Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wow I was looking over things on the Net and caught my eye...

I'm honored to be on the calendar this year, Jan's Cover man for Malefixx

Wow I think the News is spreading, that 2009 looks to be a good year for me... I have pushed the limits and finally coming out ahead..

I love the Picture that they are Using its from Telescope and they even gave me that Gold Look... Wow!!!!

I'm finally moving up the Scale(LOL)I'm really happy right now...I have to keep the ball rolling and going to Las Vegas will push me ahead even further..

Tomorrow is the Day I fly out and head to Las Vegas I hope that city is ready for me!!!!

I plan the usual picture taking and writing blogs while I'm out there for the Fans and Stuff... Plus get alittle work done at the same time!!!

Its just the start of the New Year and I feel like I will make alot of things happen this year!!!

U just wait and See!!!


Anonymous said...

I Hope that 2009 is a wonderfully successful year for you. I hear that Matthew Rush is mow a free agent and I hope that you can appear together with Matthew in a 1-on-1 scene with you as the top.

Anonymous said...

Great pic! MAkes me want to buy the calendar just for January.

Kristie~ said...

Have fun in Vegas and you are primed to be huge this year!!! I love that picture from Telescope.

Wonder Man said...

have a safe trip