Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay I'm writing this post because I check everything on the Internet and Wow!!! It has been a crazy ride this past years:

I enter the Business 2006

Since then I was Nominated at the Gayvn's for Best Newcomer for 2007 Lost

I was Nominated at Grabby's for Best Newcomer for 2007 Lost

I Gayvn's 2008 I was shut Out and Not nominated for anything!!

I was Nominated for Best Top, Best DVD Cover and Best Bi at the European Porn Awards Lost!!

I was Nominated for Best Fetish Escort by the Rentboy Awards, Winner!!!

I was Nominated for Hottest Cock and Best Performer at the Grabby's 2008, Winner 2008 for Hottest Cut Cock

At Hard Choice Awards I was the Winner of the Most Passionate Sex Scene of 2009

I'm nominated for Best Performer, Best Top, Best Sex Scene(Duo, Telescope) at the Gayvn's 2009

I'm nominated for Best Top, and Best Porn Star Escort Website at the Rentboy Awards 2009

And then I read the Grabby Site Today and find out that I'm nominated for Best Performer,Best Porn Star Blog, Best Porn Star Website...........
Best Sex Scene(Duo, Double Standard),

Geez all this just Adds to the Pressure... I'm nominated for all together 9 awards at all these Awards shows...

I'm Speechless People!!!!

I have so much pressure on me Now!!!! I'm so Happy to be nominated for so many awards this year!!!

I Bitched and Complained Last year when I wasn't nominated for anything at the Gayvn's and this year I'm nominated for Three Awards!!!! Wish Me Luck at the Gayvn's It would be Nice to take home at least One Award, that being the Best Top Award!!! I know I know!!, that is the Only Award I have been talking about over and over. Its so Important for me to Win that Award... I have shown My skills at Topping Over and Over so I'm hoping that Award, will come home with me!!

But to be nominated for Best Performer at the Grabby's was a Shock!!! I like to Thank Gay Chicago Mag for all Ur support, and all the Fans for helping me to Fight, Fight to be seen.

I'm shocked that I was nominated for Best Sex scene for Double Standard....... I know it sounds like I'm bragging and Shit but I wrote that Scene in Double Standard and it was my Hardest Role to Date....I'm glad that People recognized that I can Power Fuck and at the same time be Romantic when a Scene requires....So maybe I wont get all these Hardcore roles or Mean Nasty Top roles.... Trying to Show People that I have more skills then being just a Power Fucker... Thanks getting that nomination means Alot to Me!!

But Here is the Special Treat:

Being Nominated for Best Porn Star Blog and Best Porn Star Website

All the Fans, U made that Happen!!!!

Thanks to all the Support from:, GayPornblog, Gayfleshbot, QueerMenow, GayPornTimes, JustUsBoys, GayPornNation, MaleTribexxx, and all the other blogs that Helped Support Me or just reported the News!!

It might sound Cocky but I'm really Happy right now!! I said that before People but everything is so Right!!!!

I worked hard this year alone!!!

But to be recognized for Work I done in 2008 is very Flattering!!!!

If the Work last year got all this attention, then the Work I did this Year will Blow everybody out of the water.... I have out 4 movies right now!!!

In each of those Movies are scenes that will get me nominated for Awards Next Year Alone as well(Big Talk I know)

Some Great responses from my Movies such as Asylum, I play a Nasty Top In that one.

Playbook is being talked about as One of the Best Jock Films this Year!!! I play Real Basket Ball in a One on One scene and the Sex scene shows Off my Signature Move "The Motorcycle" HOT HOT

Redlight which just recently been reviewed.... Smoking Hot as well... In which I use all my signature Moves(at the Time)"The Bully" and "The Motorcycle" and Introduced One New Move called "The ShotGlass" where I take a shot of booze from the Bottom's Ass, while holding Him Upside down!!!

Fuck!!!! I'm really happy at the way things are going.....

Added to this, Movies that I'm in received nominations as way. Movies Like Telescope was nominated for Best All Sex Movie, Folsom Prison nominated for Best Fetish Movie, Breakers nominated for Best Movie on and on!!!

I don't know what more to write at the moment I'm still taking everything In....

2009 and I finally get recognized for Being a Best Performer(Gayvn/Grabby), Best Top (Gayvn/Rentboy), Best Porn Star Website (Grabby/Rentboy), Best Porn Star Blog(Grabby) and Movies that I Co Wrote(Telescope, Folsom Prison, Double Standard, Playbook) are being well recieved.... so gives me alot of confidence to do more Script writing.....

As I think about everything..... I'm a Very Lucky Man!!! Hopefully this year I will bring some more Awards Home.... I'm nominated for 9 individual awards.... 3 at the Gayvn's awards, 2 at the Rentboy Awards, and 4 awards at the Grabby's I'm just flattered as all Hell!!!


And every area I put my talents and skills to.... I was recognized for it!!!!

But that leaves me wondering??????

I wanted to be nominated for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor.....

I told ya!!!! I'm always pushing and pushing for Work to Show the Best of Me!!!!

I should be Happy at all the Success so far!!! And I am!!!!

But there is More to be done!!!!! So we know I'm a Good Performer, We know I'm a Good Top, We Know I can do more than Power Fuck!!! We know now that People read my Blog and Website!! We know now that I can Write scripts and put Hot scenes together!!

But Very Few People know that I can Act!!! SO MY JOB ISN'T DONE YET!!!

I have alot to prove to People!!!

I cant stop now!!! I HAVE EVEN MORE WORK TO DO!!!

This Year just started and I still have Work in the Can that is Coming Out that will Shock People!!!

U haven't seen all the Skills Yet!!!! I still have alot more to do!!!



Mark said...

so glad to hear that ... u deserve it man and I hope u'll win ... thanks for your movies again and please don't leave us !
Mark from Italy

Wolf Hudson: The King of Kink said...

Congrats bro. You deserve it. :)