Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"TheEditor" This Is a Must See Vid

Well the Haters are out in Full Force..Yes!!!

Its the Holidays(Hate them)and I thought I would put together a Hot Vid with all the characters that I do all in one.

It really didn't take long to film but I had get help from Yan1980 who helped me out with the camera work and the roping...

Well Its getting close to Christmas..... so this will be the last post until Friday 26.. I will be attending the Rentboy Calendar Party at the HK lounge(Come out and Check me Out) What else is in the News??

Hmmm all the Press and Response for Red Light has been very good.... I cant wait to see the finished project..

Asylum by Falcon Check for that Movie soon!!! I know they are releasing the Scene with Eric Rhodes, Rod Daly, Ty Colt Jan 20.. So check for that on the Falcon Site.... Hopefully they will leak some of Diesel Washington's Pics with his scene with Ryan Raz(Fucking Hot Scene) stay tuned for that!!!

PlayBook by Titan... Look for that with Kameron Scott... BasketBall written by Diesel, Styled by Diesel I really had hands on with this project so I'm really looking forward for that Movie to drop as well...

Raging Stallions Untitled Movie coming out soon Photo stills by Kent Taylor(hot Hot)

Kink.com Check for that My scene with Park Wiley(Dom and Sub play) and scene with Penn Play (Hot Piss scene)

So again, I will be pounding the press with these movies soon to drop... So stay tuned!!

Be Safe on Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everybody!!!


Kristie~ said...

Happy holidays Diesel. Loved the video.

yan1980 said...

How was your GYM ? :-) I was there silly DADDY where were y ou? :-)