISH but done safely!!!! Mission Done!!! Hopefully I left some People with good memories.... I worked hard for the Fans this time around...

So I have to go now!!! I will give ya Recap as soon as the Rest of the Info is all Out.


Tré Xavier said...

As far as this other model goes, it's better you than me that he pulled this stunt on.
Maybe it's because I'm older and handle things differently, but when I have the intention of working with someone, I investigate them, so if I was him, I would have checked you out enough to know that if I fuck up, you're going to blog about it.
With that in mind, the reason why he's lucky it was you, and not me is because I'm a worst Aries than you. My Aries bluntness makes me give his name to ruin his rep without hesitation. Because when you cross me, I m a sadistic son of a bitch.

Jess said...


forget this motherfucker... u might have not fucked him but trust me within a year or son, ain't nobody going to remember anything about this fool!!!


hbjock said...

The model is an idiot. I'm glad you were able to find that out quickly rather than later on down the road, right? :)