Monday, November 17, 2008


Okay this is going to be a very messy blog.......

I was out in San Fran, filming with and both Shoots went very well.....

1st Scene was a piss play with a women.....very hot and things went bang!!!

2nd Scene very very difficult..... It was intense for me... I was captive for about two hours Tied Up....!!!

I pulled out all the stops in this one!!! This is Classic Diesel Washington doing a Domination and Submission scene with piss play, flogging, hard fucking, head butting, etc etc.... This is the scene that Fans wanted!!! Fetish community... Folsom Filth was over the Top and Hard Power Fucking at its best but it didnt have me training the bottom and making him submit.... This one Does!!!

Shout Out to the Whole crew U made my stay Very comfortable.

Hmmmm... From the Youtube I went to an Art Gallery. It was a Hip Hop inspired kinda of Art by Merr(the artist) Crystal, a New Friend invited me to go and there I had a blast just Zoning out to Hip Hop(Old School Tracks, Break beats)and enjoying Live Art!! See Vib above!!!

I went back home to NYC for two days and Now Im in Los Angelos!!!!!!

Traveling traveling....... I like it I have the plan now...Only Carry On!!! I remember having to check in bags and the whole waiting thing.... Fuck that!!! Now I just handle my business get off the plane and go where I need to go. So yeah its cool, Im getting ready for this Next Shoot and this is the Banger!!!!! I ran into Scene partner.....some small talk and then I went directly to my room to save up that energy!!! I worked out at the gym for that pump, and Now it Begins!!!

So there U have it!!! I real fast blog!!! Giving Ya heads up on the Moves Im Making!!!!

Dont Get it Twisted!!! Im busting my Ass and Working...Working....Working!!!

One a Side Note:

It was a Real Eye opening experience workin with I felt the energy and the people and models were so kind.... It was all about Sex!!! Plain and Simple. And the Space that has......Huge!!!

I was at the Opening Party for about 1 1/2yrs ago and it comes Full circle again.... Wow the World is small.... so small...

Hmmm????? Let me use more Poor grammar.... Aint About Notin'........ That is for the Haters that keep complaining about my Sentence structure.. Geez...Just look at the Pics and Jerk off...Its Simple!!

Oh Before I forget.... Rookie Models!!!! YES U!!! THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN THE BUSINESS FOR A FEW MONTHS!!!!

Do Some Damn research!!!!

Im I a Perfectionist, I do my Research On a Model that Im working with in a Scene...

Its like Sports to me.. While some guys play BasketBall and shoot around the Court.... and then Go home.. I do that extra mile.. I Work Out, Diet, Study Old Game Film, Come Up with New Plans of Attack!!!and Play Basketball, and shoot around the Court.

As porn goes, I will watch Releases of the Models that I will be working with.. Get Familar with their Body Language, Strengths, Weaknesses that way I can play out the Scene in my Head.

But Not the Rookies, Its always they Have heard of Ya!! But never seen Ur work.... I saw Theirs....

Guess Who has the Upper Hand Now????

I need sleep Bitches!!!!

I got to Lay the Smack Down!!!

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