Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The finale of this heavy-fucking effort is a stunning duo starring Diesel Washington and Dominic Pacifico. Diesel delivers the kind of ass-hungry performance he's known for, making Dominic squirm for more when he tongue-fucks him. This action comes only after the two men have warmed up with mutual blowjobs. Dominic's tight little ass drives Diesel crazy, and he can't seem to wait to get his dick inside Dominic's bubble-butt. For his part, Dominic is just as hot for Diesel's dick, and when Diesel shoves it in the two couple like a pair of dogs in heat. The harder Diesel gives it to Dominic, the better he likes it, with a big grin breaking out over his face more than once. Dominic is rewarded for his hot ass accommodations by a big load from Diesel, which falls down his body like white rain. Diesel licks it up as the scene fades out.

by Mannet.com

Wow, reading the review I was very pleased to hear that My work got noticed among the Giants in this movie. There was alot of chemistry on set with my partner and the scene clearly shows that. From reading the review...Diesel delivers the Ass hungry performance hes known for...

I'm known for a type of performance???? I'm glad that people see that I enjoy what I do highly and the ability to show my skills is very important to me. This is the first review Post Titan and when the other reviews come in, they should push me to Super Star level. I really worked hard Post-Titan to show people that I bring energy and Life into every scene that I'm in.

Get ready for the other reviews

So hear is the Low down Raging Stallions Rear Deliveries is out and the Reviews are great!!!!

I still have Titan's PLAYBOOK http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/02/playbook-by-titan.html

Falcons Asylum http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/02/falcons-asylum.html

Falcon Mustang RedLight http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2008/12/red-light-is-always-on.html

Check out the Posts on these movies and get ready for a Bumpy Ride.

As far as the Redlight Situation I really don't care anymore........ I'm a Str8up and Honest Person and I always though Hard Work pays off. I was Lied to, and Tricked I have to remember There are no friends in this business AT ALL......

Hard thing to learn but true

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