Saturday, January 24, 2009


Here, I was to write a nice post about what is going on with things in Porn, and this happens!!! I dont know where to start??.....I will break the ideas into sections.

First, we are going to talk about this "Angry Black Man" thing. Im getting tired of hearing it over and over from people, its annoying me. Secondly we are going to talk about this Reverse Racism Shit!!! Im so tired of hearing it, I get it from both sides people!! And One of the Biggest Subjects : Me being a Sell Out????????!!! Ouch that one hurts!!! No better way to handle this but jump right in:

The "Angry Black Man" role........ I dont know what the fuck is up with people???? I do fucking Porn!!!!...... My sexuality belongs to me!!!But I share it through Vids, So I dont know what bugs people more???..... The Fact that I fuck hard as hell...and dont have a smile on my face, while Doing it???..... The Fact that in real Life and Porn, Im a Top and dont bottom?????.... Maybe I have to do more Love scenes????? When I came into the Industry, I wanted to make a Big Splash and be that Monster Fucker!! And maybe I played that character so well that people cant shake the idea... Diesel Washington is a character.... I didnt base it off a Stereotype!!!! The Big Bad Macho Black Fucker... Geez. I feel bad that People call me a Stereotype..when IM A TOP AND LIKE TO FUCK HARD!! Period!! Its not an act, its what I like to do in the Bedroom and on Film!! Only that!! To Me, I thought I was showing off for the camera and showing skills that people would say "Damn He knows How to Fuck!!" But I guess Im wrong!!! At this point, I dont give a fuck anymore....its not worth fighting....But there has to be something more to this "Angry Black Man" thing...??? To me, it sounds like People want me to smile more when Im fucking LOL.... But Hey Ur Still Watching Me!!! So keep on doing that!!

Now this Reverse Racism Shit!!! Wow!!! I wrote about this in another blog, but I will talk about it again... I get all this Hate email from people(who are not avid readers of my blog)saying I dont like my own Kind...Whiteboy crazy...Uncle Tom bah bah bah.... Ouch!!! You Guys Dont Know Me!! Never Met Me!! So FUCK OFF!! Seriously there are some Ignorant People out there!!! I was born Black, Im staying Black, and I will Die a Black Man!!! From my point of view, I get it from both sides... But since I play Low Key(on Race Issues) on my blog it seems that I have to be very Vocal now so u will understand!!! Some People in the Black Community say "Diesel doesnt like Black Guys" and this is based off what???????? U dont know me!!!
I was an Exclusive with TitanMen for 2 1/2 years, I had contracted work with one studio only(that is the choice I wanted to build the Diesel Brand)in that time.. I have worked with an Asian Model, four Latino models, one black model(Markus Ram)Models from France, Italy, Germany. I have worked with so many different kinds of models, its ignorant to say "Diesel doesnt Like Men of Color" do my Movie history... Fuck People!!! U act like Im the guy that does the Casting.... I cant believe Im explaining myself to the ignorant people(they are small minded they wont learn)who are making assumptions about my lifestyle offscreen like its their business!!!... U dont know me or ever will!!! I dont deal with Ignorant Fucks!!
Im a Strong,Proud and Confident Black Man... I wouldnt have it any other way!! I do get hurt when My own community turns on me!! Im equal opportunity when it comes to Sex, there are no color lines to me!!! Does that mean I Dont like my Own Race??? Fuck I dont get it? I like all Races!!! so let me repeat that... DIESEL WASHINGTON LIKES ALL RACES!!!But some people still wont understand, let me say it this way... DIESEL WASHINGTON LIKES BLACK GUYS. Its to be expected though, People only see the porns and base everything they see off a movie, but that is not real life.DUH!!!

So from the Blacks, I get "Im white boy crazy" "Im being fooled by whitey" "Im being brainwashed" "Im confused" "I have low self esteem" and "Dont love my own race kinda of crap"...I deal with it.......

From the Whites, I get "Ugly Monkey" "Nigger Nigger" "We dont like Niggers in Our Porn" " How did My Ugly Black Ass get to fuck this model or that model" Its insane as well, So I deal with that shit too..

People People, I do Gay Porn and fucking online!! Im glad I got so many people talking about me though.... But at the same time, some of the stuff makes no sense at all!!! But Gay guys can be caddy, so its to be expected(and U know thats the truth!!) I wont please everybody!!! But at least, I know what Im about and so do my Close friends, they know what Im doing or trying to achieve....The Rest of ya!!!Can Suck My Dick(if u pay me!!)..

