Sunday, January 11, 2009


Pictures taken Last Year April at Parliment House, Diesel Washington, Ricky Sinz, Matthew Rush!!! talk about the Star Power here!!!

Again is running my newest scene go to Bound Gods check it out, the reviews have been good so far so tell me what u think about my scene!!!!!
Now Ur Main Story!!!

I'm in Las Vegas, and its all about business, I will continue with the stories out here in Las Vegas... but I wanted to talk about the Matthew Rush Story.

Matt Rush no longer at Falcon!! Wow!! that's big!!!

The game has totally changed right now!!!!

Matt is a great guy and every show or appearance I have done with him...He was professional and a bit of a Joker(if u guys didn't know!!)

What does this mean to me???

Matt Is and Was the Face of Gay Porn!!! I will give credit when its due!!! I blogged about Matt before... but this time I'm glad that Matt is Free agent!!!

Now he can start over from Scratch!!!! And that is always a good thing to me!! New start means U have that nervous energy again!!! And change is always good Esp when moving on to Ur Next chapter!!

Now hopefully Models will understand.......THIS IS A BUSINESS!!! MONEY SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!!

IF MISTER GAY PORN CAN MOVE ON!!!! That means even the Biggest Stars in Gay Porn are Vulnerable!!!So U have to be on Ur A game the whole time!!!

Now U guys will see Matt coming back hard!!!!

Some People may not know but Matt can get dirty!!! Known mostly for his Vanilla work, Matt will surprise everybody coming back harder......



I wonder How the Public would respond to Diesel and Matt Rush doing a hot scene???...Piss play, Hard fucking and some bondage.... the possibilities are endless!!!!

U the Fans need to request this!!! U as the Fans have alot of Power!!!! If u write Ur favorite companies and ask, it Can Happen!!!

Its Supply and Demand!!!

Anyway I had to Blog about this.....

U young Models and New Cummers need to be reading this blog like the bible, I'm writing a handbook that u Guys can follow and use it to Ur advantage!!

But knowing these young models who are coming up with No respect to Veterans!!! U will Ignore it!! and do things Ur own way!!


More in Next blog...


Anonymous said...

cool idea mate, you and matt in a army style scene would be hot.. cheers from an australian fan

Dre said...

Diesel and Matthew in a scene. Hell yeah especially if bondage and piss play is involved.

filmfanatikk said...

Now that Matt is available to you, couldn't think of a better duo to see on screen!!

Kristie~ said...

The Bound Gods scene is hot, you tied up was almost too much to handle!! LOL
Diesel and Matt Rush..hmmmm....there's a thought.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!! if I could taste/gulp his piss far out!!!! Darn!!!! :-)

You have all the luck mate!!...definately a must see you too in a scene WS!!!..etc...

btw can you tell me if Mathew is a polynesian bloke..I think he is..???.....Rgds Laurie NZ

ReggieH said...

Man the idea of you and Matthew Rush together......Daaaaaamn! Blazing hot

Anonymous said...

diesel,please write a blog about matt rush not doing scenes with black men! this has REALLY bothered me for years now! thank you daddy! (=

Anonymous said...

I think that you and Matt should start a movie company together, producing ground breaking Pig Raunch porn with only Black and Latino models! Piss, scat, felching, the works! Seize the power from white industry that calls the shots for Black and Latino models! NOW THAT would be awesome!

Oh yes, and I also wish that I could taste Matt's piss, ass and cock!

Anonymous said...

But Diesel please don't give up the white twinks!!!! How about a Bound Gods video of you whipping a twink slave into shape and then using him to demonstrate fuck positions before a live audience? Let audience members come up and fuck the twink after you're finished with him. You're cool, man.