Monday, March 23, 2009


Well the Black Party was Crazy as always.... I have been doing this party for Years...Ever since I became a Titan Man...I was blessed to do all the events deemed Fetish or Dark.... It was Magnatude in San Fran and Folsom Fair...

Then I do Black Party.....NYC is my hometown so I always show Love to the Fans that Come and Always do a Wet and Nasty show for the Fans..

Black Party 2009 through the eyes of Diesel:

I get to the Door...of course I skip the Huge Line and Go directly in.... At this point, the Event Producers see me coming through the Doors, I get a Arm band and directly go upstairs to the Talent room.

I have a Black Hoodie and Black pants and baseball cap.... but walking 15feet into the Crowd I hear "Thats Diesel Washington" as soon as I walk in....(Its still a Strange Feeling hearing Diesel)

I go upstairs and I arrive at 1230am the place is getting crowded early.... I find out from the Stage Manager Diesel and Barrett dont go on until 230am so I left(I had Client, Go came back with Plenty of time to perform..

Now U all know..... that I did the party Last year and I was Performing with Sagat(the show was Crazy) this year I was performing with Barrett.

Barrett is very Vanilla... so it was funny seeing Him getting into Party Mode for the Black Party. I was All in military Gear and ready...Barrett walked completely naked to the stage.... Of course showing Off the Big Dick!!!

As far as performing...Barrett does the Big Dick thing...Swing it around... and show the people.

But this performance was alittle different...the stage was about 10 feet off the Ground surrounded with a Fence... So We performed on the Dance Floor about 10feet in the Air in almost a Steel Cage... It was Hot!!!!

Now I have done Show after Show and Im Veteran when it comes to Live Shows....Keith Webb calls me the King of Piss.... and I always make sure the Fans and Crowd get a good show...

We climb up on the stage... and start performing..... Now Barrett likes to Self Suck and show off the Dick.... But when Ur in a Steel cage about 10 feet up on the Dance Floor U have to get crazy!!!

So to put on the Best Show!!! I sucked Barrett a couple of times on Stage(which is a first, We never had Sex before) the Crowd went Nuts. I sucked Barrett and ate his Ass out(if Im sucking ya Im eating Ur Ass too!!)and We put on a Great Show....

I was on stage, Pissing into my Mouth...I even Climbed to the Edge of Cage and Stood On top and Pissed into the Crowd..... The Dance Floor was packed with was insane... Seeing the crowd's reaction when I climbed on top of the Cage and Pissed into the Crowd(Priceless)... I cleared a quarter of the Dance Floor.

Before I got on Stage I had my Camera with me.... I wanted to record the the Fans of this blog could Feel the Energy on Stage and get a sneak peak of what it feels like, Not only to be at the Black Party, but be a Headliner at Black Party, and be on stage when the Action is getting hot and heavy... Its a short Vid but U get the point.

Since U cant show Cock on Youtube I edited the Vid to make it clean...but I took some Screen captures so U can see the Real Action going on stage...Here U go!!

Now Im performing...sucking Barrett, pissing into my mouth, holding a Digi Camera at same time trying to get footage for U guys!!!

So enjoy the Vid Black Party 2009

After getting on Stage.... I walked around Roseland and talked to the Fans... Got alittle drunk...Fucked some People...and spent alot of time at the Rentboy Massage Section(Like Vip area)there I got to meet Jason Pitt(Best Newcomer)felt his Ass, groped him alittle bit.... and hit the Dance Floor.

I spent alot of time with Dean Flynn catching up.. and talking about the business...Well Bullshit!!! I was making out with Dean, and drinking His Piss... Ummm I like Piss... and Dean Flynn???? Come On!!! The Man is Hot!!! Since being in the business... I drank Damien Crosse piss, Matthew Rush piss, Zack Randall piss, and a few others.... Dont Hate Me... These guys are Hot!!! If U were a Porn star and U get to meet these Hot guys and they are Attracted to ya as well... U would be nasty Pigs too!!!

I mean its like a rite of passage.... When Hot guys meet....U get to "Feel out Each other" if Ur attracted to each other.. I have been to many events when Newcomers Come Up and want to either Suck Me...Or touch my dick...bah bah.. Likewise If I see a Guy that Im attracted to I go directly to them... either Eat their Ass..Drink their Piss.. let them Suck Me, or Fuck them beacause Ummmm thats what U do!!!!Or at least that is what I do!!!

Take for Instance.... at the Hookies, Jon Pich won Best Overall Escort. He was at the Black Party in the Rentboy section.. He comes Up to Me directly, Asking to See my Cock.... He's a Hot I was like" I will show Ya my dick but U got to show Me Yours" We went to the side and pulled out the Dicks... He wanted to see Who had the Bigger Dick...... I won that... At the same time..He is jerking My Dick to get it hard.... He wanted to see Who had the Biggest Dick (Hard) so that was interesting....

Likewise I wanted to taste Cory Koons Ass(Best Ass rentboy winner)he was Happy to Help Me out!!! Yummy!!!!

So it was like running into Hot guys here and there.... Played with Chad Manning....Damion Rios..Mike Dreyden I had a really good time!!!

I went to the Back Room....Way too Hot for me and too dark.....I like to be able to See whom is sucking my dick or taking it Up in their Ass... Call me a Prude!!!LOL

I had a great time..... I left at 100pm Sunday afternoon....Yeah I know!!!! I was Out Late as Hell...

I left with a Sub..... went to Hotel and Abused and Used this Sub for the rest of the Day..... Fuck after Fuck!!!!! His Job was to get fucked like a good Sub!!!! Piss play...Hard raping.... choking, the works. Good Sub boy Jason!!! U got used hard!!!! Ur Ass will never be the same again..... I spent Hours stretching the Sub's hole I left it swollen and ripped like a Piece of Meat!!!

Great Black Party!!!!

That was My Black Party How was Urs????


Dre said...

Damn man. I guess when you go to a club you don't need to hit the bar.


YO Big Bro!!!! we held it down... you know!

Anonymous said...

"The Dance Floor was packed with was insane... Seeing the crowd's reaction when I climbed on top of the Cage and Pissed into the Crowd(Priceless)... I cleared a quarter of the Dance Floor." for the laugh Mate....I would have been standing right least have the floor to myself...LOL..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Aiiieee..You can put the video up on Unedited..FYI...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Looking at the party photos...its like u guys are on another Planet over in NYC...Laurie

Anonymous said...

"Good Sub boy Jason!!! "..lucky bloke!!..Wish I could be trained enough to do that..Laurie