Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay going to Las Vegas for the Dirty Secret Party, I performed there last year with Zack I'm sure I will get into some more trouble this year...Also going to AVN awards with Mommy Washington...Yes Mommy Washington is going to the AVN awards(So Cool!!)

Okay on Dec 26 I will attend the Rentboy calendar party...Just mingle with the Fans...Take some pics and just enjoy the Night and Show some support/

Happy Birthday to Max Scott!!!!! Max is having a party at the Eagle for his Birthday... I'm a big supporter of Max Scott we worked alot of Gigs together and He has always supported me....Big shout out to Max.. I will be there and showing my support for Max... So come out and have some fun!!!!

What else??? Its Funny is making fun of me again... I love it!!!! So on record, I LOVE THESWORD.COM u guys show me so much Love!!!!

But I have to be honest... I get the bottom jokes all the fucking time.... I know its just People teasing me....trying to get a Rise out of me and stuff... I roll with the punches!!!!

So I have some treats for the Fans..... While I worked with Titan I strictly forbid Ass shots...Well I'm being Nice this Year..... I took alot of Ass shots for the Fans.... I really don't understand the Urge to see my Ass really..... There is a Big Ole Dick sitting in the middle of legs...but lately everybody has been asking about my Ass.

I took a Step back and started thinking.... Porn is about the Body, Face, Cock, Ass, and Personality...I gave ya 4 out of the 5...So I decided to relax abit and started taking more Ass shots... Classy ones!!!!!!

No U wont see me bent over and spreading my Ass cheeks kinda of thing.... Manly pictures with me flexing my Ass(Still sounds funny to talk about this LOL) So when everything drops U all can look forward to Diesel Washington Ass shots...LOL

I have a total of two Ass shots on this blog..... One Ass shot by Titan for Double Standard the movie(2nd on the charts out of 100)Go out and Get Double Standard(Again My First Romantic Scene....Fans and reviewers say I pulled it off rather well)and I have one other Ass shot that was taken in Jan at the Dirty Secret Party with Zack Randall so look for them to get an idea of what My ass looks like(talking like this still cracks me up).

What else??? I didn't forget about Dexter DeLarge sharing his Christmas with the Fans.....The Big Boss also has some Holiday wishes...Stay tuned!!!

What else????

The Hate Emails are starting again!!!! I love it.... I get worried when I don't get any Hate emails... means I'm doing something wrong!!!! I have been getting alot of Press lately and the Haters are coming out now in Force!!!


I cant write this blog without the Haters(and Supporters as well)

To the People and Industry that support me.... THANKS I WILL CONTINUE TO WORK HARD FOR YA!!!!!

To the Fans who send me email....I know I don't write back.... Its hard to answer email after email...mainly its just people saying they like my work and support me... Thanks for all the Kind words, and Advice.... I do open every email and read every email, but I will be honest, I have Two hotmail accounts, 1 Aol email, Yahoo email, Myspace email... and basically I have to sit there for about an Hour to answer every bodies email.... alot of work.

People have to remember... I don't get paided to write this blog..... Nobody advertises on my blog... I had offers left and right for people to advertise on my site......

Call me crazy... While I do want a Pay site... I think its more important to have something that connects the Fans to the Performers...... I don't know how many People read my blog.... Nor do I care... I write the blog for myself!!! Always have..

I write off the fly, sometimes have to come back cause I get second thoughts about something that I wrote before....

I don't know what to say sometimes when I write this thing... So I put down things that come to the Top of my head....Sometimes it doesn't make sense... sounds crazy, this blog wasn't suppose to make sense to anybody but me....

And someone said in the Comment section that I don't get any comments, that's fine, I really don't care.....


Some People don't like me... Maybe because of my Skin Color, The Way I fuck, my personality, My looks, My body, The Cocky Attitude bah bah bah......

I really don't care..... U may not like me.. But U read my blog everyday... for the stories and Pics.. And that is Good enough for me.... means that Ur watching me!!! U don't want to watch .... but U do!! Good Boy!!

2009 is coming...... And u Haters will have plenty of material shoved down ur throat so get ur remarks and comments ready... Talk about My body, My Face, My Teeth hit me with ur best shot....

Bye Bitches

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