Saturday, January 24, 2009


(Review of Folsom Filth by
Diesel smacking and burying his face in deep. Brendan and Diesel take turns fucking Alex, and I mean FUCK. Diesel slams into Alex as harshly as possible,

(Review of Cop Shack 2 by
slamming down all the way on Diesel's majestic cock and bouncing up to the top. With his own hard dick flapping around, he makes getting skewered by Diesel look not only absolutely pleasurable,

(Review of Boiler by
And speaking of pointy, C.J.'s nipples turn into hard peaks when he's sitting on Diesel's cock and riding it, with such energetic bounces that the big dude only has to recline and groan in ecstasy.

(Review of Fear by X factor)
The fucking is intense, but Sagat takes it like a champ, and then scene gets hotter when Washington shoots his load on Sagat's head, then licks it off.
Mills again delivers a unique and jaw-dropping film

(Review of Breakers by Sex
black and bad Diesel Washington, who usually overpowers his scenes perfectly, his threesome with Dillon Buck and Victor Banda is saved by Banda getting slobbered in cum by the two tops (which he then rubs into his thick chest coat) and a ‘solo’ orgasm by Washington that has to be seen to be believed. He must be practicing tantra, because this is simply unreal.

(Review of Breakers by
Diesel literally pumps the load out of Victor at the end of this hot fuck sequence.

(Review of Telescope by
There are almost no words to describe just how intensely Diesel goes after Steven's ass, from a blistering rimjob to the actual penetration that follows. To be fair, though, Steven is just as impressive, riding Diesel's huge meat like it's nothing, and matching acrobatically and athletically throughout the scene.
The most impressive position of all is a standing fuck that is so original Diesel ought to patent it, holding Steven aloft with his arms while fucking him from behind. Steven can't do much more than take it and watch his own hard cock flail around as Diesel works his magic back there. The finale is just as perfectly performed: Steven strokes out a self-facial while Diesel slams into him missionary, and then Diesel stands over Steven and releases a rain shower of cream that lands on Steven's pale body. continued
Diesel has both his hands up the two other dude's chutes at one point while the lube drizzles off their hairy asses, they up the ante by covering Diesel's at least size 12 feet and open up their asses to be "footed" by them. Diesel perches on a chair and lets the two other dudes cum on him, and then he delivers the final load -- a loud, creamy, wet finish.

(Review of Folsom Prison by Mannet)
Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger abuse and use prisoner Diesel Washington. After beating him up and then using leather straps to hang him from the ceiling, Markus and Bjoern suck their way to the first huge cum-shot. But then, Diesel manages to get free, and what ensues is one of the most intense scenes of revenge-fucking ever. First, though, Diesel gets drenched with piss, and force to submit to a hot suck from Markus. But then, Diesel takes over, and the rest of the scene is all power-fucking at the hands of one of the best tops in gay porn...

(Review of Double Standard by Mannet)
Diesel seizes the chance to treat Eric like he should be treated, and strips out of his coveralls, revealing his tight, lean body. A "9 ½ Weeks"-style foreplay session ensues, with Diesel feeding Eric while Eric keeps his eyes shut. And yeah, it ends up with Diesel's cock in Eric's mouth, and vice versa. After Diesel cranks out both his and Eric's loads by hand (he is a handyman, after all), he and Eric hit the shower to clean up. But there's of course more hot action coming, even after Eric finds Diesel's stalker stash of pics. The next scene includes a scintillating rimjob, with Diesel using his tongue to tease Eric's hole, opening it up for the long fuck that follows. Diesel's extremely big cock then reams out Eric's pucker.

Soon to be released reviews by Gaypornblog and Queermenow, Bound Gods and Rear Deliveries)

Bound Gods by

Rear Deliveries by Raging Stallions Studio by
This is Diesel Washington’s first movie after his exclusive contract with Titan Media ended. But he took his “hard pounding aggressive fucking” trademark with him. In Rear Deliveries, Diesel fucks the shit out of talented bottom Dominic Pacifico

Okay I had to write this blog.....Gayvn added a new Award and its for Best Top.... I dont know what to say??? But come on!!!!

If there was any category that I have to be nominated in its Best Top.... All the major tops bottomed this year!!! There are not many exclusive Tops left in the business anymore!!!

I came into this business to save the Top Man!!! The Porn industry is loaded with bottoms and Versatile guys, if there is a God, then I have to be at least nominated for this...

I have added scenes from every movie that I was in.... Just to help People realize that I have been putting my Top Game in for a long time. Coming up with New and interesting ways to Fuck An Ass.... I added so many New Positions into this game... Ihave to be nominated...

Im sitting here day after day waiting for the nominations.... Cross ur Fingers People... I wasnt nominated for anything the year before... But did Win Hottest Cock at the 2008 Grabbys but Best Top....

That is Prize that I have been working for Years... I wanted to prove that Tops still Rule in this Business!!!!


I could go on and say vote for me for Grabby Host, or Best Fetish Model, Or Best Performer.....

BUT LETS BE REAL!!! Best Performer..too many people could have that honor over me... Best Fetish Model... hmmm that is a good category for me as well.... but my mouth waters for Best Top..

Vote Diesel Washington for Best Top!!!


Acoustic Soul said...

where do we vote

Kristie~ said...

You definately deserve that distinction!! Best Top, here here!!!