Now the Most Important One....... The Sell Out Crap!!!! Wow, I read everything online about me.... and the Sell Out crap hurts the Most!!! Let me see the words Mandingo, "Angry Black Man" all I can say is WHAT THE FUCK!!!!????!!!

I came into this Industry, so Men of Color had a Platform... Someone Darkskinned that could come into Mainstream porn and be successful.... But in doing so, Some People in the Black Community said I lost my Blackness????? Are ya serious????

Wow, when I look into a mirror, I see I have Brown skin.....Hmmm? My Mother is Black and my Father is Black, doesn't that mean Im Black???Hmmmmm?? So How does One lose their Blackness???? Because I havent done any Thug Porn??? or worked for an All Exclusive Black company??? its 2009 and People still think that way???. I cant believe Im explaining myself once again to Stupid People(to the people who get me, I love ya!!)

Get it right!!! Im not a casting director.... Geez and I just thought Me doing Porn was THE FIGHT FOR DIVERSTY IN GAY PORN!!! I didnt sit on my Couch and say "Damn all these Big Companies are not using any Black Models" and didnt do anything about it!!! I got off my Ass and made the Industry take me serious!!! All U People are just Cry Babies and Bullshitters!!! U complain about this and that instead of making a difference. I know some Blacks that dont buy Falcon, Colt or Titan vids cause they say they are not enough black models.....but at the same time wont buy Flavaman or ThugPorn because they are using the "Thug Steretype"....Fuck so U do all this complaining and dont even buy porn...but u look at the pics, previews and trailers and dont spend a dime...and jerk off to it. Cheap Sluts!!!
And since U dont buy my porns... U dont see that they are movies with scripts and I play characters... I have been a Leather God, Business man, Cop, Pimp, all types. If U buy the movies then U would know that.... Secondly.... if u dont like what is going on in Gay porn then make a change.... I wanted change so I became a model...If u want to make a change(and cant do porn), email Ur favorite company and tell them what u want to see... Complain about seeing more Black models or more Men of Color...dont just sit there and complain that I play stereotypes... Most of ya, wouldnt even open ur mouths in public and talk about it...U just sit on online and make up names cause U cant speak openly about it and hide behind computers!!! All Talk and no Action!!!

Lastly I created the Diesel Character... Sexually Diesel Washington is a Top and onscreen he is aggressive and knows how to fuck his bottoms!! The man behind the character is a Top and knows how to fuck his bottoms... so there is no pretending to be someone else. Im not a Thug in real life and none of my movies has me pretending to be a Thug. I watch some Thug Porn myself....its characters(all respect due).... its suppose to be fantasy!!! I think me wearing a Do rag, and gold chain fucking some guy on a Project roof top is not the character I want to play. THAT WOULD BE ME PLAYING A STEREOTYPE!! Because I cant relate to being a Thug when Im not!!! This is not Rocket Science!!! All I wanted to do was make some Hot scenes!!! Show the Industry and Fans that Men of Color could be exciting onscreen therefore opening the doors to more models to leave their mark in this industry.....

I dont understand why People are not complaining about Gangsta/Thug Porn????? The old story of Gangsters and Homeboys in the hood fucking, that goes way back and they are using the same formula they used 20years ago(Baggy Jeans, Do Rags, Blunts, Hood Rules, and Selling drugs)I hate to tell U this.... To all the Black guys that only buy Black on Black gay porn......most of the companies that make Black on Black gay porn are owned by white guys!!! Sad but true!!! But most people dont know that!! Now u do!!! Dont get me wrong!!! The exclusive models have their say in the company..and direct, and come up with story lines......but at the end of the day.... those companies are owned by White guys. Not all Black on Black companies are owned by white guys......just most!!! So Rich Brothas invest in a Gay Porn company and lets make the movies that people want to see!!!! That sounds simple enough.

This Post is getting long so I will end it with a few notes:

It was brought to my attention that some People didnt like my Bound Gods scene on!! Im glad.. that scene was meant to be shocking and have people talk about me... I knew what was going to happen playing that role. A Black Man tied up and all of that shit!!! It would bring back the thoughts of slavery and lynch mobs, all of that was in my mind the whole time filming....and u know what It worked!!! So many People are talking about that scene because of it... That was the Point!!! To the people complaining..... they probably didnt buy the shoot and are only making remarks because of the pictures. Buy the shoot, (I thought I was playing against character in it, people complained that I was just this "Angry Black Guy" who came in and fucked the boys hard !!) If it were two black guys playing in that scene, people would still complain....its too freaky, and Im not into that fetish shit bah bah bah....Too bad cause I am!!! I love Kink and Fetish play!!! Its my thing!!!

