Monday, December 15, 2008


Kameron Scott

Tristan Matthews

Ryan Raz

Penn Play

Park Wiley

Dominic Pacifico

Okay since I have some time to finally write a decent blog here goes:

Okay well I have been busy over the past couple of months and really didn't have a chance to talk about the films coming out..... There has been Press Left and Right... Hoping that I don't over extend myself.... I have some releases dropping together....Maybe??

So here is Ur Blog(that the Fans wanted) What have I been up to the past couple of months....????

Shot a Hot scene for Raging Stallions with Dominic Pacifico. Hot little Latin guy who took the Dick Well... I slam fucked that hottie but good Stay Tuned for that.... That Scene was Hot and it Helped me discover what I can really do after being an Exclusive....(Ego Boost) Fetish at its Best.... I was in Top Form... It was a departure from What I'm used to doing in Leather.... The First Time I was Ever Ropied down for like two hours filming this scene... Some Interesting things in this one...I'm flogging, whipping, Brutal fucking, choking WS(of course) FULL FETISH!!! Breaking down My bottom into Submission(that's what the fans wanted)the way u do a True Power Bottom U have to break in those fuckers. Mission Done!! Penn Play....What Can I Say??? I have always been Bi... I don't write much about the women for Fear that all the Fans...Will go Yuck!!! Diesel Does Women.... But Fuck It!!!! I do!!! And it was a very interesting Scene and there was alot of chemistry in the Room and I had Fun..... Walking Into the Scene... The Woman was in charge... And it was kinda of a Turn On...not to be in charge all the fucking time....

Falcon: Ryan Raz.....a Falcon Movie!!!! I was so amazed at the Set.... that Old Hospital was creepy!!! I felt the energy in that place.... I took some really wild pics and the Scene!!!! I don't know what to tell ya people...... I really don't want to give anything away from the Shoot....But I work Ryan well!!!! I never fucked that Hard on Screen Before..... I fucked harder than I did In Folsom Filth...and if u saw that movie then u know I almost broke a table.! Same goes here!!!!! Some press here from
Very Pleased at Performance in this One....All of them really!!!

Falcon Mustang: Tristan Matthews.... Steven Cruz asked me to do this movie months ago and finally it came to pass... I never had so much Fun on a Set.We laughed and laughed and the energy was popping... I took some Hot Pics with Joe.... u can read about it
at the
check those links out for more info. Good way to end the Year... Hot Sex... New Positions.... Hot tricks a must see!!!

Finally........ My Last Film with Titan... Kameron Scott.... I basketball story I wrote. I really put my heart and soul into this role.... I came up with the entire story... Picked the Model... Came up with the Positions... Styled myself for this..Basket ball jersey and shorts and sneakers.... It has to become a Classic..... There was True Basketball skills on the court... I was dunking the basketball(real) shooting.... jump shots... The Sex intense HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!

I really cant say much People.... I was busy this Year..... and although I filmed alot... Each Scene is so different from the Next..... I worked every angle in this business...

Each Scene so Different...

Raging Shoot- Just Hot Sex with little talking no Plot Hardcore Fetish. Guys on Girl Scene

Falcon- Very Dark Scene. Hardcore Fucking,Hardcore Fucking

Falcon Mustang- Allowed me to be a High Class Pimp, Hot Sex, Tricks, New Positions

Titan- Farewell performance Basketball Action, The Bully, The Motorcycle(introduced here first time!!) I really really worked hard on this scene... I really tried to put everything I had into the role...I cant say it anymore!!!!!!

So hopefully the Fans will get to see, well rounded versions of the Diesel Character and the Big Boss character(Red Light)so I don't know really what to say next.....

How to Say it without sounding like an Asshole????? Every Project I worked on this year is Hot!!!!! I love making movies... I do... The energy. the partners and what not, the way the work looks like, when everything is edited and pics are photo shopped and all of that.... its the waiting that kills me!!!!


I have some projects that I'm working on Now!!! Would make ya head spin!!!

Thanks to the Guys over at, Gaypornblog, Gayfleshbot, QueermeNow, Gayporntimes. Starrfucker, 100%percentgay, RoidsNRants.... thanks for pushing me...

This is a business about Press....

Most people would say u have out so much work Diesel...Arent ya afraid of being over exposed?????
Not at this point.... I try to bring more and more to the table.... I try to be that Must See Scene!! Im always working to be ahead of the crowd...

Im not a Exclusive anymore so each company will push their own exclusives(as they should) but each scene that I film...Its my job to turn out a hotter scene then their exclusives in it...... Its all clean fun.... I work hard and I learned the way u stand out in a crowd is to be the best u can be in that given scene....

I was blessed to work with Good performers(well I will update that story in another blog)Some better than others.....Ouch!!!

I will handle Press for Each Scene as it comes out!!!! I cant pick my fave movie so dont even ask......

I worked Hard on all of them..........

Out of Respect..... Im waiting for PlayBook(Found Out Film Name) from Titan....... Its my Last Role with Titan.... I worked even behind the Camera for this one.... Brian Mills had me sitting in directors chair for some of the scenes... I came up with this concept from the ground up..... Im going to Press the Flesh out of this Movie Big Time!!!!! I really was Dieing to do a Sports themed movie... and what made it even hotter was It was my Sport that I played in High School, College, Army bah bah so that is a killer movie, Im waiting to come out.... Hopefully that Movie comes out in March..... What better promoting for a movie called Playbook that has my Basketball scene in March????(for those who dont know March madness is college basketball month)Hot Hot!!

More to come, I have stories and Drama!!! News and Touring Dates for ya in the Next blog....Its that time of the Year Again....Traveling yet again start of New Year.... Can U say AVN's I maybe going....


ghani3an said...

those pics for you are very sexy
keep it up
u turned me on.. i like ur sexy skin and body
and looking fwd to see ur dick babe
try to uploud more new sexy pic!!

Dre said...

I was thinking looking at your great pics. You gotta have someone eat out your pits 4 real in a video.

I am looking forward to seeing some of these videos.

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