Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Whew I'm back from Folsom and I had a good time out there despite some bullshit that I had to handle. I have really been in a Fucked up mood lately and Assholes are pushing and pushing me to the point where I need to start taking action.....

Anyway I will have the whole run down, with photos and Vids that I took out there and U will be surprised at some of the things that went down over there in San Fran.

I see the www.TheSword.com picked up Dexter's post about Love sucking... and it really does, Thanks Dexter for holding down the Fort, I had to get my head on str8..

I will be real with Ya People, I'm no saint and have done alot of stuff I'm not proud of.. At least I'm honest to myself and those around me cause I hate living a Lie. I hate being lied to, and I hate the feeling of being used by People.......

I'M A HUMAN BEING AND HAVE ISSUES AND FAULTS LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!!! I wont sugar coat shit anymore..... and try not to cause waves, FUCK IT!!!!! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN TO SURF!!!!

So where to start??? Lets start at Love sucking!!!! Dexter had a slip of the tongue and told ya about My issues!!! Okay??? I will be honest..... I hooked up with Jacob Powell about three years ago. Yes hes the one!!! in Summit. I met Jacob before I was into Porn, we hooked up, spent long hours together and had a good time with each other. We stayed in contact, he had some "issues" that made him move from NYC to Chi Town, we talked online a few times and lost contact. Fast Forward to this year's Grabbys three years later. who do I run into at the Grabbys??? that's right Jacob!!! I saw him in passing, asked him what he was doing out here and he was helping a friend promote a movie and I was like okay cool would love to hangout with ya again. Yet Again things came up and we lost contact.... About month ago I get in contact with Jacob online, and we start talking again. We both have love for comics, Vid games, shared the same experiences in life, and had long talks on the phone for hours on end. Then he disappeared and I never heard from him again, He doesn't return calls or texts, so I guess that is over!!!!

I will say this though!!! Jacob can get fucked for hours......Too bad he doesn't bottom on camera!! I can tell he doesn't bottom much.... because he doesn't know how to clean out properly like a bottom should. Its like taking a Reese's Peanut Butter cup smashing it and smearing all over Ur dick. Thank God I had plenty of condoms and he had plenty of clean sheets at his place.

Well there u have it, Real talk from Diesel.......Now u know!!!

I guess I took it hard because some People don't understand that doing Porn is hard. It comes with alot of problems in dating and finding someone that is understanding enough to deal with it. Its not easy, Throw in Escorting..... Traveling...Personal Appearances and it makes it impossible to find someone that can put up with Ur schedule and issues. Oh well I guess I got burned again!!!

Dating sucks!!!
*Update yes I did delete some things from Post!!! I don't want to show How much of a Loser I was in Heavy Like for Jacob.. And Yes Eggz Ur right!! this Post doesn't make me like good, That's the point!!! I have feelings and reached out to someone being honest and vulnerable... I can take a blow to my ego every then and then!!

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eggz said...

aww, im sorry, but this blog doesnt make you look good. i understand you were angry, but it doesnt help out your image to the public.