All these personal attacks and judgments on what I do on the screen or in my bedroom... This is for ya, If u dont like the action on the screen, U turn the channel...very simple!!! All U people spend so much time complaining and writing comments.... Why dont ya write ur Favorite company for more diversty...... Or find some way to change the industry!!!!

PEOPLE ATTACK ME....BUT I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT TIRED OF SEEING BLONDE ALL AMERICAN BOYS IN PORN AND NO BLACK FACES......... BUT NOW THERE IS A BLACK FACE AND ITS ME........GUESS IM THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD THE GUTS TO STEP UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Nobody knows but I spoke at the Gay Summit 2008 about Race issues, the impact that Gay porn has in the Black Community, the Importance of Men of Color in porn, Racism in Porn..... alot of subjects. So Im out there in front of the Big Companies talking to People, Im well spoken and smart but People dont see that!!! People only look for the Bad in people which is sad...I worked hard for a reason and People dont see it...... Im working harder than any of U guys in changing the attitude or stereotype of Men of Color but whatever...... Even now, People are talking about the subject more and more.... so maybe Im doing some good..... But all u people just want to jerk off and not hear Ur Models doing things to make a change..... Or do ya????

To the Blatino Erotica Awards, its okay.... I still have Love for ya Guys!!! Maybe u guys thought I lost my Blackness as well...... I dont hate on U guys!!! Do I feel bad??? Yeah I do feel bad that the Blatino Erotica Awards didnt recogize me for my achievements in gay porn......

I never knew that my own community thought I was a Sell Out.. It hurts!!!!!

This is why I dont talk about Race issues its pointless..... If I was only to talk about the race issue I wouldnt get any work.... that is the "Real Angry Black Man" that cant over the past and look forward to the future.... I made my future, by getting off my Ass and making a change.....

And to answer some things..... yes I was inspired by Barack Obama.... for me he inspired me to make a change!!! Not just sit there and bitch and complain about nothing happening.....

And the whole Eric Rhodes thing...... Man that WAS a hard time for me..only because Eric and I are friends.... THE BLOG WAS SUPPOSE TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE MOVIE THAT WE BOTH ARE IN..... promoting promoting it seems to be working because everybody knows what I wrote in that blog.... and it spreads and spreads to everybody. It brought attention to the movie, attention to my blog.... so mission accomplished!!!


Help the other people understand that this is entertainment..... Press is the name of the game!!! And it seems that I know How to use the weapon called Press!!

That "Editor" is one smart guy LOL

Oh thanks ROD for link!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi mate!!.."when IM A TOP AND LIKE TO FUCK HARD!! Period!! Its not an act, its what I like to do in the Bedroom and on Film!! "... its really weird these guys cant/dont understand that...I suspect they are the gayside sex police or something...I get the same thing here you know "the Gays arent like that Junk!!!!."....for crying out loud as you say we do what we like not fit some stereotype!!... if I could mate Id be there at the ready... Like you I like it like that!! Bottom Pig works for me...mmmm you are expressing a strong idea of freedom, they just dont get.. you know what I mean..??..Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Here's my opinion on the matter. As an African American gay male, it is somewhat disheartening to see your lack of work with other black models. True, fans don't know all the things that go on behind the scenes. All we get is the finished produced, and based on that, it is easy to make the assumptions that may or may not be true. I feel your plight. However, you have to take responsibility for all the criticisms because you are the one in these videos, not the casting director, parent company, etc etc. So what are people to think when you've only worked with 1 black model throughout your entire career? No one is saying you have to do "thug porn." There are quality companies like and that feature black models in non stereotypical, high quality vids. And they also feature various ethnicities. It's not just all "white, white, white," and it comes off that that is what you PREFER to do, because it's all you seem to do. And even with the thug porn, it's not much different from what you already do. Playing the "black alpha male" character that you often do. It's just in a different format. So it would definitely help if you reached out to some of these other companies that feature other black models. Again, I'm not coming down on you. I happen to like you very much and would definitely support you, but I'm often not attracted to your scene partners because well, I'm not attracted to white men. So I'm not really able to enjoy your porn. And there are lots of others that feel the same. The Uncle Tom and Sellout comments are a bit much, but they come from a concerned and frustrated place. So try to take it as constructive as possible.

Anonymous said...

Whassup, Mr. Washington,

I didn't know so many of our brothers had it in for you like this. I for one have enjoyed your work and am glad you don't do thug porn because much of it is so played out and lacking in eroticism. Stylized eroticism is one of the reasons I enjoyed your work at Titanmen. Apparently, your critics didn't see your work in films like Double Standard or Folsom Prison to appreciate you.

Lastly, these same people who call you a sell you out should really check themselves because from my knowledge, studios like Falcon, Raging Stallion, Titan, and Hot House pay their models more than other studios. Perhaps those companies specializing in all-black productions should seek to learn from these companies AND look into the past at companies like Black Forest Productions to understand high-quality all-black films.

Anonymous said...

Instead of playing the victim and race card, maybe you should take into account that it may just be your performance. Look at Eddie Diaz, he rarely performs with black models but he was still awarded best pornstar from the Blatino Erotica Awards. Ever stop to think that you're just not as good as you think?

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you - so articulate, so clear and mature.
You deal with what IS - including all the ignorant people who need to put others down in order to feel good about themselves.
I've said it before: show business is BRUTAL. The way you've grown in the last year is amazing. It aint easy, but you've kept your wits about you, and have a better sense of who you are.
Keep up the good work, and all success to you.

Michael said...

Dear Diesel:
Stay strong and ignore this ignorant BS,I have and will always love you for who you are. And I would love to spend some quality time with you,talking with you,dinner that sort of thing..but I know that's next to impossible..but I would like to seriously know the man whose help get off from his videos as a real person not just a big,strong sexy man with a big dick.
Michael D(

Anonymous said...

That sellout thing is the tiredest, oldest, most self defeating "insult" in the book and I wish people would let it go already. It's more of a negative comment about the one doing the accusing than the one doing the achieving but somehow they don't seem to get this.

On a side note, you look fucking hot in that black hat.

Desperate Artist said...

I think, perhaps, you've attained this "sell-out" perception from the fact that you appear in porn that caters to white gay men. By looking at your title list, it appears as though you are often the only black male in your films. Your black fan base probably doesn't recognize the fact that what you do is a job, just like any other, and you don't get to make all the choices behind these films.

On the other hand, you may be alienating yourself among potential black gay fans. How so? Well, to me, I have the desire of seeing men of color together in a scene as opposed to the "token" amongst a slew of blond, muscled, waxed white dudes. While I enjoy your blog, I often skip past your movies in the online porn theatres because they're weren't made for me. They're made for white gay men.

Anonymous said...

I think people just need to relax, this is FUCKING PORN!!! it's fun, it's entertainment but it's not some life changing thing that's going to bring the world together. Diesel is a great performer and I watch the scenes he is in to see him! not to see who he's peforming with to be honest.

I really don't think about race or what is happening as far as the "symbolic" part of it, I just want to get to shoot my load (maybe 2) and then go to bed after lol.

Some people take things WAAAAY to far. People if all you have to do is sit around and bitch about porn stars and who they are/aren't performing with them get something else to do!

MOST people who watch porn don't wonder about the social commentary the scene represents because I can guarentee you it usually isn't supposed to have one, it's supposed to turn you on and get you to cum and that's it lol.

If you are watching a scene and you are able to focus on anything other than the action then you should probably just watch another scene because you must still have too much blood left in your brain and the scene is obviously not getting you off.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone say you are bad for not performing with other black males? I just saw on of the comments that said he isn't attracted to white men so I guess that means you should only do other black men on camera to make him happy right? lol I love seeing you have sex man, you are hot, sexy and fun, I'm not even to the pissing thing but it's hot when you do it lol. I mean I would like to see you do some things too like get rimmed once in a while only because it'd be hot to see such a dom guy get slightly submissive every once in a while but I remember reading where you said that does nothing for you so I totally understand why you don't do it.

Anyway people need to just chill out, this is porn not a study of social behavior, seeing Diesel tied up isn't supposed to represent slavery, it's a freaking fetish website and that's a fetish for some people Diesel just happens to be a black man in the scene but their are PLENTY of scenes just like that were both participants are other backgrounds.

I guess Diesel you aren't allowed to make up your own mind about what kinds of scenes you want to do without running it by every other person on the planet to make sure it doesn't offend them in some way first, too bad :( lol

Keep doing what you do man, you are great at it and we aren't all freaks trying to find things to complain about. Just think about the rimming though LOL

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you my brother. it is hard in your buzz. Have of the people that is coming after you are haters. and right now there are somewhere beating off to one if your films. Your reply has made me want the make some changes in the way i have been living. i am so proud and glad that there is one black gay male who is in tune to himself and knows what he want in life. i only wish i could talk to you one on one someday. hang in there and remember that people fear what they don't understand.


R said...

Well, can you blame blacks for saying you are a sellout? look at all of the blacks that are either in the entertainment industry or athletes (heteros). What do they do when they get the big pay check? go get them a non-black girl, but before that pay day came, who were they fucking/dating/trying to holla at?? black women. Half of these women wouldn't give these men the time of day prior to their big pay day!! That shyt is so obvious, they think they are above their race or have self-hate issues going on, it's rarely about love, it's about looks/light skin and other things that the "masta" has instilled in us and we are seeing still today. Honestly I did think the same thing (that you only dated white). Darker men normally go for light or white, i've never seen or heard of a dark-skinned man wanting someone similar in complexion to him. About your work. I now have insight into the world you are in with regards to yoru work, and where you are coming from, (dealing with racism fr. whites & blacks). You should stirke out and do some black on black scenes, it seems you are a known figure in the porn establishment based on your past resume. I think that the black gay community would support you, but have you put that in motion?? No, so again, it seems that you only like white/latin/asian/european/other men. I've seen other sexy black men do work for major white companies (All Worlds -- Ian, for example) but i HAVE Seen them in other scenes with black men. Unless i've missed it, you havne't done any with the fellow "brothers" you claim to love so much . . . It's not that hard, there are several on line adult BLACK gay porn sites that would be honred to have you do a scene or two with a black man(,, and countless others). so AGAIN i'm led to believe that your on-screen scenes play out in real life!

Anonymous said...

You just keeping doing you and let go of the crap that others say.


YO, MAN YOU GOT IT UNDER CONTROL. It is what it is. You be you and follow your dreams. As long as you continue to do your work make it happen. I think it is healthy that you can make the division between you and the actor. All I see is that you are looking to be with people in you professional life and the same people in your personal life. That is what seems to be the problem. Find you some one not in your industry that excepts you for who you are and you will be alright. Getting with some one in the work place is always a no no cause it always lends it self to problems.Since d.washington is an actor let the personal you not be affected by what they say about the actor. Some actors never read reviews because it is just a distraction and a lot of mess. Be true to your self . diesel the actor can be what ever you want him to be on film and in public but you the person has to be real and open to pursue the person who will be your soul mate. Hey you take care man and live your life to the fullest. peace.

Ninjz said...

I see it from both sides, but really feel what the 2nd anonymous posting and desperate artist were saying.

At the end of the day, it's your life so do what you want. But know that while it may be 'just a job', things we do in this world don't happen in a vacuum. You have society and 'perception' around you. Even the best of intentions can be met with negative scrutiny -- you thought that by breaking into this industry as a top performer and being under contract with a top studio, that you would make your people more visible and diversify things . . . and now you're being harassed as a sellout. It is what it is. Not that doing 'all black porn' with an all black studio (whatever that means) would be any better, because I do believe what you say when you mentioned that most of those websites are owned or backed by old white men anyway. I'm sure Bobby Blake and the rest of your predecessors have had to face similar criticism, so take heart. But, again, I would like to see you do "quality" productions (whatever that means to you) with more men of color, or that I feel were "marketed" or catered (whatever that means, again) to me as a gay black man. I will also say that I would like each generation to improve on the example of the predecessors: Bobby Blake was a top performer but I don't know if every owned the rights to his name or his image: I remember reading in his memoir that he would get paid once for his performances, but that the studios could re-release the video and repackage the scenes as many times as they wanted and make loads of money off of it again over time . . . if you could own your image/start your own website to market yourself so you would always receive residuals from any future profits off of your performances (i don't know if it works like the music industry where you can 'own your master recordings'), then you will have come a long way. I wish you well brotha. - N.Athon

Christopher said...

Diesel, your hot as hell. I don't care what other people think; they're just jealous.
Besides, even if u only liked white guys sexually that's not racism. It doesn't mean that you don't like black guys, you just might not find them sexually attractive. People easily get sexual attraction and race confused. Now I'm not saying that you find black guys sexually unattractive; but if a guy does, that doesn't make him a racist. People need to get a life and move on from this crap, like you said. That shit don't matter!
Another thing like you said, just because you play mostly tough top roles, doesn't mean you play stereotypical roles. Some people find that role sexually arousing, and that's what porn is all about!
Oh, by the way, I'm a cute little white guy, and if you fucked my ass, I would make sure you had a smile on your face sexy!
I'd definitely let you do me sometime even on camera!
I hope to hear more from you and keep on trucking, hottie, you have my full support!

Anonymous said...


You are GREAT at what you do--
I think as long as you continue to perform at your best, that is ALL people can EXPECT of you.

You do need to ONLY care about YOU and what FULFILLS you.

If you get caught up in the BS, your performances will suffer in the long run.

Don't "play" into that crap.


it's ALL good.

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.